Best Treatments To Combat Acne Scarring

Best Treatments To Combat Acne Scarring

Scars, including acne scars, are the body’s natural response to trauma. During an outbreak, inflamed acne blemishes can leak into the surrounding dermis. When this happens, our body kickstarts its healing process and produces more collagen. However, sometimes the body produces too much or too little collagen, raised acne scars or acne depressions in the epidermis. Acne scars can be painful, and many suffer from a lack of confidence because of them. Fortunately, our Medical Team pushes the boundaries and ensures they yield the very best out of our advanced treatments to help.

We understand how debilitating it can be to have won the battle with acne and then go round two with the scars left behind! We know you’ve probably done all your research and bought all the latest topical over the counter creams and treatments, but sadly, none are as effective as the specifically designed treatments we have to offer. Acne scars can be stubborn, and that’s why stronger treatments are often needed to tackle them.

This blog is designed to be your guide to our list of treatments that can effectively combat acne scars, leaving your skin smooth and revitalised like never before. 

Our suggested treatments: 


Morpheus8 is one of our most popular procedures as it is extremely effective at targeting a wide range of issues. One of these is acne scarring, as it can effectively smooth and clear up acne scars. Morpheus8 is more effective than simple micro-needling as it also has a dual component of radiofrequency energy. Micro-needles penetrate 4mm into the skin surface and create micro-injuries, stimulating the body’s healing response and producing collagen and elastin production, improving the skin’s overall radiance and appearance. Meanwhile, whilst the micro-needles penetrate, radiofrequency energy is emitted deep beneath the surface, emitting heat. This heat causes a reorganisation of the tissue of the skin, which subsequently breaks up scar tissue. As a result, the cells and tissue are regenerated quickly to create new, radiant skin!

Morpheus8 is a new revolutionary aesthetic treatment on the market and can be used for several treatments, such as skin tightening and body contouring. However, it has also been found to be highly effective for smoothing and clearing up the skin! Morpheus8 has dual components designed to clear up your acne, with 4mm micro-needles penetrating deep in the skin to target the adipose tissue; the micro-needles create micro-injuries that stimulate the production of collagen. Collagen is a protein created by the body that is a healing response that smooths, plumps and makes healthy glowing skin. Whilst this action takes place, Morpheus8 emits radio frequency signals deep into the skin, which triggers a sequence of naturally occurring healing processes; cells are regenerated quickly, which helps contribute to smoother, rejuvenated skin. As Morpheus8 is an advanced radiofrequency and fractional medical micro-needling treatment, your acne scars are targeted and treated at their core. The Morpheus8 device is able to remodel your scars, smoothing the damaged skin below the skin’s surface. What’s more, Morpheus8 is a treatment option that can be combined with other modalities to help enhance your results.

SkinPen with PRP

SkinPen with PRP uses micro-needling to trigger your body’s natural healing abilities, regenerating tissue and using your natural blood flow to create healthy new cells. The SkinPen is the only micro-needling device worldwide that has been approved by the FDA for treating acne scarring.

Acne scars indicate areas of damaged skin which the body has repaired with fibrous tissue. The problem with this tissue is that it is structured differently from our skin’s natural tissue; the skin normally consists of a basket-weave pattern of tissue but, in the case of acne scarring, fibrous tissue in a straight pattern is used as a repair. Fortunately, the SkinPen offers a two-pronged attack on acne scars. Firstly, it breaks down the fibrous tissue through micro punctures. However, this also allows for collagen to further break down and soften this tissue below the surface.

At Aesthetics of Liverpool, we combined our SkinPen treatment with PRP, platelet-rich plasma treatment. Together these treatments complement and enhance the other’s ability to tackle your acne scarring. The SkinPen uses micro-needling; by creating multiple micro-injuries on the scarred area using microneedles, the body’s natural healing response is triggered, similar to if the body has undergone a larger trauma. With your body now producing more collagen and elastin, your body starts to repair your scarred dermis, creating a smoother appearance. 

The PRP treatment then plays its own part. This platelet-rich plasma treatment heals and rejuvenates your body’s delicate dermal tissue using your own blood platelets. Not only that, but this treatment helps other topical products penetrate deep into the skin for overall better effectiveness. 

The PRP Facial

You may have seen this treatment popularised over the years. The PRP Facial is actually a very common treatment for acne scars. It works by drawing blood from your arm and then separating the PRP from the blood in a centrifuge and applying them back into your face- don’t worry, it’s pain-free. The facial itself is a combination of micro-needling on the face, which causes micro-injuries that stimulate the body’s healing response. You will receive the micro-needling treatment first to create a collagen boost, and then the PRP from your arm’s blood sample is applied topically over the skin to give that extra boost! PRP has a large concentration of growth factors, helping tissue heal and repair, making it an extremely effective treatment for acne scars. 

CO2 Laser

The CO2 laser treatment is ideal for targeting specific areas of the skin; in just one treatment, you can expect to see rejuvenated, fresher skin and a reduction in acne scars. The treatment incorporates advanced laser energy from a skin-safe, ablative laser with carbon dioxide to remove a fraction of the top layer of the skin. In addition to acne scars, it can also be used to treat warts and wrinkles.

Despite using a similar technique, CO2 ablative laser treatments differ from pulsed light laser (IPL) procedures. Both lasers aim to encourage and stimulate the body’s natural collagen production, aiding the body to repair the acne-scarred skin and smooth out the skin’s surface. However, there is a key difference. CO2 lasers create controlled trauma to the affected area. Whereas IPL is a much gentler procedure that will not break the skin.

