Saggy skin can occur anywhere on a person’s body and is a source of contention for many people who suffer from it. Skin naturally begins to loosen and sag over time, due to the muscles that support skin, start to weaken as we grow older.

Sagging or Excess Skin

Saggy skin can occur anywhere on a person’s body and is a source of contention for many people who suffer from it. Skin naturally begins to loosen and sag over time, due to the muscles that support skin, start to weaken as we grow older. Vital proteins Collagen and Elastin production levels also reduce and with genetics, diet and the environment all playing their roles, excess skin which regrettable sags, is inevitable.

Repetitive facial expressions, sleeping positions, and sun exposure can also affect the elasticity of your skin, increasing the chances of skin on the face sagging, leading to a much older appearance; Ultraviolet rays from the sun also break down collagen and elastin, and damage skin cells, also contributing to sagging or excess skin.

Smoking, unfortunately not only harms your lungs, but also affects your skin; nicotine reduces blood flow to the top layer of skin, restricting its oxygen supply, and chemicals in the smoke damage collagen and elastin, heightening susceptibility to skin that droops and looks older.

As we get older visible signs of ageing can often take their toll on our skin and our confidence. Many of the clients we meet are looking for an affordable non-invasive treatment to help turn back the clock and reduce the appearance of loose sagging skin.

How Aesthetics of Liverpool can help?

At Aesthetics of Liverpool we have a vast portfolio of treatments, suitable for this condition;


ENDOLIFT® is a cutting edge procedure used for remodelling of both deep and superficial skin layers, skin tightening, stimulating collagen production and, when necessary, the reduction of excess fat.

Aesthetics of Liverpool are the first Clinic in Liverpool & Merseyside to introduce ENDOLIFT® to their patients.

ENDOLIFT® uses tiny, microscopic endoscopic lasers (these can be as thin as hair strands), these are inserted through the skin into the hypodermis layer.

The laser then produces selected heat to melt away the fat in the adipocytes that creates volume in these problem areas, resulting in reduced volume. This process along with the selective laser beam used with ENDOLIFT® creates immediate skin retraction due to the activation of neo-collagenesis.

Expected Results

ENDOLIFT® stimulates the natural process of collagen production, which is why the results come progressively over the months after the treatment.

Many of our patients notice impressive results immediately after the initial procedure.


Skin Pen for skin tightening

Precision Lift Skin Pen is a medical grade, a state-of-the-art micro-needling device designed to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars on the face and body being a further ideal solution for the saggy and excess skin. The number one, most effective skin treatment, endorsed by the World’s leading Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists & Medical Professionals.

It allows for controlled induction of the skin’s self-repair process by creating thousands of precise micro-injuries in the dermis, automatically triggering new collagen synthesis without causing scar tissue formation. It can be used on any skin area that needs cell regeneration or intense repair.

Skin Peels for skin tightening

Skin Peels are a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that rejuvenates and revitalises skin without the use of injections or surgery, being an ideal solution for patient’s suffering from the saggy or excess skin.

Skin Peels deliver impressive visible results after just one session with clients noticing their skin feeling softer and appearing smooth and glowing. A course of 3-6 treatments is usually recommended, depending on the skin type and condition.

Platinum Thread Lift for skin tightening

The Platinum Thread Lift is the 21st-century lift without surgery in the form of a dual-lift-and collagen regenerating effect to define facial contours, lift sagging skin and shape the face and neck.

A Platinum Thread Lift is a rejuvenating treatment that uses specialised surgical threads to lift sagging skin, instantly giving a tighter, more youthful appearance. The threads are made from a naturally occurring substance that has been used in medicine for over 25 years and is fully bio-degradable. This treatment has proven to be very effective as a perfect solution for patient’s suffering from the saggy or excess skin.

A Platinum Thread Lift is a minimally invasive procedure, providing long-lasting outstanding results, without the inconvenience of any downtime and is a perfect solution for a Sagging Face and Excess skin.

E-Light for skin tightening

The E-light combines both RF & IPL technology in one handset in order to stimulate collagen growth within the applied target area.

First, the highly effective, advanced Intense Pulse Light energy is used to preheat the target area which creates a thermal path for the Radio Frequency energy to travel.

The electromagnetic energy is delivered directly to the targeted vascular & pigmented lesions or across the skin requiring attention delivering extremely impressive results. E-Light is an excellent and effective aesthetic technique to lift and tighten sagging skin tissue and is an ideal solution for the patient’s suffering from the saggy or excess skin.


Mesotherapy is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment aimed at diminishing problem areas on the face and body. Mesotherapy nourishes and rejuvenates the skin by promoting the production of collagen and elastin and stimulates your skin’s metabolism by injecting Hyaluronic Acid directly into the mesoderm. Mesotherapy treatment can be used for face, neck, décolletage and under eye rejuvenation. Mesotherapy is an excellent and effective aesthetic technique to lift and tighten sagging skin tissue, being an ideal solution for patient’s suffering from the saggy or excess skin.

HA Dermal Fillers for skin tightening

Dermal Fillers are a popular non-surgical treatment used for softening fine lines, wrinkles, saggy and excess skin. They can also add significant volume and a defined contour to a person’s face challenging the signs of ageing. This treatment has proven to be very effective in the treatment for saggy or excess skin.

Radio Frequency for skin tightening

Radio Frequency is a safe non-invasive treatment designed to tighten skin on a person’s body and has proven to be a very effective treatment to reduce fat, and assist with a person wishing to tighten saggy or excess skin.

This treatment is the best currently available technology for non-invasive, non-surgical skin tightening. Radio Frequency treatments are used in aesthetics as a way to deliver intense heat to tissues deeper than the epidermis, with the aim to boost collagen production.

Deep Radio Frequency treatment is used to achieve enhanced slimming, smoothness and firmer skin with a single treatment, however, a course of 6-8 treatments is recommended to achieve optimum tightening results.

Body HIFU for skin tightening

Stemming from the success of HIFU Face & Neck Treatment, Body HIFU is the very latest technology in refined body sculpting. The treatment is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction and offers visible outstanding results without having to go under the knife.

Body HIFU uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound to penetrate through the layers of the skin to reach the targeted fat tissue without harming skin or surrounding tissues. The treatment delivers a 24 line matrix of focused energy at a depth of 1.3cm, the controlled thermal effect results in the destruction of targeted fat as all as a contraction of collagen in the treatment area allowing the skin to tighten significantly.

How do I book a consultation?

At Aesthetics of Liverpool our Clinical Team consist of experienced leading professionals. We will work closely with you to listen carefully to your concerns, understand what route you are comfortable with and all in all we give assurances that we will compose the very best treatment route personalised to help you get started on your journey to feeling like the best possible version of you.

To book your consultation with us, please call Aesthetics of Liverpool on 0151 203 1393 and we will look forward to welcoming you.

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