Aesthetic of Liverpool’s Guide to Dermal Fillers

Aesthetic of Liverpool’s Guide to Dermal Fillers

Are you looking for a way to restore a youthful complexion naturally? Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we can help! Dermal Fillers are an effective, efficient, and affordable way to resculpt your face and rejuvenate your skin while creating a realistic look. They are incredibly popular amongst our clients and for a good reason! Fillers are a minimally-evasive treatment that allows you to achieve your desired goals safely.

Keep reading, and we will guide you through the process step-by-step; our all-you-need-to-know guide covers all most frequently asked questions from what Dermal Fillers are to what the procedure involves? You’ll come away with a solid understanding of Dermal Fillers and whether or not they are right for you.

First things first, what are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers are a non-surgical treatment option that focuses on addressing facial lines and creases, adding volume to help your skin restore a youthful, plump appearance. Appealing to those who wish to combat early signs of ageing, Dermal Fillers allow for facial rejuvenation and instant improvement. And, when carried out by medical professionals they are completely safe and supported by the FDA.

In addition to tightening skin and diminishing fine lines, this treatment option can also be beneficial in treating a wide range of skin conditions and complaints, such as:

How do Dermal Fillers work?

During the natural ageing process, our faces lose the amount of subcutaneous fat underneath the skin. Not to be confused with visceral fat around our organs, subcutaneous fat has five main properties:

  • Storing energy.
  • Protecting muscles and bones when we fall.
  • Acting as a passage for nerves.
  • Regulating temperature and providing the connective tissue that connects our skin. 

This loss of subcutaneous fat is inevitable, and the effects become quite apparent in our appearances. For example, as facial muscles become closer to the epidermis, the skin begins to sag due to the loss of fat cells. The subcutaneous layer loses its structural integrity as fewer cells and tissue fill the space. With less integrity, the epidermis loses support and skins inward. 

Additionally, as we age, the body produces less collagen. Collagen is the most prevalent protein in the body and provides the skin with its strength and elasticity. With less collagen protein by the time we’re around 70 years old, our skin reduces in thickness by approximately 80%. This, combined with the loss of subcutaneous fat, leads to the development of fine lines. 

Therefore, firm and tight skin requires high underlying fat and collagen levels. As our facial skin sags and loses its volume, we can be left with lines that dominate areas such as the nose, mouth and forehead. But, this is where Dermal Fillers come in. 

At Aesthetics of Liverpool, we only use Dermal Fillers composed of Hyaluronic Acid, an acid found naturally throughout our skin, joints, bones and eyes. When the Hyaluronic Acid is injected into the face, it is absorbed easily, giving you a natural and renewed appearance. The filler is able to replace the lost subcutaneous fat cells, providing much-needed volume to the subcutaneous layer. 

Dermal Fillers can be administered at different thickness levels as the thicker the product, the deeper it will penetrate the skin. These variations of thickness all depend on your desired outcome; a specialist clinician will help advise you on what is needed.

What do Dermal Filler procedures involve? 

The treatment itself is very simple; however, we always recommend visiting a qualified clinician. At Aesthetics of Liverpool, the first part of the procedure will involve a trained professional evaluating your face, paying specific attention to your skin tone and areas that require augmentation. Once highlighted, these areas may be marked and then cleansed with an antibacterial agent, prepping the skin in the process. These identified areas will then be injected with filler, pushing fine lines and sunken areas out from underneath. Overall the skin will fill out enough to create a plump appearance, allowing the skin to appear smoother and firmer.

In terms of the individual filler injections, these will only last a few moments. However, the overall treatment time can last anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour. Timings will depend heavily on the client and how many filler injections are required to create their desired result.

How painful are Dermal Filler injections?

While the procedure is not painless, there are methods to alleviate the pain, such as local anaesthetic, anaesthetic ointment, or a cold instrument to semi-freeze the skin. If you have any concerns regarding the pain, communicate this with us. Our team is highly trained and will prioritise looking after you, alleviating any major discomfort. 

Will Dermal Fillers work for me? 

Dermal Fillers are suitable for clients of all ages, from those who are experiencing signs of ageing to younger clients who want to get ahead of the game. However, dermal fillers may also be suitable for those trying to reduce facial scarring, remove signs of smoking or alter your facial shape. As long as you are committed to looking after your skin (having a skincare routine is essential to caring for your skin), and have a concise vision for the results you want, then Dermal Fillers could be suitable for you. 

Please note: Dermal Fillers may not be suitable if you suffer from a bleeding disorder or some allergies. However, our clinicians will be able to advise you during your personal consultation.

At Aesthetics of Liverpool, having an initial consultation with our Specialist Dermatologist is compulsory. We will assess your skin’s suitability in this session and whether Dermal Fillers will achieve this for you. This consultation is also the perfect opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions.

Are there any side effects to Dermal Filler treatments? 

Dermal Fillers are an extremely safe procedure with very few side effects, especially when carried out by a qualified medical professional. The large majority of patients do not experience any side effects from this treatment and return to their day-to-day routine. Of course, everything will be discussed in-depth during your consultation.

What happens post-treatment?

Generally speaking, most clients can go about their normal activities after the treatment. The treatment may be minimally-evasive, but it is non-surgical. As long as you carry out the essential aftercare routine, you will maximise the results without complications. 

We recommend having some iced water and ice packs on standby after your treatment to help reduce any swelling caused by the injections. Then it is advised to avoid activities that cause excessive sweating, such as the gym and saunas for at least 48 hours; the last thing you want to do is sweat the Derma Filler out. Finally, avoid any use of makeup, facial or spa treatments. Ultimately, if you have any concerns, you should not hesitate to contact the clinic. 

How long until I see results?

Dermal Fillers are known for their outstanding results; you can immediately see the improvement after your treatment. In terms of longevity, your fillers should last around 12 months. How long the results last are influenced by your lifestyle – wearing SPF and having a good skincare regime are both essential. Your aftercare will also determine the outcome of your results, so be sure to avoid squeezing and massaging the injected areas as it will break down the filler.

We hope this guide has answered any queries and concerns you may have had regarding Dermal Fillers – how they work, who they are suitable for, how long the results last. If you have concluded that Dermal Fillers are for you, get in touch by calling us on 0151 203 1393, or you can go to our website to book a consultation. Our leading experts look forward to welcoming you. 

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