Discover Thread Lift Treatments In Liverpool

Discover Thread Lift Treatments In Liverpool

Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we are proud to be a leading clinic for the trending and world’s most effective PDO thread lifts. With this range of aesthetic treatments, our Specialist Doctors and qualified clinicians can achieve lifted skin, define contours, combat sagging skin, reverse signs of ageing and stimulate a rejuvenated complexion. It is not surprising why men and women of all ages are arranging their thread lift procedure.  

This increasingly popular procedure is almost replacing the need for the traditional surgical facelift! Offering a minimally invasive, non-surgical alternative that provides instant lift while stimulating your body’s natural healing process to ensure long-lasting results. As our Specialist Doctors are CQC registered, they have the experience of performing thousands of thread lifts using a variety of surgical threads and techniques. At Aesthetics of Liverpool, you can be confident that you will be looked after and receive exemplary, medical-grade service. So if you are considering a PDO thread lift, please keep reading to learn more about this non-surgical treatment. 

What is a PDO Thread Lift? 

PDO thread lifts are a minimally-invasive treatment where there is no downtime. After you have had an initial consultation with our specialist doctors, the treatment begins by numbing the area with a local anaesthetic before inserting a cannula into the treatment area. Threads are then inserted under the skin using this cannula and tightened, pulling back loose skin to reveal a younger, tighter look. As the threads are inserted into the subcutaneous fat, ageing skin is lifted from deep within the dermis, creating a more mechanical lift.

A further benefit to the PDO thread lift procedure is its ability to stimulate collagen production. Inserting the threads causes the body to think it is undergoing a mild trauma, which accelerates the body’s natural healing process. This process sees the production of collagen protein increase dramatically, allowing the skin to be repaired in its secured lifted position. Once lifted, the skin will not only appear more youthful, as any sagging is lifted, but the increased collagen will help improve the skin’s texture. The skin will appear radiant from the inside out with the added benefit of plumping the collagen, creating a fuller and firmer face. 

What are PDO threads? 

PDO threads are made of a synthetic polymer called polydioxanone (PDO); despite the scientific name, it is extremely safe to be used in the body. PDO thread is often used in major surgeries for suturing due to its non-allergenic properties.

PDO is a protein-based material that naturally biodegrades in the body over 6-8 months. Within the time it takes to break down, the PDO encourages the body to produce its own natural proteins, collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin give the skin its youthful properties improving its texture and appearance. Collagen provides strength, firmness and resilience, while elastin adds elasticity for a fuller, plump feel. Therefore, while the threads hydrolyse, the body’s natural healing process takes over, holding the skin in its new, lifted position.

Popular areas to lift: 

  • Under the chin: double chin
  • Lower face: marionette lines and sagging jowls
  • Midface: nasolabial folds and smile lines 
  • Brow lift: decrease sagging brow and forehead lift

As you can see, the thread lift can dramatically improve the face as a whole to create tighter and toned skin whilst minimising wrinkles and working to restore your youthful glow or contour and define your look. 

PDO thread lift recovery and aftercare

The other benefit of going down the non-surgical route is the minimal downtime involved in the procedure. You may experience minor swelling and bruising for the first couple of days, but you can return to most of your day-to-day routine straight away.  You should avoid rubbing your face as much as possible the week after the procedure to avoid dislodging any threads. 

This PDO thread lift is perfect for those not willing to commit to the surgical option and the recovery process that accompanies this procedure; that’s why this procedure is becoming increasingly popular amongst people of all ages. 

If you are interested in hearing more about PDO thread lifts, please head over to our website to find more information on the services and treatments we offer, or you can book in for your consultation today. Booking for your consultation is the perfect opportunity to ask your doctor any questions and eliminate any worries you may be feeling about the procedure. 

Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we want to help people across the North West of England achieve their dream look, creating younger, firmer skin and restoring lost confidence. Celebrity aesthetic treatments no longer have to be a coveted secret only found in LA. Instead, anyone can undergo our non-surgical thread lift to achieve their youthful look as we aim to bring non-surgical procedures and thread lifts to people across the UK.

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