Lip Enhancement, shaping and plumping is a revolutionary non-surgical method of addressing thin lips to add volume and shape without the need for surgery!

Thinning Lips

A beautiful smile and lips are created by the body’s natural production of the protein collagen. However over time, they start to lose their plumpness as less collagen is produced, further lifestyle conditions, such as exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, can also cause a persons body soft tissue to diminish.

How Aesthetics of Liverpool can Help?

Lip Enhancement, shaping and plumping is a revolutionary non-surgical method of addressing thin lips to add volume and shape without the need for surgery! At Aesthetics of Liverpool we use Dermal Fillers composed of Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring substance that is absorbed by the body, using this form of filler helps to add volume shape whilst not being permanent.


What should I expect during treatment?

The procedure itself can cause some slight discomfort, although, to ease this, a local anaesthetic is applied, people often report a small stinging sensation, although the anaesthetic will significantly reduce this to a minimum. Your consultant will administer a series of small injections containing Dermal Filler into the lips. The area of the lip that the Dermal Filler is injected into will depend on the desired effect the client wishes to achieve. Results are visible immediately and clients are usually able to go back to their day to day activities.

What happens after treatment?

Prior to treatment, many clients are able to resume their day to day activities immediately, however, side-effects from Dermal Filler are common therefore it is imperative to follow all aftercare instructions to obtain maximum results without complications. 

The most common side effects include tenderness, swelling, bruising, pain, redness, discolouration and itching at the injection site. It is recommended to use iced water soaks or ice packs to help reduce swelling. The reactions normally appear shortly after treatment and may last between 1-7 days, in some cases, it may take longer, but this is not common. 

Please avoid activities that cause excessive perspiration such as, the gym, sauna’s etc for 48 hours as you risk sweating the Dermal Filler out. Please avoid any form of makeup, facial or spa treatment as again this may cause the Dermal Filler to spread causing adverse effects. If you determine that the discomfort is severe or if the site gives rise to other conditions, such as oedema or prolonged swelling contact the clinic immediately.

How do I book a consultation?

At Aesthetics of Liverpool our Clinical Team consist of experienced leading professionals. We will work closely with you to listen carefully to your concerns, understand what route you are comfortable with and all in all we give assurances that we will compose the very best treatment route personalised to help you get started on your journey to feeling like the best possible version of you.

To book your consultation with us, please call Aesthetics of Liverpool on 0151 203 1393 and we will look forward to welcoming you.