However, CO2 lasers are safe, and when this treatment is carried out by an experienced medical professional, the results are much more effective. As the laser is applied to the skin’s surface, the laser beam from this CO2 laser is divided up (fractionated) into thousands of very narrow shafts of light. These beams make tiny holes through the skin’s surface. Don’t worry; it’s an extremely safe way to remove the top layer of the epidermis. The skin is also heated by the laser, stimulating the body’s healing process to the dermis below as well. As the skin heals, this leads to the formation of new healthy collagen to tighten the skin and smooth out the acne scars.

Consequently, CO2 laser treatments are highly popular for acne scarring as they offer fast results and minimal downtime; the recovery time varies from 5 days to a week, depending on the patient and the condition of their skin and baseline. 

Diamond Microdermabrasion

The diamond microdermabrasion gets its name from the crystal tipped wand used to carry out the treatment. The procedure is minimally invasive and works by gently exfoliating dead and uneven layers of skin. The characteristic diamond tip is used to lightly abrade the top layer of the skin to reveal fresher, smoother skin beneath. Please note that this treatment option is more suited towards new acne scars than any deep-set. This is because the surface of our skin consists of 25-30 layers of dead cells, and it is within these layers where a lot of our skin’s imperfections lie. By removing these cells, younger and smoother skin cells beneath are revealed.

During the treatment, you may feel a mild scratching sensation as the instrument removes superficial cells. You’ll also feel a vibrating sensation akin to a light massage, and there is a vacuum tool used to rid the dead skin that has been removed. 

Acne Scar High Strength Resurfacing Peels

At Aesthetics of Liverpool, we offer a range of high strength skin peels that leave immediate results, leaving skin looking younger and smoother all over—resurfacing peels work by removing dead skin cells, encouraging cellular renewal in its place. This process also stimulates the body’s natural collagen production, ensuring the body’s natural healing process continues to rejuvenate your skin. Often products that we buy in stores will make skin appear smooth and soft however the product will only reach the top layer of the skin. When a skin peel is applied, it removes the top layer of skin and reveals the smoother new skin beneath.

We have a vast portfolio of skin peels on offer, allowing our medical professionals to have a large choice of appropriate treatments to suit your skin and condition. 

Soft Tissue Fillers

Soft tissue filler works by directly injecting the filler into the acne scars with a tiny needle to raise and plump the scars, which reduces their appearance. Next, the dermal filler is expertly injected into the base of the scar, making it more flush with the skin’s surface. In addition, the dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which naturally occurs within the body and creates an overall hydrating effect which helps to overall improve the tone and texture of the skin. 

Dermamelan Peel

The Dermamelan peel is an effective peel that replenishes the top layer of skin with a solution that is a combination of five organic acids, glutathione, vitamins and minerals that work together to reduce pores and blemishes, as well as evening out the skin tone. The natural chemicals within the skin peel act as an abrasive, peeling away the top layers of epidermis. This process exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells that can clog up pores, causing acne and acne scars. After clearing your pores, the chemicals then target your pores, reducing their size and the risk of breakouts happening again. The treatment is carried out in two phases. First, you will receive a gentle peel that will prepare you for the next phase, the effective treatment. This treatment takes 45 minutes. Then the second aspect of the treatment is the at-home care we dispense to you, and you must follow the instructions for this part of the procedure strictly and not in conjunction with any other treatments.  

Mono Threads 

This treatment works by inserting threads under the skin to stimulate the body’s natural healing response and collagen production to heal and create smoother, brighter-looking skin naturally. First, the skin is numbed to be a pain-free procedure; then, the sites are marked where the threads are inserted. The threads can target healing deep beneath the skin at the base of the acne scar and have an overall lifting effect due to the threads’ presence and collagen production. In addition, the scars appear more flush with the skin’s surface, thanks to the lifting effects of the scars. The threads dissolve in 4-6 weeks, and the additional lifting effects last 1-2 years! 


If you are suffering from depressed, atrophic acne scars, subcision is an effective treatment that can help. Atrophic scars are those which appear as small indentations into the skin’s surface, rather than protruding outwards such as hypertrophic acne scars. These scars form when a blemish heals beneath the surface, however, the body cannot regenerate enough tissue to even out the surface of the skin above. 

Subcision is a minimally invasive procedure that is carried out under local anaesthetic, meaning there is no downtime with this treatment path. Once the area is numbed, a hypodermic needle is inserted, painlessly, into the skin beneath the depressed scar. The needle will then be used to free the scar from the underlying tissue. Once the fibres have been broken, the depressed acne scars are free to rise up to the surface, to be treated by the body’s natural healing process. The use of a hypodermic needle further accelerates this healing process as it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin proteins, which are needed to regenerate the tissue and to produce a smooth texture. 

Tailoring a treatment plan to suit your acne scars

Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we like to see results and push boundaries to achieve this. Our main priority is, of course, keeping you safe throughout treatments. However, we know the science and the facts, and sometimes we have to be a bit resilient to see the results we want. That’s why we can tailor a treatment plan specifically for your unique skin and problems to achieve that flawless skin you’ve always wished for. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to book your consultation if you’re interested in one of our acne scarring treatments. So start your journey to perfect skin today.

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