Anti-Ageing Aesthetic Treatments

Anti-Ageing Aesthetic Treatments For Ages 20-50 And Beyond

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Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we futureproof our treatment menu so that we can always provide our clients with the most cutting-edge and updated procedures in the industry. As a team of highly qualified and experienced clinicians that have learnt from world-leading surgeons, we are able to deliver an exceptional service that gives impeccable results.

Continue reading this blog post for our recommendations on what skin treatment would work best for what age so that if you are thinking of being treated, you can make the right decision for your skin’s condition.

Anti-Ageing Aesthetic Treatments for Your 20’s

Well, your skin is at the beginning of its journey of ageing; it may be tight, and your natural facial structure puts the define in definition, but during your 20s, the first signs of ageing appear around the eyes in the form of crows feet or drooping upper eyelids that can significantly make the eyes look smaller. Then, fine lines begin to take their course, and the upper lip no longer holds it’s form. 

Also, if you enjoy spending time in the sun or on the sunbeds and you neglect to give your body the protection that it needs, you are substantially speeding up the sun damage of the body tissue; thus, resulting in dark spots. If you feel that you want some extra attention now that you’re in your 20’s, here are the treatments that we recommend: 

Dermal Fillers

Although this is a given; if you want to accentuate the cheekbones, lips or even cheeks, this injectable treatment uses a small amount of Hyaluronic Acid to create definition and is fully reversible/non-permanent.

Skin Peels

Skin Peels are the ultimate skin rejuvenating treatments that are entirely non-invasive and non-surgical. A peel works to break down the top layer of the skin so that a fresh base is revealed; from this process, the body’s natural healing process takes its course which funnily enough, produces new collagen- leaving you with plump, fresh and glowing skin.

In your 20s, the skin peels that we recommend are in low concentrate; so Alpha Hydroxy Acid peels and Glycolic Acid peels are ideal for rejuvenating and treating mild to moderate breakouts.


The Skin Pen is the most effective Micro-Needling treatment in the industry. This minimally invasive procedure works to micro-puncture the dermis of the skin by using a special handheld device; again, by creating trauma to the tissue, the body’s natural healing process is stimulated- thus new collagen is produced. 

This treatment also goes by the name of ‘Precision Lift’ and for a good reason, too. Clients in their 20s often approach us with open pores, so having this skin tightening treatment on offer is always majorly beneficial to them. By delivering such remarkable results with minimal side effects, this skin rejuvenating procedure will be sure to keep you looking youthful.

In terms of protecting the skin from harmful UV rays, applying broad-spectrum SPF every day should be an essential step of your skincare routine. When the skin is exposed to such light, not only does the ageing process accelerate but it causes the skin to overproduce the pigment melanin, which in turn causes cases of hyperpigmentation; darkening of the skin or an overall uneven tone. 

Anti-Ageing Aesthetic Treatments For Your 30’s 

Now that you have surpassed your 20s, it’s time to start taking responsibility for your skin. So, that means no more slapping off your make-up with a baby wipe out of laziness or hoping that that ancient moisturiser will work a treat. Instead, a simple but consistent skincare routine will work wonders for anti-ageing. 

In your 30s, fine and vertical lines begin to appear from your facial expressions; common examples are frown and laugh lines which only become more prominent the older we get. Frown lines begin between the eyebrows, and laugh lines begin around the nose, mouth and eyes; this is due to gravity taking its course and our skin simply not producing as much elastin and collagen, causing our skin to lose its volume, and the lines to become more defined. The upper lip also continues to decrease in thickness.   

For a more effective solution and to combat those laughing lines completely, there are plenty of aesthetic treatments that are ideal for people in their 30s: 

– Skin Peels

Again, skin peels are suitable for this age, too. Especially Obagi Blue; the Obagi Blue Skin Peel works to combat blemishes and lines. With its low amount of Salicylic Acid, it’s ideal for mild cases of wrinkles, as well as clients who cannot afford long recovery times. 


Profhilo is another injectable procedure, but its priority is to remodel the facial features and stimulate the production of natural collagen to resolve sagging skin and fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment significantly improves the skin tissues quality; resulting in a tight, smooth and lifted result.

Ultherapy (HIFU)

Facial HIFU is the non-surgical equivalent to a facelift; with minimal side effects and downtime, this innovative procedure can have your face looking defined and wrinkle-free in no time. Ultherapy, as it is also known as, uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound through another specialised device to essentially vaporise excess tissue; this is not painful and is very effective without damaging surrounding areas of the skin. 

– Thread Lifts

Thread lifts are quickly becoming the most talked-about aesthetic procedures in the world. Our Collagen Threads can deliver our clients with results that have only been previously achieved by going under the knife. By inserting surgical-graded threads into the dermis, and by attaching them onto the skin’s tissue to be lifted, you can be left with uplifted skin that’ll continue to get plumper and smoother as the weeks go by.

Our MINT Super Thread Lift is the newest addition to our treatment family; with it’s uniquely designed barbs, they are able to hook onto a more substantial portion of tissue. The MINT threads are able to achieve this unique configuration through a patented moulding press technology used in the manufacturing process. Thus, producing never seen before results of a completely defined and three-dimensional look. 

Anti-Ageing Aesthetic Treatments For Your 40s

Obviously, the previous treatments mentioned would work wonders for somebody in their 40s. However, now that you’re classed as middle-aged, maybe you’re looking to target areas more, especially if you have skin irregularities, or you’re losing skin volume and Elasticity significantly. Because of these ageing signs in our 40s, the skin begins to sag and lines become even more defined; from a less sharp structure to the face, the overall appearance begins to look drawn.

