Dermal Fillers: What To Expect

Dermal Fillers: What To Expect

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Dermal Fillers are and always will be one of the leading aesthetic procedures in the cosmetic and aesthetic industry. They are a quick, natural solution to having smooth, firm, plump and youthful skin; fillers are also a very reliable solution too, with minimal side effects and reversibility. Dermal Fillers have been known to give even better results. 

Often what we see is “overdone”, misplacement of filler or in the worst cases, the wrong filler used on clients. Less is more is our mantra so we ensure to never overfill an area of the client’s skin so that we can deliver them natural-looking results. 

Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we ensure that we give each and every client a service that they are more than satisfied with; we are a team of experienced and skilled medical professionals who set out to meet the results that you envisioned at your consultation. But first things first, if you are considering having Dermal Fillers, but you would like to find out more about the procedure before you take the plunge, continue reading. 

Dermal Fillers Explained

You might have heard a lot about this treatment through the grapevine, but unlike some other clinics, we pride ourselves in using formulas of the highest standards. The filler that we use, which is Hyaluronic Acid-based, is administered with a needle or micro-cannula (to leave minimal markings on the skin) into the problem area of the face; many patients barely even feel a prick.

When we say injected using a needle please say administered with a needle or a micro-cannula to ensure there are minimal markings on the skin. 

Hyaluronic Acid, if you didn’t already know, is a natural component of the skin; it is found in tissue all over the body, and is the reason people’s cheeks and lips, for instance, always look plump and supple. Because of this, the body absorbs the Acid from the needle as it would do naturally; making this a natural and very safe procedure. 

Dermal Fillers are also very popular due to their results; everybody wants plump skin, but unlike other skin treatments or contouring modalities, this procedure gives you a full look without being so obvious. Ultimately, they enhance facial features for that desirable voluminous look.

Why Should I get Dermal Fillers?

There are many reasons as to why Dermal Fillers could be for you; whether that’s due to your age, health or genetics, if you have deep lines, wrinkles or a visibly shallow aesthetic, Dermal Fillers are a great answer. Dermal Fillers fill these areas so that they appear full, supple and healthy- whether that means completely ridding you of your imperfections or just reducing them (depending on the amount you desire).

You’ll be surprised to know that you can lose your elasticity from as young as 25; Experts argue over when we start losing collagen, but the generally agreed age is 25. Your collagen and elastin levels then decline at a rate of about 2% per year, and your body will have stopped producing it altogether by your late twenties. So, these deep lines and wrinkles that you struggle to love will only become more prominent as the years go on. 

What Products Do We Use For Dermal Fillers?

Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we only use the highest of quality filler solutions in the industry; we ensure that all of our products are trialled and tested, and pride ourselves in offering a range of filler that gives the best results to specific areas of the face. We stock all ranges of Juvaderm, depending on your desired result and area of treatment. 

What Should I Expect After Having Dermal Fillers?

As Dermal Fillers are reversible, they usually give our clients peace of mind; but as most of our clients are over the moon with the results, you will be happy to know that your youthful-looking skin will last for up to a year, depending on how your body reacts!

To ensure that you give your fillers the best life expectancy, however, the client must maintain a strict aftercare guide so that they are left with the best results, for longer. One thing to bear in mind is that while the filling is being done, you may encounter the feeling of little pinpricks, as well as a tingling sensation while the formula is being inserted, bringing you slight discomfort. 

All of these details will be given to you at your initial consultation; here our highly skilled and experienced and medical professionals who are fully qualified in Dermatology can carry out a skin assessment so that they become aware of any allergies that you may have. You will also become aware of what to expect pre, during and post-treatment. 

Are you looking for Dermal Fillers in Liverpool? We give our clients a bespoke service so that we can ensure that we are giving them the best chances at accomplishing the skin and look that they desire. We want to boost your confidence and give you results that only exceed your expectations. Check out our website for more information or contact us on 0151 203 1393 to book your consultation today.

Let us bring back your confidence by restoring the collagen that you have lost in your lips so that they are enhanced, full and glamorous.

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