Considering Dermal Fillers

Considering Dermal Fillers? Here’s All You Need To Know!

Dermal Filling has quickly become one of the world’s most popular procedures to have done in various parts of the face, but there’s no surprise there. As it’s a natural treatment, there aren’t many cons to this practice, and here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we pride ourselves in being the highest of skilled practitioners who give each and every client the best chance at achieving the results that they desire. 

What is Dermal Filling?

Dermal Filling is a very straightforward treatment; the filler (Hyaluronic Acid) is injected into the area of the face using a very fine needle. This may not sound natural, but we use Hyaluronic Acid, which is a natural component of the skin and is found in tissue all over the body, to give areas of our face either a smoothing or plumping effect (e.g. our cheeks or lips). Thus, the body absorbs the Acid as it would naturally; making the aftermath of this procedure a lot more safe and natural looking as opposed to Botox. 

What is The Outcome of Dermal Filling?   

As previously mentioned, this treatment is designed to enhance facial features by giving your skin a full and plump aesthetic from the added volume. It is also highly popular for anti-ageing purposes; if somebody has deep lines, wrinkles or their face seems shallow the more they have aged, Dermal Filler can smooth and contour these areas, which can result in either reducing any imperfections or making them completely disappear. 

Dermal Fillers are reversible; they usually last up to a year from the very first day you have them done. This again, makes them much more popular than Botox because it’s a non-permanent solution to gaining plump, smooth skin. 

To ensure fillers have the best life expectancy after having the treatment, the client must maintain a recommended aftercare guide so that they are left with the best results, for longer. The main steps we feel clients should follow is a good skin care routine, application of sun cream when needed and no unwarranted touching of the filled area (e.g. massaging or squeezing). If not followed, the filler is more likely to break down quicker, meaning they won’t be able to enjoy it for as long. 

The Side Effects to Dermal Fillers

Being a natural alternative to other filling procedures, Dermal Filling doesn’t bare many side effects. The Procedure itself holds mild discomfort from the scratching of the needle and then most patients experience a tingling sensation as the formula is inserted. Our professionals will use numbing creams to help with the discomfort as best as they can.

In terms of side effects, like any procedure there are risks, but with Dermal Filling, they are mostly minor risks that could involve bruising, redness of the skin, slight bleeding from the needle insertion and tenderness on the filled area which will all only last up to 3 days. In very unlikely cases, side effects can evolve if the client is allergic or if their body is not tolerating the Hyaluronic Acid. For more info on this, visit our website

After a client has been treated with Dermal Fillers, they are asked not to undergo any physical activity that causes them to sweat, have a facial or apply any make-up as with any of those, the filler will most likely spread.

If you are interested in Dermal Fillers, our process is very in-depth but straightforward; we start by giving each individual a consultation so that we can get to grips with the outcome you are wanting and give you the details of all the ins and outs of your treatment. Our experienced clinicians take their time to find the treatment that best suits you so other options may be given to you at your consultation. Dermal Filling is famous for a reason; it gives you a high chance of having plump, full and healthy looking skin.

We want to give you skin that you feel happy in, and we will do everything in our power to work with each and every client to do so. If you’re interested in Dermal Fillers, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01512 031393, chat to us on our social media or visit our website to find more information on Dermal Fillers and our many other treatments. 

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