Blood Spots or Cherry Angiomas are common skin growths that can grow on any area of the body.

Blood spot removal

Product Description

Cherry Angiomas are often referred to as Blood Spots and can appear on most areas of the body,they are more common in people over the age of 30. When looking at their appearance they are usually red, circular or ovular in shape and can be either raised on smooth against the skin.

Blood Spots are usually harmless however if they change colour, shape, itch or bleed then it is recommended to schedule an appointment with your GP to rule out the possibility of skin cancer.

At Aesthetics of Liverpool we offer Short Wave Diathermy to effectively remove Blood Spots and other Skin Lesions.


Results vary dependent on client, whilst some clients will have a Mole removed in one session others may require multiple treatments.

Treatments Available

Short Wave Diathermy

Short Wave Diathermy treatment involves the use of a fine tip needle. When the needle is applied to the Cherry Angioma it will deliver radio energy to destroy the wart tissue and cauterise blood vessels to prevent excess bleeding. The procedure will leave behind a small wound which is then covered using a small plaster.

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What causes Cherry Angiomas?

Cherry Angiomas can appear spontaneously though the exact cause of them is unknown. They’re have been links to pregnancy, climate, as well as exposure to chemicals. There is also research suggesting age also plays a factor, as those over the age of 30 seem to be affected by them more.

What does a Blood Spot/Cherry Angioma look like?

Cherry Angiomas vary in appearance but can have the following characteristics:

  • They can be extremely small and less than 5 millimetres or can grow larger.
  • May appear as clusters of dilated capillaries on the surface of the skin or may appear alone.
  • Red in colour.
  • Can appear anywhere on the body.

Does the treatment hurt?

Some clients experience a mild discomfort during treatment, those with sensitive skin may benefit from the use of an anaesthetic cream to numb the area and limit discomfort.

How much does Blood Spot Removal cost?

Blood Spot RemovalSingle Treatment
Any areaFrom £295 For 30 mins

How much is a consultation?

A consultation is £150 which is redeemable against the treatment if it proceeds. Or the consultation process is £150.

All treatments are subject to consultation and appointments for treatment will be scheduled in subsequently.

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