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Can I Get Rid Of My Turkey Neck? Treatments For Sagging Skin

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Although ‘turkey neck’ is the most unappealing way to describe sagging skin of the neck and under the chin, it is very apt. Due to ageing, our skin begins to lose its elasticity and collagen, two vital proteins of the body that keep our skin from drooping and wrinkling. In our youth, our bodies produce these proteins more so, which is why our skin holds a tight, smooth aesthetic. 

The skin under our chin, as MD, Helen Flamenbaum explains, is a little bit thinner than the skin on your overall face, and the facial tissue is of a weaker consistency, meaning it has a tendency to give in to gravity and droop. In terms of treatments for sagging skin, we have the usual at-home remedies of exercise and stimulation of the chin area from facial work-outs (kissing, chewing and neck lifting etc.), but are these reliable solutions to ridding the chin and neck area of sagging skin? 

The answer is no; although if you kept these movements up consistently, you might be on the path to a lesser form of sagging skin. However, for a more reliable and highly effective solution to this excess skin, there are several aesthetic procedures that are designed to combat sagging skin that bare next to no downtime or side effects. 

Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we have several treatments to target sagging skin. Being a more reliable option for people who either want a permanent or quick fix, we pride ourselves in providing non-invasive and non-surgical procedures that give the same outstanding results as going under the knife. For a closer look into what turkey neck treatments we can offer you, continue reading this blog post. 

Our Treatments for Sagging Skin

Radio Frequency for Sagging Skin

The first treatment that we’re going to address is Radio Frequency for sagging neck skin. This highly safe and particularly effective procedure uses the stimulation of new collagen to re-tighten the skin and strengthen the sagging muscles with Radio Frequency. This treatment can be used on facial and neck skin, as well as the body.

It works by a clinician using a specialised device that heats the problem area to around 38-40 degrees. From this, the tissue cannot survive, so it begins to breakdown while the body begins its natural healing process which continues post-procedure; thus, producing new and fresh collagen. This reliable energy source has been used in medicine for decades, and for a good reason too; it’s instant results leave the skin looking tight, smooth and supple.

The MINT Super Thread Lift for Sagging Skin

Another procedure that gives exceptional results is The MINT Super Thread Lift; one of the newest additions to our treatment list that has been flooding the USA and Korea. This treatment has delivered such incredible results in terms of skin tightening; this is due to the unique form of its barbs that are achieved during their manufacturing process. 

In comparison to the usual thread lifting procedures, the MINT’s PDO threads are constructed into an arrow-like shape; this shape, as opposed to other cutting threads, can hook onto a more substantial portion of skin tissue, giving more seamless and defined results. The threads, once inserted, already lift the skin, but again, the results improve over time as the body begins it’s natural healing process which stimulates new collagen. 

Not only does this shape allow the threads to out-do others, but they’re made out of a biodegradable material that is stronger and more durable (other thread lifts use threads that have been cut into, leaving them with a weaker structure.) This contemporary thread lift will leave you chiselled without the added side effects and recovery time as you’d get with a surgical procedure.

Treatments for Sagging Skin at Aesthetics of Liverpool

Are you on the hunt for treatments for sagging skin in Liverpool? These aren’t the only treatments that we’re limited to when it comes to skin tightening. We provide a wide range of procedures to choose from, but in order to decide on what best suits the condition of your skin, we must assess it first.

Upon contacting us, we’ll invite you in for a consultation; here we will be able to conduct a skin assessment for you to ensure that the treatment you’ve chosen will give you the results that you desire. As sagging muscles vary from person to person, we want to ensure that the treatment that we provide you with gives your skin the best chance at re-tightening.

During the consultation, you’ll also be able to voice any concerns that you may have. We understand how daunting this process may be, but there is no need to worry. We have an extensive portfolio of successes that we have achieved at our Liverpool clinic, which we can show you upon your visit.

For our full range of treatments for sagging skin, head over to our website. Or if you’re looking to book your consultation, contact us on 0151 203 1393 and we will be more than happy to book you in. Our team is made up of highly qualified and experienced clinicians that’ll ensure you are comfortable and confident throughout your time with us.

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