Peace of Mind (IV)

Designed to aid relaxation of mind and body by reducing stress and nervousness.

Peace of Mind (IV)

Product Description

 IV Peace of Mind combines the Classic formulation with a unique nutrient combination to support and enhance mental faculties, have a positive impact on peace of mind, balance in stressful situations and improved concentration.

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Peace of Mind (IV) FAQ’s

Are IV Vitamin Drips Safe?

The Aesthetics of Liverpool team have been highly trained to safely administer unique IV Vitamin Drips.
Our IV Vitamin Drip Treatments have been developed by experienced doctors, nutritionists, dietitians and naturopaths. Allowing the safe administration of high dose concentrations of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

We will not put your body at risk with prescription medication that is not required and we also take a full medical history and consent prior to starting these therapies.

IV Vitamin Drips are not medical treatments and should not be used to replace any professional advice or treatment for symptoms, illness or known medical conditions. IV Vitamin Drips is a general well being choice to supplement essential nutrients as part of healthy lifestyle.

How Long does IV Vitamin Drips Take?

The IV Vitamin Drips in our clinic can take between 40 minutes to 4 hours to administer, depending on the concentration of the drip and the patients desired outcomes.

What are Benefits of IV Vitamin Drips?

For many years professional athletes, sports stars and performers from Floyd Mayweather to Adele have used IV Vitamin Drips to keep their bodies at optimal performance and help fight off illness and fatigue due to their hectic lifestyles.

Benefits of IV Vitamin Drips include:

  • Boost general immune function
    Improve energy levels to combat fatigue
  • Boost metabolism to aid weight loss
  • Boost athletic performance
  • Rapid & direct re-hydration
  • Aid recovery from illness or injury
  • Aid recovery following surgical procedures
    Build nutrition from within
  • Enhance the appearance of skin & hair
  • Boost physical & mental wellness
  • Detoxification from the inside out
  • Relax the mind, body & relieve stress

How much does Peace of Mind cost?

Peace of Mind (IV)Single Treatment

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