Cellulite Treatments: Which Is The Most Effective?

Cellulite Treatments: Which Is The Most Effective?

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When we talk about our insecurities, there is one body imperfection that always springs to mind…cellulite. Although it is a natural consequence of ageing, our bodies fluctuate in size or for no logical reason at all and we can experience cellulite at any age. These skin ripples are not always loved by people who prefer to have smooth, plump skin. Because of this, more and more cellulite treatments, at-home remedies and cellulite products are being churned out to counteract them.

But, which is the most effective, you ask? Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we have several cellulite treatments on offer to our clients, but it can be confusing figuring out which one would work best for you. Please keep reading for a further look into some of our most beneficial treatments for cellulite so that you have a more in-depth idea of what to expect during the procedures.


This treatment is our number one choice for cellulite reduction. Cavitation is a fat eliminating procedure that uses ultrasound technology to pressurise the fat cells and destroy them. Ultrasound is an energy modality that penetrates deep into the skin’s tissues to cause thermal coagulation. 

The sound waves being produced by the specialised device that our clinicians use emit frequencies of 18-20 kHz, which is way above the levels of human hearing. This ultrasound essentially heats the dermis of the skin, initiating the natural tissue repair process. Thermal coagulation is inserted into the tissue at 1 to 1.5 mm, then the thermal injury continues due to your pulse duration being short. 

The sound vibrates the tissue, creating friction, thus absorbing the energy until it heats up the treatment area. This energy is executed in short pulses of 50-200 milliseconds, and it is estimated that the tissue is heated to approximately 65-75 degrees – the temperature in which natural collagen production is triggered, as well as tissue repair. This leaves the skin looking tight, lifted and smooth. The waves also apply pressure to the fat cells of your body, which cannot withstand the pressure and break down. They become a liquid which naturally leaves the body through your liver. By reducing fat and tightening the skin, cellulite is reduced and you are left with a firm, tight form.

This is a non-invasive procedure that delivers such exceptional results of tightness and smoothness – without also causing damage to the surrounding areas of the skin. With minimal downtime, Cavitation is usually recommended around 6-8 times for optimum results.


The next cellulite treatment that we’re going to highlight is Body HIFU. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound was first used in medicine to treat tumours before it started being used in the aesthetics industry for brow lifts. With further evolution, now this treatment is seen as one of the most effective treatments for encouraging natural collagen production, resulting in firmer and tighter skin.

This body contouring treatment uses ultrasound, like the Cavitation procedure. By heating up the skin tissues to a certain degree, cellular renewal occurs. By damaging the tissue, fibroblasts are created which work their magic in healing, and once the body’s natural healing process is triggered, it begins to produce new and improved collagen. 

The controlled thermal effect of HIFU results in the destruction of targeted fat. And, the intensity of the energy used means that it only requires one treatment for you to see instant results. Fat is destroyed via the thermal energy and the production of collagen ensures that as you drop that dress size your skin tightens up and remains firm. This effectively smoothes out cellulite (the lumpy fat under our skin) and firms and tones our body!

During the procedure, the discomfort is minimal. Some clients have said that it feels like a slight prickly sensation. The side effects, too, are minimal, with and not being limited to slight swelling and redness which both fade after a few hours – making this non-surgical treatment one that won’t stop you from carrying on with your day! This treatment, unfortunately, isn’t suitable for severe acne sufferers or people with infections or open wounds in the problem area.


ProSculp is a new and innovative way for you to drop fat and tighten skin so that cellulite is erased from your body. The FDA-approved electromagnetic procedure is non-invasive with no downtime and no nasty side effects. It used a machine which emits electromagnetic waves to target the fat tissues and break them down until they are destroyed. During the procedure, the muscles begin to contract 36,000 in thirty minutes (more than possible for any gym-lover!) helping build muscle mass and firm the body.

This treatment is successful for smoothing out cellulite as it both reduces body fat and tightens the muscles. As a result, you are left with a toned body you desire, rather than one covered in the lumpy cellulite you despise. 

Has this given you a closer look into these three cellulite treatments? Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we have a wide-ranging treatment menu that’ll be sure to offer you a solution to your skin imperfections. We have the knowledge and experience to undergo bespoke treatment plans to counteract your individual concerns, skin type and goals.

Contact us today on 0151 203 1393 or through our website for further details on the above treatments or any others that have caught your eye. We cannot wait to join you on your journey to smoother, tighter and beautiful skin.

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