Do Thread Lifts Really Work?

Do Thread Lifts Really Work?

Did you know that your skin consists of a combination of different proteins, with collagen making up a third of all the protein in your body? Collagen is a structural protein found within the connective tissue in our bones, muscles, tendons and, of course, our skin. And, it is this protein that provides our skin with its strength, elasticity and structure. Essentially, it is crucial in giving a youthful and firm appearance. 

The problem, however, is that as we age, our bodies gradually begin to produce less and less collagen. As a result, by the time we’re around 70 years old, our skin has reduced in thickness by approximately 80%!

Not only that but there is a wide range of risk factors that increase the likelihood of your body reducing collagen production. These risk factors include a history of sunburn, excessive alcohol use, smoking, frowning, chewing gum, extreme weight loss and many more. It is extremely difficult to avoid them all, and many people feel that they cannot fight the appearance of sagging skin.

But there is a solution. And that solution is in the form of Thread Lift Treatments! To explain how they can help you to look and feel your best, we’ve explained why your collagen production reduces, and how you can’t really prevent it, and how thread lifts can combat the appearance of sagging skin.

What happens as collagen production decreases?

This reduction of collagen in our skin means that our skin’s structural integrity declines. It is this structural decline that means the skin cannot support the tissue beneath. This skin is, therefore,  more vulnerable to gravitational pull, which enables wrinkles to form. For women, their reduction in collagen synthesis is directly linked to the menopause. By the age of 60, a dramatic decline in your collagen levels is entirely normal. 

Until recently, the only way to combat the laxity of your skin was to undergo surgery with a traditional face-lift or, alternatively, attempt to use fillers to smooth the cracks forming across your skin’s surface. Now, however, there is a safer solution to combat sagging – the thread lift procedure.

A thread lift procedure is a non-invasive form of facial rejuvenation, where temporary sutures are used to produce a visibly lifted effect to your skin. Instead of surgically removing any loose skin, sutures are used to pull it back into a raised, more youthful position. In turn, they are lifting and tightening the skin across the face.

Keep reading to find out about the different thread lift treatments we have on offer at Aesthetics of Liverpool. We are a CQC registered clinic, and our thread lift procedures are carried out only by specialist doctors, meaning you are in safe hands during treatment!

How do Thread Lifts really work?

The threads we use are specifically chosen to interact with your face shape and combat your problem areas. This is not only to rejuvenate the skin by increasing collagen and elastin production; but also to mechanically lift your face at targeted locations, leading to a smoother and tighter appearance. As every person is different, during our initial consultation, one of our experienced clinicians will be able to help you find the right thread lift treatment for you.

This is how the procedure works:

  • We identify the target areas and mark out where each thread will be placed.
  • Next, we apply a local anaesthetic to make the procedure completely pain-free.
  • We further insert the chosen threads underneath your skin using a cannula.
  • They are shaped and moulded into place before then being pulled back and tightened.
  • Finally, the threads are trimmed to ensure they are secure and invisible inside your skin.

Which Thread Lifts offer the best results?

At Aesthetics of Liverpool, we only offer the very best aesthetic treatments available and pride ourselves on always providing our clients with an enjoyable experience and incredible results. Below are the three most popular thread lifts that we offer.

Collagen Thread Lift

This is a treatment that encourages the production of collagen to promote facial elasticity and instantly lifted and tightened skin. One of our highly skilled and experienced clinicians simply hooks the skin using special medical-grade surgical threads and essentially pulls the tissue up with them. This specific type of thread lift focuses on encouraging collagen production so that the face also looks plumped and fine lines are smoothed.

MINT Super Thread Lift

Minimal Invasive Non-surgical Threads, also known as MINT Super Threads, are designed to focus on lifting any sagging or loose skin. Inserted underneath the skin, these threads are pulled back and secured to create an instant lifted appearance that lasts. It is a minimally invasive procedure that achieves the desired results with little downtime.

MINT FIX Thread Lift

This treatment is designed with a cogged 360 degree PDO (polydioxanone) dissolvable suture thread. It is particularly effective in rejuvenating the jawline by pulling up the sagging skin tissues. Everyday activities are possible on the day of the non-surgical treatment, and it is an entirely painless procedure.

Who are they suited for?

The versatility of these procedures makes this treatment ideal for any patient between the ages of 30 to 60 years old, presenting with sagging of the facial and neck area. They can also be used on other areas of the body, including underarms and thighs. It is an incredibly versatile and effective treatment.

These procedures are designed for both men and women. As a non-invasive, non-surgical version of a face-lift, we, therefore, recommend this treatment for anybody over the age of 30+ who are looking to knock years off their appearance. For even more dramatic results, you can even combine this procedure with other treatments!

Areas that can be subsequently treated with Thread Lifts include:

  • Under chin – sagging jowls, double chins, and sagging or wrinkled necks.
  • Lower face – marionette lines and wrinkles.
  • Midface  – nasolabial folds and smile lines.
  • Brow lift – improving sagging eyelids and foreheads.

What results should you expect?

After the Collagen Thread Lift, you will experience no side effects or scarring. You should try not to disturb the treated area of the skin in any way, as you will obtain the best results when it is fully healed.

You should instantly notice the lifting effect which is associated with the Collagen Thread Lift. But what’s better is your skin will also look plumper and continue to improve further over the upcoming weeks and months as more collagen is produced.

Once again, after the MINT Super Thread Lift & MINT FIX Thread Lift, you will immediately notice that your skin looks lifted, firmer, tighter and younger-looking, and there will be virtually no scars post-procedure. There are further improvements over the course of several weeks and months, and there is minimal downtime required.

If you want a non-invasive way of creating a more defined jaw, tighter skin and a younger, smoother appearance, thread lifts are a brilliant treatment for long-lasting results.

If you are looking for thread lift treatments in Liverpool and would like to learn more, please call 0151 203 1393! No matter where you are, whether it’s the North East, the Midlands, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or even the South! You are always welcome to come and visit.

We will be more than happy to invite you in for a consultation to answer any queries or concerns you may have and ensure that a thread lift is the best treatment for you. We are CQC registered, and our thread lift treatments are only carried out by specialist doctors.

Visit our website to find out more info on these industry-leading treatments.

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