the effects of menopause on the skin

The Effects Of Menopause On The Skin

As a woman, there is no way to avoid going through the menopause, and the symptoms can really affect your confidence and happiness. While it can be a major inconvenience in most aspects of your life, you shouldn’t let it bring you down or ruin your health. Whether it’s dry skin, wrinkles or hair loss, there are many ways to combat the symptoms of menopause.

Over the past few years, there has been a huge decrease in cosmetic surgery in favour of non-invasive treatments. When it comes to counteracting the issues that many women face during their menopause, there are many procedures available that are affordable and effective, creating age-defying results that can turn back time.

Read on, if you would like to learn more about why women suffer from menopause symptoms and what non-surgical treatments are the best at tackling them.

Why Does Menopause Affect Our Bodies?

Menopause causes many changes in our bodies, but most notably it causes a decrease in the production of oestrogen. This is the ‘female hormone’ which stimulates the production of collagen, the hormone that gives skin elasticity and makes it healthy.

With less oestrogen, there is less collagen, which leads to the number of problems associated with menopause. These are a few of the most common issues menopausal women report.

Dry Skin

Oestrogen stimulates the production of natural oils that keep your skin moisturised. With the depletion of oestrogen production, there is a decrease in these oils which can lead to dry and itchy skin.

The itchiness can often occur during the day, but most women report that it is worst at night, which is very troublesome for them. It can leave them struggling to get to sleep which can worsen their health and happiness. Some people also experience abnormal sensations in their skin, such as numbness, tingling, prickling or a crawling sensation.


One of the most recognisable signs of ageing is wrinkles, and when you are going through your menopause, they can appear more frequently. But why does this happen? With the decreasing oestrogen in the body, there is a dip in the production of natural oils. This causes the fat in the deeper layers of the skin to start to sag, leaving the skin appearing looser and creating wrinkles.

Another way that wrinkles are created during the menopause is through the increased death of the skin cells. This causes a change in the cosmetic appearance of the skin, most notably wrinkles, attributed to the decrease of collagen. With fewer collagen cells, fewer skin cells are nourished, causing them to die.

Hair Loss

Hormonal changes during the menopause can often cause hair loss, due to the decrease in oestrogen and progesterone which helps hair to grow and not fall out. Therefore, the declining production can cause hair to thin. During this, there is also an increase in the production of androgens (a hormone that increases oil production), which shrinks the hair follicles and promotes hair loss.

Excessive Sweating

The hormonal changes going on within the female body during menopause can lead to many different symptoms. One of these is excessive sweating. Related to hot flushes, excessive sweating is when you’re body sweats more profusely and at times when you are even in a cool area.

It is caused by hot flushes, which is when you feel short and sudden feelings of heat, usually to the face, neck and chest. This can make your skin red and sweaty and can occur at any time of the day or night. However, night sweats are often common in women suffering menopause, leaving your night clothes and bed sheets soaking wet even when minutes earlier you were feeling cool.

How Can You Combat These Issues?

Women no longer have to face the risks of surgery to combat their skin issues or simply accept their changing looks. With so many new non-surgical treatments available, women can find something to suit their needs, personalised for their individual issues. The following are a few treatments that Aesthetics of Liverpool offer that can help women facing menopause find more confidence in their appearance through hair regrowth and skin tightening and softening to increase their happiness.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular non-surgical alternatives for fuller looking skin with reduced wrinkles. They can also be used to add volume to the lips and contour the face. Dermal fillers are injected into the skin to push out fine lines and wrinkles from underneath, making it appear smoother and firmer.

But what are dermal fillers? At Aesthetics of Liverpool, they use fillers composed of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which is naturally found within our bodies in our skin, joints, bones and eyes. This means when it is injected into the skin it is naturally absorbed by the body. This makes the results look more natural, but not permanent.

Dermal fillers also come in different levels of thickness, making it possible to personalise the treatment for each client. The thicker the product, the deeper it will be injected into the skin. The results are visible immediately and last between 6 and 9 months.

Platinum Thread Lift

Want a facelift without the surgery? You might have thought that it would be impossible, but in fact, Platinum Thread Lifts can give you the same results without the risks and expense of surgery. It is a dual-lift with a collagen regenerating effect which helps define facial contours, lift sagging skin and shape the face and neck.

The threads are made from a naturally occurring substance, used in medicine for over 25 years. They are fully biodegradable, making the treatment non-permanent, but also very safe. These threads are implanted into the subcutaneous layers of the skin using very fine needles. Despite what you might think this whole procedure is pretty painless.

After the treatments, the threads gradually attach themselves to your tissue and stimulate collagen production. This helps to reverse the effects of menopause, creating a smoother appearance by removing wrinkles.

Juvederm HYDRATE

To tackle the symptoms of menopause, you also need to focus on the tone and texture of your skin to rehydrate it and bring back its radiance. As our hyaluronic acid levels decrease, and we are exposed to the sun, our skin ages and can often become very dry.

But, Juvederm HYDRATE offers subtle enhancements that can hydrate the skin and give you a healthy glow. This treatment features mannitol, an antioxidising agent that helps to prevent the build-up of free radicals that degrade hyaluronic acid within the skin, which in turn prolongs the effects of Juvederm HYDRATE.

The treatment is carried out by using a syringe with a short needle to dot small amounts of hyaluronic acid in the superficial level of skin to produce a plumping effect. It can be used in specific areas of dehydration such as around the mouth, or on rough areas of the skin perhaps due to scarring.

Hair Regeneration (IV)

IV drips are often used when the body cannot produce ‘essential nutrients’ such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. It helps the client maintain a healthy, balanced body to boost their energy and improve normal bodily function. However, at Aesthetics of Liverpool, it is also used as a treatment to encourage hair regrowth.

Healthy hair requires plenty of keratin and collagen. Without a big enough dose, it can lead to a decrease in hair health, and even receding hairlines and hair loss. But, by boosting the amino acids that help produce these two hormones, it reduces hair loss and maximises hair regrowth.

The IV vitamin drip is administered in the Aesthetic of Liverpool clinic and can take from 40 minutes to 4 hours depending on the concentration of the drip, and the patient’s desired outcomes.

Wrinkle Relaxing

As well as removing wrinkles and preventing new ones from forming, Wrinkle Relaxing can help tackle a variety of menopause symptoms. It isn’t just the fine lines that make some women self-conscious. With a huge change to the hormones within the body, there are many different side-effects that can leave women seeking help, including excessive sweating.

Excessive sweating is a common symptom of menopause, and it can be quite embarrassing. A lot of women are unaware that Wrinkle Relaxing treatments can reduce the amount of sweat being produced. But how does it do this? The purified protein, Botulinum Toxin, is injected into the affected area of the body, for example the armpits, and block the signals from the brain to the sweat glands. This reduces the amount of sweat being produced.

Just because you are facing the menopause doesn’t mean that you should give up on feeling confident. There are still ways that you can keep yourself looking healthy and young without having to turn to surgery. If you are interested in any of the mentioned treatments, or curious about what else we offer, then contact us today to speak to one of our highly trained experts for more information.

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