Aesthetics of Liverpool launches intimate depigmentation treatment

Aesthetics Of Liverpool Launches Intimate Depigmentation Treatment

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Dermamlean Intimate in Liverpool 

Aesthetics of Liverpool are pleased to have introduced dermamelan intimate to our clients to address patient concerns in relation to pigmentation in the vulva, perianal area, and inner thighs

Vaginal and inner thighs skin lightening treatments have become increasingly more in demand over the last few years and it is an area in which many women are seeking to improve and even transform. Vaginal skin bleaching, to remove darker coloured tissue in this intimate area, has been particularly common in Europe and the Middle East. Over the past few years, more specifically, the process of vaginal skin lightening of the vulva, perianal area, and inner thighs, has been an area of increasing interest in treating women in the UK. Many patients, regardless of ethnicity, tend to develop areas of hyperpigmentation on various parts of their body, including the face, neck, chest, armpits, and back. The intimate area is the latest, most requested area, to lighten the discolouration in this area of the body.

This is where Dermamelan Intimate has impressed clients and doctors and is being considered revolutionary in the field of depigmentation of the intimate areas.

The two-phase treatment consists of the application of four products in clinic: dermamelan intimate peeling, post-peel neutralizing spray, dermamelan intimate mask and then the dermamelan intimate occlusive film. 

Post-procedure, the patient then receives a soothing intimate mask and dermamelan intimate home depigmenting gel cream to use out of the clinic following the treatment to obtain optimal results. The treatment is carried out by female Doctors who ensure that the patient is totally comfortable at all times.

The evidence from trials has been extremely impressive; Mesoesthetic – the Pharmaceutical company behind Dermamelan carried out a multicenter clinical study of 25 women between 27-50 years old with hyperpigmentation in the intimate area, all of which had a reduction of pigmentation in different phototypes in each and every patient that was treated. These impressive results have been supported by those already seen to date at Aesthetics of Liverpool. 

Dermamlean Intimate Results

Most clients explain that results were visible in just a single clinical session. This body concern has often been difficult to treat in a way that was minimally invasive and effective however Dermamelan Intimate has shown to be an efficacious and viable treatment especially as the pigmentation lifts so quickly unlike other treatments which take time. We are extremely excited to now offer this treatment for all skin tones at Aesthetics of Liverpool. We are looking forward to continuing to provide support to those that feel they will benefit from this innovative much-needed treatment 

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dermamelan® intimate

dermamelan® intimate: the depigmentation solution for the intimate area.

Dermamelan Intimate

Product Description

Aesthetics of Liverpool present a professional and highly effective depigmentation treatment, specifically designed for the intimate genital-perineal area. 

Dermamelan Intimate delivers a unique dual intensive corrective action which regulates pigmentation imperfections of the genital-perineal, perianal area, mons pubis, inner thighs and groin areas, achieving amazing results after just a single clinical session. 

The depigmenting action is complemented with a secondary anti-ageing action that makes Dermamelan Intimate a unique, all-in-one treatment, scientifically formulated to be effective and respectfull of the characteristics of the skin in that area.

Areas that can be treated

Dermamelan Intimate is suitable and effective in the following areas:

• Genital-perineal area
• Perianal area
• Mons pubis
• Inner thighs and groins
• External genitals
• Areola of the nipple
• Nipples
• Underarms

Following an increase of worldwide demand, Gynaeco-aesthetic treatments have been acknowledged and have since become one of the disciplines with the highest rate of growth. 

70% of adults in the UK, feel the need to have their body hair removed in some way, and the intimate area is the most commonly depilated. Practices such as complete hair removal have affected the increased demand for effective depigmentation and anti-aging treatments. 

In addition, 90% of pregnant women have reported to display signs of hyperpigmentation in other areas of the body than just the face. To address this growing concern, Aesthetics of Liverpool have developed the perfect solution to overcome this sensitive condition.

How does it work?

dermamelan® intimate contains a unique combination of active ingredients with a depigmenting efficacy (1-6) combined with an action on the inflammatory component characterising many hyperpigmentations and a visible improvement in skin quality.

1. The melanogenesis process has a corrective, regulating action, which removes any existing signs of hyperpigmentation and prevents its recurrence.

2. The inflammatory process, works by blocking cyclo-oxygenase (COX), the enzyme which is responsible for the formation of inflammatory mediators such as prostaglandins.

3. By stimulating the renewal of the outermost skin layers, the formation of fresh collagen and elastin are enhanced in the fibroblasts.

Because every Woman is different, your Clinician will discuss the treatment in full detail and adapt its application to suit your individual requirements and goals.

Amazing results

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