PROSCULPT uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation to engage the muscle, the electromagnetic fields polarise and depolarise, creating motor neurone pulses in 100% of the muscle fibre, significantly more than what would be possible in conventional exercise.


PROSCULPT uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation to engage the muscle, the electromagnetic fields polarise and depolarise, creating motor neurone pulses in 100% of the muscle fibre, significantly more than what would be possible in conventional exercise.

The Electrical Muscle Stimulation process contracts the muscles throughout the treatment, forcing the tissues to adapt, resulting in muscle building and fat burning.

This is much more effective than older technology like direct current muscle stimulation.


Electro-magnetic fields are created and directed into the muscle to trigger the biological effect of exercise in a non-invasive, painless manner.
Electro-magnetic fields are used to contract and stimulate natural energy production. This encourages the muscle to adapt and engages the Mitochondria.

Intense muscle contractions stimulate muscle hypertrophy, creating additional protein strands & muscle fibres, resulting in an increase of muscle density and overall volume.

Myokines are signalling molecules, released by muscle fibres during contractions that reinforce the effects of the Mitochondria and muscle adaptation, aiding with fat and calorie burning, metabolic rate improvement and reducing overall body inflammation.

The overall results show an increase in muscle volume and density, with a reduced-fat percentage in the target area due to an improved metabolic rate.

Ensuring that you are over the age of 18 and don’t have any of our medical contra-indications*. 

Best results can be seen on clients  who follow a healthy lifestyle. Clients who are unable to exercise (providing the reason for inactivity isn’t a medical contra-indication) may benefit from this technology to help prevent muscular deterioration while inactive. PROSCULPT is both ideal for those overweight or for those who workout regularly at the gym. 

Those who go to the gym may benefit from PROSCULPT, whether you are looking to treat tired muscles or target specific areas that you either don’t enjoy training, or are struggling to see definition.

Each treatment lasts for 30 minutes, making sessions suitable even around the busiest of lifestyles!

PROSCULPT is completely pain free but patients can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable. During the treatment you will feel the targeted muscles contracting and relaxing, however, this sensation is no more than exhausting your muscles at the gymnasium.

Your practitioner will advise you on this matter, but is typically 4-8 sessions.

There is no downtime and you can continue with your day-to-day activities straight away.

Results will vary depending on your starting physique. However, a course of treatments will result in impressive muscle building, higher definition and fat burning within the targeted treatment area.

PROSCULPT Buttocks:  £499 per session.

PROSCULPT Abs/Stomach:  £499 per session.

What Are The Benefits of Our Treatments?

Builds muscle & burns fat together!
• No surgery
No anaesthesia
Suitable for everyone
Only a 30 minute walk-in, walk-out procedure

• Only a 30 minute walk-in, walk-out procedure.
• Feels like an intensive workout.
• Immediate results.
20% average increase in muscle mass.
30% on average fat reduction.

Treatment Before & Afters

Find The Right Treatment For You

At Aesthetics of Liverpool, we know that everyone’s skin is unique. Therefore, you need to choose the right treatment for you. With the help and guidance of our professional clinicians, we can help you decide on the perfect treatment for you.

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Dermamelan is suitable for all skin types and tones. Whilst the treatment is designed for those with particularly bad pigmentation; it can also be used by those with minor / major pigmentation, hormonal changes or potential sun damage who are looking for a quick solution. 

What Our Clients Think

Had an amazing experience from a MDL procedure. Amazing results and exceptional care! highly recommend.

Their treatment was excellent, service and beautician were top notch. My friends said I looked great.

The facility is hygienic, large, updated with technology, and located in a convenient location.

Maureen Connelly

Inell Sylvester

Azucena Mangels

Medical Disclaimer: The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is for general information purposes only. *Disclaimer: Actual results may vary on an individual basis. All deposits are non-refundable. Please note that we do not treat under 21 years of age and that all bookings are subject to a consultation with our Clinical Director to ensure you are safe for treatment.  Thread Lifts are carried out by Dr Suneetha Kovvuri GMC No 5195454.

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