Endolift And Jawlines With Our New Laser Treatment

Endolift And Jawlines With Our New Laser Treatment

When looking at pictures of celebrities with perfect jawlines, we may think that it’s impossible to achieve their surgically-sculpted defined jawlines. But, here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, there is now an easier and less invasive way to get a more defined jawline?

We are introducing our Endolift laser treatment – the revolutionary new skin tightening treatment with minimal downtime and a non-surgical way to sculpt your jaw. 

Why should you have a strong jawline?

No one wants a weak jawline. However, if sagging skin has developed on the lower half of your face, particularly creating jowls, you may feel your confidence has slumped too. Whether prematurely or not, your face is showing signs of ageing as your skin naturally becomes thinner, losing its elasticity. With the help of Endolift, you’ll start to look a lot younger and healthier – as well as being even more attractive than you already are (trust us!).

Impressing others is one thing, but impressing yourself is another. Physical appearance and self-esteem are often closely linked. By simply looking in the mirror, all of us can pick out imperfections and be unhappy about them to some extent. Therefore, if we do our best to work on these ‘imperfections,’ so to speak, then we can improve our self-confidence massively. 

That’s exactly why a treatment like Endolift exists – it can help you achieve a strong jawline, filling you with the confidence to live your best life! So you can say goodbye to all your jawline exercises and achieve dramatic results with ease. 

How can Endolift laser treatment help improve sagging skin?

As the name implies, Endolift is a type of facelift procedure – but it does not require surgery. Instead, the laser energy creates micro-tunnels oriented along the anti-gravitational vectors, granting an immediate, visible lifting effect and giving the jawline that sharp definition we all want.

The loss in collagen – a protein that makes up the connective tissue in your body – and elastin – another connective tissue protein that lets your skin return to normal shape – happens because of our genetics, age and environmental/lifestyle choices. Endolift aims to help stimulate collagen and elastin production to rejuvenate your skin and restore its structural integrity. With tighter and firmer properties, your skin can once again support a defined jaw. 

The main goal of Endolift is to promote skin tightening, after all. Endolift is used to remodel the deep and superficial layers of the skin while also promoting skin tightening, essentially activating the neo-collagenases and metabolic functions in the extracellular matrix. 

Endolift laser treatment aims to melt the water and fat within the dermis.

Why should you look to this new treatment for help?

For those who are conscious of ageing signs in their skin, Endolift is the treatment for you. Results are achieved immediately, and you’ll notice a difference over time as it’s long-lasting. Sagging skin won’t be a problem for you either, and your self-confidence will therefore rise.

It’s incredibly effective in producing fantastic looking results and ensuring all our customers are satisfied when leaving the clinic after a procedure. The downtime is kept to a minimum – you’ll be able to get up and go straight back to your life like it was just a nice, normal day! Also, the fact that you don’t need any anaesthesia means that the treatment is safe.

Everything is tailored to the customer when it comes to Endolift; there’s no need to be an outpatient during this either, and it can be combined with other treatments for significant effect. 

Overall, it’s an ideal treatment for everyone!

How does the Endolift process work, and why choose Aesthetics of Liverpool?

Firstly, we can apply numbing cream if you request it. However, as this treatment is minimally invasive and relatively harmless, you will not be in any real pain whatsoever.

Then we will insert the specific single-use micro-optical fibres under your skin and into the superficial hypodermis (the tissue under the skin). Endolift lasers will melt the fat and water away from the targeted area, and your skin will immediately retract and then tighten in response. Depending on the number of areas we need to target, the time it takes from patient to patient will vary – but it isn’t a lengthy procedure either way. 

Lastly, Aesthetics of Liverpool is a fully recognised clinic offering Endolift laser treatment. Our doctors are professionally trained and able to fully administer all types of treatments, so if you live in or near Liverpool, you can rest assured that we are the right clinic for you.

Book your appointment with Aesthetics of Liverpool today!

At Aesthetics of Liverpool, we want to provide you with as much knowledge as possible regarding all of our treatments so you can make the best decision for you. Endolift is one such treatment we offer that provides terrific results without the stress!

So, like what you hear? Then get in touch with one of our qualified experts to discuss all of our available options! Or you can head over to our website and book your consultation appointment – we can’t wait to welcome you into our family here at Aesthetics of Liverpool!

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