Body Contouring With Our New EndoLift Laser Treatment

Body Contouring With Our New EndoLift Laser Treatment

Reshaping your body has historically been an expensive, lengthy process involving surgery to get rid of extra skin, eliminate excess fat, and reshape or ‘contour’ the area. There are now several body contouring treatments to choose from, but what if we told you that we have a brand new, nonsurgical alternative ready for you to use instead?

At our Liverpool clinic, we are excited to introduce you to Endolift! This world-class skin tightening procedure is able to create surgical-standard results without using a scalpel.

How can EndoLift laser treatment help to contour the body?

Utilising ultra-thin micro-optical fibres, EndoLift works to burn away fat and water in the skin. The fibres are inserted under the skin and into the superficial hypodermis, where it proceeds to burn the fat and water with a laser using a fanning technique by your Specialist Doctor. Three ‘deep layer effects’ occur here: laser lipolysis, collagen remodelling, and connective photobiomodulation; the skin tightens, fine lines smoothen, and collagen naturally produces.

Different areas of the body can be targeted in succession to create the body contouring effect you desire. Wherever pockets of fat are stored, they can be treated as such. Following treatment, the collagen production that has been increased will help create long-term effects for several months after as the collagen production continues to occur. However, more sessions can be booked in for the most optimal results. 

Get in touch with Aesthetics of Liverpool to find out how this treatment can work for you.

What does the procedure involve?

Your consultation will begin with a discussion of your thoughts and feelings about Endolift while our medical professionals discuss your allergies and other concerns, such as your pain tolerance. Your Specialist Doctor will then be able to determine how many treatment sessions you may need to achieve the best results possible – it may be one, or it could even be multiple. As it’s body contouring you’re after, each session will take a lot longer, and the amount you need will be more than if you opted for Endolift laser treatment for your chin or jawline. 

When it comes to the actual procedure, we can add a numbing cream to the targeted area if your pain tolerance is low. Then we will insert the specific single-use micro-optical fibres under the skin to melt fat and tighten skin. After, the microfibres are simply thrown away.

How does the device work, and where exactly can it be used?

The Eufoton fibre system FTF (Fibre To Fibre) is designed to be just thinner than a hair and is composed of a light power cable, dedicated connector, and single-use sterile optical fibre. LASEmaR®1500 is connected to the micro-optical fibre with a wavelength of 1470nm to produce a laser that is safe to use in and around the human body. The microfiber acts like an intradermal light path as it passes through the dermis without an incision. Furthermore, it transmits radiating N.IR energy to melt away the fat and water, allowing the skin to tighten. 

The main target areas of the body typically include the following: the abdomen, arms, bra and back fat, double chin, flanks, thighs, and underneath the buttocks (AKA the banana roll). Wherever fat is stored and hard to reach and burn away during exercise, EndoLift can help melt away and provide tighter skin.

What is the Before and After?

As you can tell by the pictures provided by EndoLift developer Eufoton, the appearance of fine lines are greatly reduced to provide super smooth skin wherever applied on the body. Those stubborn pockets of fat which don’t seem to want to go away simply vanish without a trace following EndoLift laser treatment; this is all done without the use of surgery as well!

All your body contouring dreams can become a living reality with EndoLift laser treatment. The procedure is quick and fast, allowing you to return to your typical day feeling and looking great; you won’t feel much difference, but it will be noticeable in appearance. After a number of EndoLift treatments, you’ll begin to notice a significant difference overall. 

The Before and After shots tell no lies! If you’re still unsure what the treatment has to offer you for body contouring, then get in touch.

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At Aesthetics of Liverpool, we want to provide you with as much knowledge as possible regarding all of our treatments so that you can make a decision about what is best for you. EndoLift is one such treatment we offer that provides terrific results without the stress!

So, like what you hear? Then get in touch with one of our qualified experts to discuss all of our available options! Or you can head over to our website and book your consultation appointment – we can’t wait to welcome you into our family here at Aesthetics of Liverpool!

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