Collagen Boosting Treatments For Post-Lockdown

Collagen Boosting Treatments For Post-Lockdown

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Now that we’re beginning to see the lockdown lift, it’s time that we organise some TLC that your body is severely lacking due to not being able to access any public areas. Whether that means going to get your nails done or have your highlights refreshed, you can begin to feel like your glamorous self again post-pandemic.

Since we’ve been in lockdown for several months now, it’s natural for your skin to take a turn. Due to the stress of the current climate and the consequences of natural ageing, you might be feeling a little disheartened by the appearence of your skin. Do not worry, you are not alone; here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we have several collagen boosting treatments available to you that’ll reignite your skin with its youth and brightness.

Continue reading this blog for a depiction of two of the most popular treatments on our menu for collagen induction: The Skin Pen and The Collagen Thread Lift. Both of these treatments encourage new collagen production, a vital process that will improve on your skin’s texture, quality and appearence. 

By finding out more about how they are undergone and why they are so effective for collagen boosting, you will have a clearer understanding of what type of treatment is suited to your needs.

SkinPen for Collagen Boosting

This world-leading collagen renewal treatment is endorsed by leading plastic surgeons, dermatologists and medical professionals; proving that this treatment is highly reliable and competent. It’s mostly undergone on those who are suffering from scarring, fine lines and wrinkles.

The procedure itself involves the only FDA approved micro-needling device in the world. The handheld device is so sought out due to its abilities to treat all types of skin shades, making it available for a much larger group of people. Its primary purpose is to trigger the body’s natural healing process in order to create new collagen cells that work to repair trauma to the body.

How The SkinPen Works

The device micropunctures the underlayer of the skin (dermis) hundreds to thousands of times at a variable depth of 25mm to 5mm; ensuring that the device precisely treats the problem area at 98K RPMs. This puncturing process will cause trauma to the dermis, which instantly provokes the body to start healing.

During healing, the blood flow is improved on in the surrounding areas, so that blood clots are formed easier. Then, the body produces new fibroblast cells, and alongside Hyaluronic Acid and Neocollagenesis, all three components work to heal the wound. Neocollagenesis is the term given to the creation of new collagen cells.

Collagen is one of the most vital proteins of our skin. Combined with elastin, both proteins help to keep our skin looking tight, firm and smooth. The SkinPen is able to produce effective results without the risk of scar tissue forming. With the cordless design of the microneedling device, it can treat most areas of the body, including the face, neck, hands, legs, arms, abdomen and the back. 

The procedure takes around 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. Side effects and downtime are minimal due to it being a non-surgical procedure. 

Microneedling is most commonly known as a skin rejuvenating treatment. Clients who undergo this procedure are left with much clearer skin from a significantly reduced appearence of fine lines and wrinkles. As this procedure works to resurface the surface, it is very beneficial for people who suffer from eczema and acne. 

Not only does this treatment rejuvenate, but it also leaves the skin with an outstanding tightening effect too. Once the wound has fully healed, which takes up to six weeks, clients are left with definition of the face, making this treatment an exceptional facelift alternative in Liverpool. 

Collagen Thread Lift in Liverpool

Collagen Threads’ purpose, again, is to regenerate collagen cells through the natural healing process of the body. But instead of puncturing the surface of the skin, medical-grade threads are inserted into the dermis where they are attached to an anchor point in order to produce an instant visible lift.

In more detail, biodegradable and biocompatible threads are inserted into the dermis of the skin using a very fine needle. Being made out of a protein-based substance called Polydiaxonone (PDO), the surrounding muscles and tendons relax, allowing the body to begin healing.

The threads trigger this healing as they reposition the facial tissues back to their original state, creating a supple aesthetic to the skin. Fibroblasts and new collagen cells, again, work to heal the wound created by the threads. The fibroblasts then bank the collagen, securing it in place for up to six months as it continues to treat the area while the threads dissolve. 

Neocollagenesis is undergone in both of these treatments. If you were to break down this word, you’d notice that ‘neo’ means to revive and ‘synthesis’ means to connect. During healing, new collagen cells are produced to revive the problem area with their protein elements, while they connect onto the wounded area to protect and repair it.

This procedure usually takes up to an hour, but it is dependent on the scale of the area being treated. Most clients have been known to resume with their day post-treatment, and side effects are minimal. Although clients will notice an instant, visible lift, the skin rejuvenation continues to take place over the course of 6 months, when optimum results are typically met, and sutures are fully dissolved.

After six months, clients will see a dramatic improvement in the appearence of their skin; wrinkles will be ironed out, and the surface will be left glowing and smooth. This procedure is especially effective for anti-ageing purposes, but it is also fantastic for skin rejuvenation. Clients are left with improved facial elasticity, a visible lift and youthful-looking skin.

We hope that we have given you some guidance on collagen boosting treatments for post-lockdown. We understand that choosing the right treatment is crucial, which is why we will invite you in for a consultation with one of our clinicians, to begin with. Here, a clinician will assess your skin to ensure that you’re entirely suitable for your chosen treatment, as well as give you the full details of the procedure too.

Contact us today on 0151 203 1393 for further information on the treatments mentioned above or for any advice on treatments for post-lockdown. Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we make it our mission to deliver each and every client with their desired results in the most effective and reliable way.


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