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Anti Ageing Treatments: Mixed Modalities For Youthful Skin

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It’s not going to be a newsflash that as we age, we begin to form fine lines and wrinkles, but what we aren’t always aware of is how to treat these signs of ageing skin so that we can keep our skin looking smooth, plump and ultimately, younger-looking. Obviously, we have the usual ageing products, but are there more effective solutions to a youthful aesthetic? 

The culprit of ageing skin is through our body naturally beginning to produce less collagen and elastin; which are both two very imperative proteins in the skin for keeping it looking youthful, glowing and tight. Both of these proteins don’t only keep your skin looking tight and plump, but they are so vital in supporting the structure of the skin, too.

With this decline in proteins, we are left with skin that loses its structure and tightness; thus, it begins to sag and form unwanted cracks, dimples and wrinkles that aren’t always thoroughly accepted by the carrier. Did you know that from the age of 20, our body begins to produce 1% less collagen each year? That’s a scary thought, right! Well, don’t fear because here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we have several anti-ageing treatments on offer to our clients that will be sure to turn the clock back on their skin, but what’s better is that we can also combine specific treatments with one another so that we deliver only optimum results.

If you’re looking for ageing treatments in Liverpool or are just looking for skin-rejuvenating procedures, continue reading this blog post, and you will be enlightened by several world-leading treatments that’ll be sure to do just that.

Anti-ageing Skin Modalities

The Skin Pen and HIFU

The first antiageing treatment that we’re going to address is The Skin Pen; this world-leading treatment uses a specially designed skin needling device to create ultra-precise punctures to the dermis of the skin; these punctures then stimulate the body’s natural healing process, thus the new creation of collagen. This treatment is effective, non-surgical and carries barely any downtime, while still tightening the skin when the body naturally heals the wounds; leaving fine lines and wrinkles reduced and a tighter complexion.

Next is HIFU for the face; this renowned for treatment also works wonders for lifting and tightening the skin, but instead of creating punctures, a specialised device delivers high intensity focused ultrasound to the problem areas. By penetrating the deepest layers of the skin with such temperatures, this too creates injury to the tissue; thus the natural healing process begins once again. 

We believe that these two treatments work well together by both targeting the fine lines and wrinkles at different depths; leaving an even lesser appearence of these skin defects overall. Not only that but HIFU works wonders of sagging skin, so not only could you be left with smoother skin, but it can become a lot tighter too; bringing you definition and skin rejuvenation.

3D Collagen Induction Therapy With Radio Frequency

Although our CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) is outstanding for delivering our clients with brighter, younger-looking skin, our 3D Collagen Induction Therapy alongside Radio Frequency has been known to go even further. As opposed to the usual Skin Pen treatments which use a specialised micro-needling device, we have combined it alongside radio frequency for an even more effective solution to fine lines and wrinkles.

3D Collagen Induction Therapy transmits RF energy into the skin tissue; at such temperatures, it causes the skin to contract and tighten beneath the surface, leaving the top layer smooth and firm. Making this an ideal treatment for fine lines and wrinkles in areas of the skin that lack poise.

Collagen Induction Therapy and Mesotherapy

This combination of anti-ageing treatments will be sure to have you feeling years younger. While the CIT replenishes the tissue, collagen and elastin by triggering the healing process, the Mesotherapy and growth factors such as EGF and TGF work to tighten, repair and regenerate the skin, while also reducing fine lines and wrinkles through collagen synthesis, too. These particular growth factors are added proteins that encourage cell growth, proliferation and help maintain the structure and functioning of the skin.

These mixed modalities for anti-ageing treatments are just three combinations of many that we have found go the extra mile when primarily tightening and lifting (CIT). With so many anti-ageing therapies in the industry, we make it our mission to provide you with treatments that’ll work best for your skin.

If you’d like to find out more about us here at Aesthetics of Liverpool or the treatments mentioned in this post, contact us on 0151 203 1393 or through our website. If you are eyeing up one procedure in particular, we would be happy to invite you in for a consultation so that we can determine whether it is the right treatment to suit your skins needs and your desired results. We do this through a skin assessment, and by giving you the full details of pre, during and post-treatment.

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