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Up until recently the only way to reduce a double chin was either by losing weight or by more drastic measures such as surgery and liposuction. Well now, there are non-surgical treatments that can help effectively target a double chin.

Double Chin Reduction in Liverpool

We have many clients who contact us, reporting to be embarrassed about their double chin, which can more than often, be due to the person being overweight or a condition which tends to be a family trait, either inherited from their Mum’s or Dad’s side of the Family.

Some clients have found that as they age, fat has developed within their chin area, along with looser skin and an undefined jawline.

Up until recently the only way to reduce a double chin was either by losing weight or by more drastic measures such as surgery and liposuction. Well now, there are non-surgical treatments that can help effectively target a double chin, reducing that chin fat or tighten loose skin to a newly enhanced jawline with a much higher definition.

What are the causes of a double chin?

A double chin is often referred to as ‘submental fullness’ by medical professionals. Essentially, a double chin can prevent us from achieving a coveted sharp and defined look with our jawline. Double chins are often viewed as a very undesirable condition and many people are concerned about how to reduce double chin fat effectively.

Doubles chin or ‘submental fullness’ can affect both men and women and cause a real loss of confidence. A double chin can often occur due to being overweight, however, we see many clients who struggle with a double chin even when they have no trouble losing weight in other areas of their body. For some, a double chin is a family trait and can be inherited from either side of the family. Some of our clients have also found that as they age, fat has developed in the chin area when it hasn’t been there before. This can be combined with other signs of ageing such as looser skin and an undefined jaw line which can really have an adverse impact on self-confidence.

The excess volume in this area can be made up of a number of factors including:

  • Loose or sagging skin
  • Excess fat on the neck
  • Smaller, weaker chin
  • A drooping salivary gland
  • Sagging platysma muscle

Until very recently, if exercise and general weight loss wasn’t working, drastic measures such as liposuction was the only real way for double chin removal. Thankfully, now there are a range of outstanding non-surgical treatments that can help target and reduce your double chin. We have a select range of effective treatments here in our Liverpool clinic that will provide non surgical double chin reduction to tighten skin and enhance your jawline. At Aesthetics of Liverpool, we have a whole range of treatments that can give you a tighter, smaller, sharper and well defined facial shape, as well as a slimmer jawline and a reduced double chin.

How Aesthetics of Liverpool can help?

At Aesthetics of Liverpool we have a vast portfolio of treatments, suitable for this condition all of which are safe and effective being an ideal solution for this condition.

Fat Freezing to Reduce a Double Chin

Did you know we can freeze off your double chin? Cryolipolysis, otherwise known as fat freezing, is used primarily to treat problem areas of fat that are difficult to remove through diet or exercise, including the double chin (or turkey neck). These unwanted pockets of fat on the chin can be effectively targeted with this fat freezing procedure to help you lose that excess weight and tighten up your jawline.  

Cryolipolysis for the chin involves your practitioner placing a Cryolipolysis device onto your chin and it is here that the fat cells are exposed to a precise cooling below body temperature. The fat cells have a weak structure, and therefore cannot survive at these temperatures. They die and leave the body through the lymphatic system, which works to remove toxins. This process is known as apoptosis which means elimination of cells without releasing harmful substances into the surrounding area. The damaged cells are naturally cleaned away by the body which stimulates a natural fat removal process that continues several months after the procedure.

Our very popular non-surgical fat reduction treatment Cryolipolysis, could be the perfect solution to getting rid of your unwanted double chin! Just take a look at these incredible results one woman experienced in this article here.

Radio Frequency for a Double Chin

Radio Frequency is a safe non-invasive treatment, designed to tighten skin on either the face or body. It’s ability to tighten and firm skin makes radio frequency the ideal treatment to help reduce and define your double chin.

As we get older, visible signs of ageing can often take their toll on our skin and our confidence. Many of the clients we meet are looking for an affordable non-invasive treatment to help turn back the clock and reduce the appearance of loose sagging skin on their chin area. Radio Frequency is clinically proven to improve your skin’s texture and elasticity – all without the need for invasive surgery!

Our Radio Frequency treatment uses technology to penetrate the epidermis of the skin, heating it to approximately 45 degrees. This specific use of heat on the target area causes your collagen fibres in your skin to contract (as well as causing new collagen and elastin to be produced). This process triggers your skin to automatically tighten, resulting in firmer younger looking skin and a reduced double chin. This treatment has proven to be very effective in jawline treatment, particularly in removing the appearance of a double chin as it works so effectively to tighten and firm.

HIFU to Reduce a Double Chin

HIFU is the latest technology in targeted fat removal and body sculpting. Launched in 2017, the treatment is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction and offers visible outstanding results without having to go under the knife. As we age, our production of collagen and elastin slows down. Collagen and elastin are responsible for giving us that youthful, bouncy skin we enjoyed in our younger years, and when it slows down in production our jowls and jawline starts to lose a tone and elasticity, causing the skin become looser and start to sag. HIFU can stimulate the natural production of collagen to make your skin tighten and appear more firm and bouncy.

Body HIFU uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to penetrate through the skins layers to reach the unwanted double chin tissue without harming the skin or the surrounding tissues. The treatment delivers a 24 line matrix of focused energy (at a depth of 1.3cm) the controlled thermal effect results in the destruction of targeted fat as all as contraction of collagen in the treatment area allowing skin to tighten. Your double chin can be effectively reduced meaning more body confidence for you.

HIFU is unique as the intensity of the energy used means that it only requires one treatment to see instant results. In one go, you can non-invasively target and destroy your subcutaneous fat to have an instantly tighter, more toned chin and jawline. Say goodbye to that ‘turkey-neck’ or sagging, double chin for good!

Fat Reduction with PPC Injections

PPC injections to help reduce double chin fat is very effective. This treatment has proven to be very effective in making double chins appear smaller and more defined. PPC injections are gaining more and more popularity as a treatment for fat reduction. Injection lipolysis will reduce fat deposits in small areas of our body, such as the chin

The injections are made up of Phosphatidylcholine, deoxycholic acid & benzylalcohol. This solution is injected into the subcutaneous fatty tissue using a needle, it then works by weakening the membrane of the cells which leads to the release of natural enzymes. This process dissolves the subcutaneous unwanted fat into acids which are carried by the blood to the liver, which are eventually discarded by the body naturally. PPC injections help to reduce double chins and are an effective means of non-invasive body contouring.

How do I book a consultation?

At Aesthetics of Liverpool, we pride ourselves on our strong clinical team of experienced leading professionals. When you book your consultation, you will be given a one to one appointment with one of our warm and friendly practitioners. We will then work closely with you to listen carefully to your concerns and present you with treatment options to consider and develop a bespoke treatment plan. Let us help you get started on your journey to feeling like the best possible version of you.

To book your consultation with us, please call Aesthetics of Liverpool on 0151 203 1393 and we will look forward to welcoming you.

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