The MINT Super Thread Lift and PRP, as mentioned before, are both excellent treatments for people at this age, but as this is the start of more advanced ageing, see below for further treatments that’ll keep you feeling fabulous at forty.

– Skin Peels

We are going to briefly mention skin peels again because around the age of 40, you may be more prone to skin depigmentation. Deeper Skin Peels such as The Perfect Peel are most beneficial for skin at this age; after just one week, it’ll transform your skin into looking healthier, younger and clearer with its key anti-ageing ingredient Glutathione

Radio Frequency

This treatment is well-known for its fantastic abilities to smoothen and create firmness to the skin. Again, this procedure stimulates the production of natural collagen, but this time it’s with the use of heat; a handheld device targets the problem area and heats it up to 38-40 degrees to break down the excess skin cells; leaving the skin tight and uplifted. 


This injectable treatment works wonders to rejuvenate and tighten the skin; with added vitamins, enzymes, hormones and plant extracts, your body will not only look good but feel good, too. From this added goodness, your skin will rehydrate, and the lines will smoothen out. For the types of Mesotherapy that we carry out here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, visit our website.

Anti-Ageing Aesthetic Treatments For Your 50s

Now that you’re in your 50s, your Estrogen is significantly reduced which also takes its toll on the skin; being a reproductive hormone that promotes the skin’s collagen, Estrogen keeps the skin’s thickness intact, but as we age further, this hormone isn’t produced as much. Not only does this thin out the skin, but it can make it appear dull, form age spots and skin tags, as well as lose the bone’s density, resulting in turkey neck, deeper folds and lines such as marionette lines which run from the corners of the mouth downwards.

Again, taking into consideration the above, all of these treatments will work to either tighten the skin, lose excess skin, reduce blemishes or even out the skin’s tone. And even though our entire treatment menu is available to anyone over the age of 50, what we really recommend to boost those Estrogen and Collagen levels is the following:

Plexr for Skin Tags

Plexr is known as the ‘miracle treatment’ for hooded eyes and bags, but it is also highly effective in blemish removal, too. If you accumulate skin tags, for instance, this treatment works to vapourise solids into gases with the use of plasma; by controlled heat, a device is able to ionise gases in the air to produce a small electric surge without damaging surrounding areas of the skin. A non-invasive treatment that is entirely safe.

– Skin Peels

The Cosmelan and Dermamelan Peels are a great option for someone of this age; with their azelaic acid and kojic acid ingredients (and added Titanium Dioxide in the Dermamelan Peel), they are able to rehydrate the skin, while also combating uneven skin tones and dark spots. Their rejuvenating factors work wonders on all skin tones and will take care of ageing spots of all severities. 

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers aren’t just effective in intensifying features of the face, but they can also address early signs of bone density when carefully administered. When we age, our temples, chin and cheeks lose their form, resulting in us looking older than we are but with a small amount of filler, we are able to plump out these areas, as well as treat the nasolabial folds and marionettes which are often complained about at this age. 

Head over to our website to find out more on our 8 point lift using dermal fillers which works to replenish key areas of the face for a plump aesthetic. 


The E-Light is also fantastic in its results for depigmentation, lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and jaw definition. Through intense pulsed light energy and radiofrequency, the device is able to remodel the skin’s collagen and revive damaged skin cells; leaving skin smooth and supple. 

Anti-Ageing Aesthetic Treatments For Your 60s

As we go through the ages, our skin’s needs differ and so it is imperative that you look after it and choose treatments that work for it at that stage. In your 60s, the skin is a lot thinner inconsistency, it can be dry and rough, sagging, wrinkles and lines can be very defined and dark spots can be a lot more visible. In order to counteract these aging consequences, we must carry out the most effective treatments for anti-ageing. See below for our chosen treatments:

Skin Boosters

Hydration is essential when wanting your skin to be rejuvenated and replenished- Juvaderm Volite is our favourite skin booster for anti-ageing; it is a skin conditioning Hyaluronic Acid gel that is injected into the dermis of the skin to nourish from the inside out. Sunekos and Profhilo are also both fantastic in depletion of HA. As previously mentioned, the skin is a lot drier at this stage of your life, so a hydrating injectable is able to fully counteract the dryness both inside and out.

– Skin Peels

The skin peel that we have chosen for this age is Phenol Chemical Peels; these are the most aggressive type of peels in that they combat severely sun-damaged skin, deep wrinkles, scars and skin growths. From their impeccable results, the skin will look and feel years younger after completion.

– Mixing Modalities

A great option for receiving optimum results at this age is by mixing modalities; for instance, Microneedling with Radio Frequency for extra-strength rejuvenation, Dermal Fillers and The MINT Super Thread Lift for a thoroughly tight, supple and lifted outcome or even Plexr and PRP for hooded eyes and eye bags. At this age, sometimes it’s necessary to have two treatments so that your skin is being manipulated further now that it has aged in a more extreme case.

One thing that you need to understand is that everybody’s skin is different, especially at different ages, and one’s lifestyle can differ the skin’s condition and treatment plan given to them, as well as external factors and genetics, too. The above treatments are somewhat a guideline, so to advise a client on what treatment will work best for them, we must assess their skin at a consultation. 

By booking a consultation, we can determine the best treatment based on that client’s skin, what they feel comfortable with and their budget; fear not, here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we are fully confident and supportive in that we have treatments to suit all circumstances. Are you looking for anti-ageing aesthetic treatments in Liverpool? Contact us today on 0151 203 1393 or through our website, and we would be happy to deliver you with skin that you only feel confident in, no matter your age.

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