FORMA: The all-new skin tightening treatment at Aesthetics of Liverpool

FORMA: The All-New Skin Tightening Treatment At Aesthetics Of Liverpool

Are you tired of looking back at pictures of when your skin was plump and radiant? If you want to tighten up your skin effectively but don’t want the ordeal of invasive intervention, then this treatment is for you. With celebrities clogging up our feeds with the latest trends, it can be hard to keep up with what treatments actually work best for our skin. However, FORMA is the treatment that’s got everyone talking, and it’s no wonder why it’s the number one skin treatment. This treatment is better known as the ‘non-surgical facelift’, and with the procedure lasting only half an hour, you can schedule it in on your lunch break, returning to the office revitalised and refreshed. No longer are these sorts of aesthetic treatments exclusive to LA celebrities. Instead, you can receive this skin tightening, non-surgical facelift right here in Liverpool!

As we enter our twenties and thirties, our collagen production levels drop significantly, making the skin more susceptible to wrinkles, sun damage and sagging skin. As well as this, our skin starts producing less hyaluronic acid and nutrients for the skin; FORMA can counteract all of this by stimulating cell reproduction and generating healthier, happier skin. 

People of all ages are visiting us to receive FORMA treatment from their early 20s to 80s! Younger people love the smoothing and defining effect, whereas more mature clients love the effective treatment of advanced skin problems. 

How it works

FORMA is a skin and tissue remodelling technology equipped with a subdermal heating applicator. Radiofrequency travels via electrodes to deliver a non-invasive and pain-free treatment, which increases collagen production, effectively lifting, tightening and sculpting the area, creating a more defined and brighter face. 

The energy gradually heats the dermal layer, where all our collagen bonds reside. Although the heating of the dermal layer will cause a small number of micro-injuries to occur, the skin then reacts as if it is injured and starts to restore the heated tissue, building new collagen bonds. These collagen bonds are responsible for the tightening and toning of the skin. 

How this treatment is used: 

  • Browline 
  • Crows feet 
  • Jowls 
  • Upper and lower eyelids
  • Lines around lips 
  • Other wrinkles 
  • Arms 
  • Abdomen 
  • Inner and outer thigh 

As you can see, the wonder of FORMA is an effective treatment for many insecurities you may be feeling and have felt for a long time. If you’re struggling to see the results you want from skincare and other self-care regimes, it may be time to treat yourself to FORMA to help you feel more confident! FORMA can also be used alongside other treatments. For example, suppose you’ve received previous treatments such as Dermal fillers and facials. In that case, FORMA won’t negatively affect them, meaning anyone can receive FORMA no matter their skin type or previous history with aesthetic treatments. 

The benefits of FORMA 

  • It makes a noticeable difference! Unlike over the counter skin products, which only promise to deliver the kind of results FORMA achieves.
  • It treats multiple issues. Even if you only want FORMA to treat wrinkles, it will also provide an overall boost in brightness for your skin due to the production of collagen. 
  • Completely non-invasive, for those of you who want the results but can’t get past the thought of needles.
  • You can have it anytime! So book in for a consultation today, and you can begin your journey to a glowing face in no time. 
  • Pain-free! The temperature auto-regulates itself, ensuring maximum comfort for the user. 

The Results

So we already know the procedure is super quick, with an appointment lasting only thirty minutes! Around five sessions are recommended initially, although this recommendation changes depending on your skin type and baseline. Since the radio frequency is very gentle, you can schedule your sessions only a week apart, unlike many other treatments, which require more extended intervals. 

Now we know you’re probably wondering ‘how long will the results last?’, and honestly, it does depend on your unique skin type; however, treatment can last for several years. Most people continue to receive treatment at less frequent intervals, and receiving treatment once a month is an excellent way of supplementing your at-home skincare and topping up those collagen levels. 

Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we are excited to provide FORMA treatments, ensuring that you look your best at all times and become more confident and comfortable in your skin!  If you like the sound of younger-looking, tighter skin. Then call us today at  0151 203 1393 to book in for your consultation to achieve the best results for your skin. 

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