Cellulite Treatments: Say Hello To Smoother Skin!

Cellulite Treatments: Say Hello To Smoother Skin!

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Cellulite, although very common, is usually seen as an imperfection to the body. Up to 98% of women have cellulite; whereas only 10% of men do. As the number in the ladies department is very high, it is no surprise that cellulite treatments are becoming more and more prevalent. 

Cellulite isn’t so much of a skin condition, rather a skin defect; it’s formed of lumps and dimples found mostly on the legs. Although it’s seen more on an older woman, despite beliefs, this defect is seen on people of all ages and all body shapes. What happens is, the subcutaneous fat deposits push through the connective tissue under the skin, causing an almost eruption to the smooth look of the appearance of regular skin. 

If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your cellulite, continue reading this blog. Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we do the utmost in giving our clients a service that delivers; we want you to feel confident and comfortable in your body, just like you do, too.

The Causes of Cellulite

Although there is sometimes no reasoning behind having cellulite, there are still contributing factors that can encourage the skin to protrude. You could be more likely to experience cellulite if it is hereditary, are ageing and going through hormonal changes, inflammation of skin tissue, weight gain or an increase in fatty tissue, loss of collagen and weak circulation, amongst others. It also mostly appears on a person’s thighs as this is where the fat tissue is mainly found, as opposed to muscle. 

Cellulite Severity

Although all cellulite is essentially the same, you may find that your case of the skin defect is on a larger scale to the next person’s. There are scales that allow us to determine how severe the cellulite is: 

  1. Mild- this version of cellulite is barely seen as you can imagine; the only time you will be able to distinguish whether you have mild cellulite is by bending certain areas of the body to see a dimple-like texture. 
  2. Moderate- you can see moderate cellulite if you were to pinch the area; this will show a ‘cottage cheese’ or ‘orange peel’ looking texture.
  3. Severe- severe cellulite often goes by having a ‘mattress’ appearance; with several deep impressions, this level of the skin defect can be seen at any time.

The Solution to Your Cellulite

There are several ways that you can help the appearance of your cellulite; whether that’s from exercising more- toning up the fatty tissues, drinking plenty of water, taking supplements such as Bioactive Collagen Reptides or just by losing weight. Still, sometimes these solutions aren’t always as effective as we’d like them to be.

Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we can offer you several different cellulite treatments that can smooth out the dimple-driven skin to leave soft, ripple-free, plump skin; helping you to feel bikini-ready again. All three of the following procedures, as well as our others, are carried out by our highly qualified clinicians who ensure that each client is given the right procedure for them, depending on their desired results. 

At our Liverpool aesthetics clinic, we have a vast portfolio of the patients who have been treated for their cellulite with one of three of these treatments or the others that we provide;  

This non-invasive and more importantly, non-surgical treatment dramatically reduces the appearance of cellulite; leaving skin looking and feeling smoother. 3D Dermology accomplishes the decrease of ‘bumpy’ skin by putting it simply, naturally flushing away the fat cells and other unwanted toxins from the body out the lymphatic system. For more information on 3D Dermology, click here.

  • 3D Shockwave

The 3D Shockwave treatments work to disrupt the fat cells and break down the sclerotic fibrous tissue, while also giving the fatty acids a flush by using a specially designed handheld probe that emits powerful radial waves through the skin’s tissues. 20-40% of all fat cells treated will instantly die, and will be ‘flushed’ out. Usually, the body takes several months to flush out such toxins naturally, so the results of 3D Dermology will be evident after just 6-12 weeks of starting the course of treatments. 

This form of cellulite treatment is the alternative, less-risky version of the very popular liposuction as it still gives the same effectivity of lifting and firming the skin. It was initially used to dissolve kidney stones by medical staff before it was soon recognised as an effective solution to vaporising inches and cellulite. 3D Shockwave is commonly used on thighs, the abdomen, buttocks, arms, hips and the knees. 

Similarly to the last procedure, this cellulite solution breaks down the unwanted fatty tissue, but by using ultrasound waves through another specialised handheld device. The waves put pressure on the cells until they can no longer withstand it; leaving them to dissolve, and the patient with smoother and plumper looking skin. 

Once the cells dissolve, you pass them through the liver as a liquid; a safe and natural way of ridding of your ‘lumpy’ skin. To find out more information on Cavitation, click here.

Are you looking for cellulite treatments in Liverpool? All three of these cellulite treatments, as well as our others, will all give you your desired results; smoother, youthful and plumper looking skin. If you are unsure about which procedure will work best for you, we recommend that you pop into our Liverpool based clinic for a consultation. There, one of our dermatology-specialised clinicians can give you their expertise, as well as give you a skin assessment to find out what solution will work best for you entirely. 

We understand that defects such as cellulite can stop you from feeling good in your skin, so working alongside you, we can find you a solution based upon your needs. For more information on what has been discussed in this blog post or for what other treatments we can provide you with for your cellulite, call us on 0151 203 1393.

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