Everything That You Need to Know About ProSculpt

Everything That You Need To Know About Prosculpt

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What is ProSculpt? This is the question on many people’s mind after this innovative treatment blew onto the UK aesthetics scene with no warning. All of a sudden people are ditching their 6-day intense gym routines and gaining abs through the easy way. But, what is the easy way? You may have heard of EmSculpt before, a treatment very similar to ProSculpt. However, ProSculpt is the latest advancement in non-invasive aesthetics that will give you groundbreaking results – much better than EmSculpt! This effective treatment is focused on not only toning your body, but building muscle in a unique way never seen in the aesthetics industry before.

Hopefully, after reading this blog you will understand more about what makes this treatment fantastic in toning the body and reducing body fat. So, please keep reading to learn the ins and outs of ProSculpt and why it should be the treatment at the top of your list if you are looking for ways to firm your muscles and reduce body fat.

What is ProSculpt?

ProSculpt is an FDA approved, non-invasive, electromagnetic procedure designed to eliminate fat cells and tighten and build the muscles in your body. Toning the body is one thing, but actually developing the muscle for a longer-lasting toned appearance is unique. ProSculpt utilised electromagnetic technology to do this, helping you gain the body shape you have always desired. It is a state of the art body contouring machine that is unique to the industry when it comes to fat burning and building muscle mass. 

It can be used to lose fat and define muscles on your abdomen and buttocks, but it can also be used to strengthen, firm and tone arms and calves. This impressive piece of technology can do more wonders for your body than a gym or personal trainer can.

How Does ProSculpt Work?

While this may sound too good to be true, ProScuplt’s sole purpose is to firm specific areas by upping muscle mass! To achieve this, the treatment uses High Intensity, Focused Electro-Magnetic energy (HIFEM) to induce ultra-intense contractions called supramaximal contractions. In only one half-hour treatment these contractions can equate to 36,000 sit-ups or squats – much more than the 20,000 in EmSculpt, making ProSculpt the preferable treatment for outstanding results.

The process triggers the muscles to grow, developing the inner structure of the muscle fibres, toning and strengthening the abdomen, buttocks, legs and arms. The impact the treatment has on the muscles generates an increased level of demand on the body’s energy. This encourages a process called Apoptosis, which permanently destroys fat cells, allowing the newly toned muscles to show through. 

How Does ProSculpt Feel?

The ProSculpt procedure is totally non-invasive, meaning no needles or knives are needed to achieve your dream body. So pain is non-existent and discomfort is minimal. Some clients may feel a tingly sensation much like an extremely powerful vibration. This can also mean it tickles slightly, causing some clients to laugh. However as the treatment goes on, your body and muscles adjust to the flow of supramaximal contractions. What’s more, the treatment has next to no recovery time so you are able to drive home straight after you finish the treatment and carry on with your daily tasks as usual.

Who Does ProSculpt Work For?

ProSculpt is the perfect solution for clients suffering from several problem areas. It can be used to define and lift your buttocks, tighten your abs or strengthen and firm your arms and calves. The ProSculpt treatment is perfect for anyone wishing to improve the contour of their figure by increasing tone and strength with the core muscles. 

The treatment is totally unique in its ability to build muscles, helping bring more shape to your figure. As it induces more intense and powerful contractions than EmSculpt, ProSculpt really is more suitable for clients looking for transformative results! However, the treatment is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding or has a medical implant such as a pacemaker or cardiac defibrillator. 

How Long Does ProSculpt Last?

The results can often be seen immediately after the first treatment, with continued improvement as the treatment course progresses. You’ll be able to see clearer results after approximately 2-4 weeks from your final ProSculpt session. And, as the weeks go by they will become more noticeable as the results continue to improve 3-6 months following your bespoke treatment plan as a result of the body getting rid of the dead fat cells.

With ProSculpt’s proven ability to increase metabolism and kill a percentage of fat cells, the elimination of fat cells is permanent. However, whilst the increase in muscle mass can last about a year, it is still technically not permanent unless you eat clean and continue a good workout regimen. 

Are you all clued up on ProSculpt? This is a beneficial treatment if you want to tone and tighten the muscles in your abdomen and buttocks, but also if you want to strengthen and firm the muscles in your arms and calves. With more outstanding results than EmSculpt, it’s the perfect way to get the body you’ve always wanted without invasive surgery.

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