Dissolve Away Chin Fat With Fat Loss Injections

Dissolve Away Chin Fat With Fat Loss Injections

Double chin fat causes many people insecurity, especially when catching sight of their double chin in the mirror. Unfortunately, submental fat can be extremely challenging to reduce without a helping hand. Those with a double chin or submental fat have an excess layer of fatty tissue under their lower jaw. This can be caused by a range of factors from genetics, age and posture to diet and even weight loss. It is not always a sign of obesity.

However, there is no need to fret about your double chin fat anymore! With our Fat Loss Injections, you can dissolve away your unwanted chin fat safely. Please keep reading to find out more.

What exactly are Fat Loss Injections? 

Fat Loss Injections are a safe, effective treatment that can reduce fat cells in small, exercise-resistant pockets of fat such as the submental region. In addition, this method produces long-lasting results that you can rely on. Benefits range from the fact that it’s a lot less invasive than surgical procedures, it’s fast and effective at producing the results you need, and it’s hassle-free with little to no downtime. So if you’ve been struggling to find the answer to your stubborn double chin fat, there’s no need to look anywhere else!

Suitability is based on conditions such as diabetes, liver or kidney disease, an active skin problem in the treatment area, or whether you’re taking blood-thinning medications like warfarin. Although Fat Loss Injections are not a suitable alternative for natural weight loss, it is perfect for getting to those hard to reach areas that are completely unaffected by exercise. Before going ahead, a detailed consultation will help determine your suitability.

How does this treatment work?

At Aesthetics of Liverpool, we offer Fat Reduction with PPC Injections. These PPC Injections are incredibly effective, making double chins appear smaller and more defined after just one session! Made up of phosphatidylcholine, deoxycholic acid and benzyl alcohol, the solution is injected into the subcutaneous fatty tissue to weaken the cells’ membrane. Unwanted fat is then dissolved into acids which are carried by the blood to the liver and discarded naturally. 

For our AQUALYX treatments, a topical numbing cream is applied to the targeted area just like any other treatment that involves needles. Similar to the PPC Injections, AQUALYX aims to dissolve fat in specific areas where it has built up the most. These Fat Loss Injections feature a specially-formulated compound solution that is administered by our highly skilled doctors and works by breaking down fatty deposits over time. They are then eventually flushed out of the body through the lymphatic system.

What can Fat Loss Injections treat, and how do they achieve it?

Fat Loss Injections are excellent for treating loose or sagging skin, excess fat on the neck, a small or weak chin, a drooping salivary gland, or even a sagging platysma muscle as well. Other areas, like the ankles, chest, knees, stomach and even the thighs, can also be treated. 

Local fat deposits are targeted and treated decisively and with precision. Once your doctor has taken care of the main areas on display, your body will start to contour and be more defined as a result. It lasts so long as you maintain a good, balanced exercise routine after.

This is usually achieved in at least two to three sessions around 6-8 weeks apart. Swelling may occur for 2-6 weeks after your treatment, but that is a drop in the ocean when compared with a surgical procedure. The final result can be noticed in 6-8 weeks, and this result is permanent!

The Before & After Pictures Don’t Lie.

Let’s take AQUALYX as an example of the results on display. As you can tell by the following shots, the treatment has helped create a much more defined jaw for one of our patients:

Aqualyx Before
Aqualyx After

AQUALYX themselves have also produced clinical evidence in the form of Before & After pictures, showing just how much of an impact their product can have on the entire body. Although not specifically the submental region, the fact that the product can have such a positive effect on a bigger surface area hints at the impact it can have on your double chin. Dissolving double chin fat has never been easier. Fat Loss Injections are incredible!

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At Aesthetic of Liverpool, we offer a range of aesthetic treatments to help you put a range of skin complaints behind you. Therefore, we aim to provide you with as much information as possible. Fat Loss Injections is one of our many treatments; however, now you should understand the impact it has on your double chin fat.

If you’re tempted, find out more on our website or contact one of our qualified experts to discuss all of our available options! Alternatively, you can book your consultation appointment today and start your aesthetic journey.

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