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Rosacea is a long-term skin condition which usually occurs on the face. It is a common condition which manifests as a persistent ‘flushed’ redness with visible blood vessels and thickened skin on the face of the sufferer.


What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a long-term skin condition which usually occurs on the face. It is a common condition which manifests as a persistent ‘flushed’ redness with visible blood vessels and thickened skin on the face of the sufferer.

60% of people in the UK currently suffer from some form of skin disease and rosacea is amongst the most common of the facial skin rashes. In fact, it is estimated that as many as 14 million Americans suffer with the condition. Rosacea causes a flushed, reddened outward appearance on the skin but can also cause the skin to feel very sensitive or even like its burning and stinging. It usually begins with the skin on the cheeks flushing easily but can spread to the nose, chin and impact on other areas of the face. Some people who suffer from rosacea may also experience small, pus-filled spots and a red bumpy appearance to the rash (papules). Small red streaks caused by dilated blood vessels (telangiectasia) can also add to the facial redness. For a full list of symptoms of rosacea you can visit the NHS website here.

If you have been suffering from rosacea, then you will know just how disheartening, embarrassing and upsetting this condition can be. With the condition being widely misunderstood, there is the added problem that many sufferers can be left feeling confused about a cure or the treatment options that are available to them. Some people have been misdiagnosed with acne, psoriasis and other severe skin conditions which makes knowing how to treat the rash problematic. Many rosacea patients who have developed the rash have understandably reported feelings of anxiety, embarrassment and disruptions to their social life as it can flare up unexpectedly.

The good news is that you do not have to simply suffer from this condition – whilst there is no cure for Rosacea, there are steps that you can take to drastically reduce and alleviate the symptoms of rosacea. It is entirely possible to follow a bespoke treatment with Aesthetics of Liverpool that will help to ease your pain symptoms, red flushing and the overall appearance of the rash and most importantly, get you back to feeling like you again. There are a number of effective treatments that can help alleviate the symptoms of Rosacea.

For our clients suffering from Rosacea, here at Aesthetics of Liverpool we have the very latest treatments available that will help to control your symptoms of Rosacea. We welcome consultations so that we can provide you with the most appropriate treatment option to get you the best available results. We will tailor your treatment plan to help address your individual concerns and help you get back to feeling like you again.

How Aesthetics of Liverpool can help with Rosacea?

We have a portfolio of the latest treatments available to support you with the condition of Rosacea. Read below to browse the range of treatments we have on offer at our Liverpool clinic – our experienced practitioners will be happy to guide you through each treatment option to find the best one for you. Simply get in touch to book your consultation.

How do I know which treatment is best for me?

There are a number of effective treatments that can help alleviate the symptoms of Rosacea. Our experienced practitioners will be happy to guide you through each treatment option to find the best one for you. Simply get in touch to book your consultation. We also offer a skin analysis consultation, so if you’re not sure if you have the condition, or if you are unsure how best to tackle your skin problems this can be a great option.

Treatments at our Liverpool clinic include:

E-Light therapy

The reductions of Rosacea have been visibly reduced by 60% less, after only 2-4 sessions using this treatment, which is why we are very excited to announce that we are amongst an exclusive group of clinics that currently offer the innovative treatment: E-light I-plus.

This new Rosacea treatment helps to combat and reduce the effects of facial veins, active acne, pigmentation and of course, Rosacea. The E-light I-Plus combines both RF (radio frequency) & IPL (intense pulse light) technology in one efficient handset.

The treatment works by firstly using the IPL to preheat the target area of the skin condition. Once the area has been treated, a thermal path is created where the radio frequency energy can travel to the site of the skin condition and start to work the skin cells. After this process, electromagnetic energy is expertly sent directly to the targeted vascular and pigmented areas of the skin.

 E-light therapy is able to offer outstanding results and substantially improve the frustrating, uncomfortable condition that is Rosacea. More than this, E-light treatment is safe, comfortable and efficient and can target conditions in a way that has never been possible before. With E-light plus there are no painful side effects, and you can return to your normal daily activities straight after you leave our clinic. This fast, reliable and outstanding Rosacea treatment will get you feeling fantastic and confident in your own skin. This treatment also has the huge advantage of very little possible side effects and is a comfortable safe treatment.

Specialist skin peels

Another option is one of our specialist skin peels. Skin peels help rosacea by exfoliating the top layers of the skin, speeding up skin turnover and preventing pores from becoming clogged with dead skin cells, which can aggravate rosacea.

They can also help to reduce inflammation and promote skin healing. Our peels vary in strength and we will work closely with your skin condition to allow us to recommend which one is best for you.

Light Therapy for Rosacea

LED light therapy is an accomplished option to consider. LED light therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years with many patients reporting that after years of trying other treatment options light therapy has truly worked for their skin condition. NASA originally developed and utilised light therapy to encourage the growth of plants and to aid the treatment of injured astronauts while in space. This technology has now been brought to the mainstream and can be used aesthetically to target a wide variety of difficult skin conditions including the chronic condition Rosacea.

For Rosacea treatment, the colour wavelengths are able to penetrate the skin; this light energy targets underlying tissue to trigger collagen production and other biochemical mechanisms leaving skin bright and rejuvenated. Studies into how light treatment works suggest that the light is taken in by the mitochondria in the skin cells. This absorption of light, in turn, stimulates collagen production which is the essential building block of healthy skin. Using this treatment to target Rosacea can reduce the feelings of tightness and itchiness that Rosacea causes and in turn reduce the redness. LED light will also help to restore the moisture of the skin to help create a much more even skin tone and


Why do we get Rosacea?

It is not known what causes Rosacea, although some studies have suggested it might be caused by abnormal blood vessels in the face, or due to a type of harmless mite found on the skin of most people. Whilst the exact cause of Rosacea is not known there are a number of factors that may trigger an unexpected, aggressive flare-up. These include:

  • Certain foods such as spicy dishes and citrus fruit
  • Sun exposure
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Fragranced skin products
  • Harsh cleansers and soaps

Is Rosacea harmful?

Rosacea is not directly harmful or contagious. It is not officially acknowledged as being hereditary, however, there is some evidence to suggest it might be, many people find they can manage the symptoms effectively with a combination of diet, skincare, medication and professional skin care treatments.

How do I book a consultation?

At Aesthetics of Liverpool our Clinical Team consists of experienced, leading professionals in the field of aesthetics. We will work closely with you to listen carefully to your concerns, understand what route you are comfortable with and get you started on your journey to feeling like the best possible version of you.

To book your consultation with us, please call Aesthetics of Liverpool on 0151 203 1393 or click here . We look forward to welcoming you.

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