Does Plexr Work for Eyebags and Hooded Eyes?

Does Plexr Work For Eyebags And Hooded Eyes?

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Almost all of us suffer from eye bags, hooded eyes or rhytides; whether that’s due to a lack of sleep, it being hereditary or as a consequence of ageing. Although this drooping effect to the area of the eye is entirely natural, it is also very unappealing. One question that we tend to get asked at our Liverpool clinic is whether Plexr is an excellent solution to reducing the appearance of eye bags, hooded eyes and rhytides.

If this relates to you, we are here to bring you the answer in today’s blog post. Although this new treatment that flooded the UK has been known to give the same results of going under a knife in a blepharoplasty, without the invasion and downtime, is it really the best option for your hooded eyes and bags? Continue reading this post, and we will get to the bottom of Plexr so that you can decide on whether it is the right treatment for you.

How Does PLEXR Work?

To start, let’s run through the process of PLEXR. PLEXR, A.K.A. Plasma Soft Surgery, uses plasma to transform the superficial skin cells into a gas. By ionising gases in the air in order to create a small electrical surge, it can target the problem area without damaging the surrounding areas. By the creation of plasma from gas molecules, the energy is able to contract the skin fibres, causing them to lift.

The PLEXR treatment carries only days of downtime, as opposed to the weeks that come hand in hand with a blepharoplasty. And what’s better is the results of Plasma Soft Surgery; from as little as three weeks, the non-invasive treatment is able to give a flawless look of less overhang of skin and a tighter, smoother aesthetic. Optimum results may take numerous treatments with appropriate intervals.

The Side Effects of PLEXR

Like with any aesthetic treatment, there are side effects involved with PLEXR. However, these side effects are very minor, and could be but are not limited to swelling, crusting of carbon deposits, tenderness, weeping and scarring. As PLEXR is such a safe procedure, this should not cloud your judgement of it. 

Also, these side effects mostly do not become apparent until after a few days after the procedure. First, swelling may begin the following day, but the scabs start to form when the body begins its natural healing process after the fifth day. The crusts should be left alone so that the wounds are not tampered with.

Although the procedure is suitable for the majority of skin types, we do recommend that if you have very dark skin, you don’t have PLEXR because it can affect your skin’s pigmentation.

Do We Recommend PLEXR for Your Hooded Eyes and Bags?

Although there are several treatments that are designed to reduce the appearance of excess skin around the eyelids, we stand by PLEXR as being one of the most effective. PLEXR comes with its side effects, but this nonsurgical solution to removing hooded eyes and bags has finally answered our prayers, and what’s better is its fantastic results are permanent.

Are you looking for PLEXR in Liverpool? Book yourself in for a consultation with one of our highly experienced and qualified clinicians who will run through every last detail with you on this modern procedure. You will also have your skin assessed to determine if this is the right treatment for you; we make it our mission to provide each and every client with the procedure that’s going to meet their desired results.

Contact us here at Aesthetics of Liverpool today on 0151 203 1393 or visit our website for more details on this treatment and our many others that’ll be sure to deliver you with beautiful skin. 

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