5 Top Questions About Prosculpt

5 Top Questions About Prosculpt

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Have you heard about the brand new, innovative treatment that is revolutionising the body sculpting world? Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we are proud to inform our clients that we have access to this incredible treatment, Prosculpt. 

Prosculpt is a much better treatment than its predecessor Emsculpt. It has much more power and the transformative results are jaw-dropping. Prosculpt is an impressive device that uses electromagnetic pulses to give your body a transformation like no other. Our Prosculpt treatment will help you achieve your dream body far quicker than any personal trainer or intense workout. 

Please keep reading for answers to the top five most frequently asked questions about Prosculpt. If you want a toned, tight and strong body, then keep reading to learn all you need to know about our Prosculpt body sculpting treatment.

What does a Prosculpt procedure do?

Prosculpt is the most powerful targeted aesthetic platform available today. By stimulating muscle contractions through its state-of-the-art technology, Prosculpt can transform your body. The device burns off fat cells while encouraging muscle mass to build, through its unique approach to body sculpting. 

Our new treatment is an alternative method for anyone wanting to add definition to their muscles, while losing some inches. And, the best part is that Prosculpt is non-surgical and non-invasive, meaning you can tighten up your loose skin, burn fat, and strengthen your muscle groups without going under the knife. Prosculpt is a risk-free option to surgical options such as ‘tummy tucks’ and liposuction surgery.

By using electromagnetic pulses, Prosculpt can tone a range of areas and is most commonly used on the abdomen and buttocks, offering a different way to achieve a butt-lift. However, it can also be used to tighten smaller areas of your body, namely your upper arms, thighs and calves. The pulses cause your body to burn fat cells similar to when you are working out, consequently, reducing the circumference of your arms and legs.

How does it work?

Prosculpt works by emitting High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic energy (HIFEM) to induce ultra-intense, supramaximal muscle contractions. These contractions mimic the effect exercise has on our muscles, and throughout the treatment, therefore, the body believes it is undergoing an intense workout. 

The intensity of the contractions that HIFEM creates, however, activates even more muscle fibres that you would achieve in a regular workout routine or class. In one 30-minute session, the Prosculpt machine can produce around 20,000 muscle contractions. The constant contracting of the muscles puts them under stress and triggers rapid changes at the cellular level. It is these stresses and strains that cause them to grow bigger and stronger. 

Moreover, while the body is undergoing the Prosculpt treatment, it is calling for a greater supply of energy for the muscles to react to the contractions. The neighbouring fat cells are also affected and break down via a process called lipolysis, releasing fatty acids. These fat cells are damaged beyond repair, and the body naturally eliminates them as the cells die. The combined action of muscles tightening and fat-cell destruction results in stronger and more defined muscles. 

Does Prosculpt treatment hurt?

You’ll be surprised at how painless the Prosculpt treatment is. Unlike surgical body sculpting procedures, Prosculpt is a walk-in-walk-out session that doesn’t require any general or local anaesthetics.

During the treatment, the sensation often makes patients laugh as their body adjusts to the strange feeling it causes. It has been described by some as childbirth contractions but without the pain. Read our blog on a client’s honest account of their experience with the Prosculpt body sculpting treatment.

There is no need for any recovery time either; your muscles will only feel a little sore, the same feeling after you’ve put yourself through a challenging workout. And, then this soreness should improve within a couple of days. 

How long will the results last for?

This form of body sculpting has been proved through clinical studies to cause reductions in waist size and body fat, whilst increasing an individual’s muscle mass. From a study carried out by Dr Kinney, the group of patients’ muscle mass increased by 15% after just four sessions of electromagnetic treatment. At the same time, their levels of fat decreased by nearly 19%. 

And, another advantage of Prosculpt treatments is that they don’t just have an effect while the treatment sessions are carried out, but they will carry on improving your body’s appearance for up to three months after.

To really reap the benefits from Prosculpt, the best thing you can do is pair this treatment with a healthy diet and a small amount of regular exercise. With the occasional top-up session every six months or so, your muscles will remain defined and strong.

Are there any side effects to using Prosculpt?

There are no serious side effects to this form of body sculpting treatment. Prosculpt procedures are still relatively new; however, since their launch in 2018, no side effects have been reported. The treatment passed all the necessary safety checks in 2016, and patients were monitored for up to 6 months after their procedures.

Please note, there are a few medical conditions which would rule you as unsuitable for Prosculpt treatment. If you have a pacemaker or internal defibrillator, have any metal in your body (IUDs), have a severe concurrent disorder, such as cardiac disorders, or are pregnant or nursing. This is due to the use of the electromagnetic field to create the contractions. The high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy can heat any metal in a body, such as a copper IUD or a hip implant near a treatment zone and dislodge it.

Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we will arrange a consultation with you to talk about any conditions that could stop you from having this treatment, if you are unsure about your suitability, please check with your doctor first.

Looking for Emsculpt in Liverpool? Then you need to look towards a better treatment – Prosculpt! It’s a totally transformative treatment which will leave you with draw-dropping results. For more information about our Prosculpt procedures, or to book in for your consultation, please get in touch on 0151 203 1393. Alternatively, you can contact our team through our website, simply fill out our enquiry form today.

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