Unwanted Hair Treatments- Do you feel tangled?

Hair Treatments – Do You Feel Tangled?

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As humans, it is only natural that we are covered in hair. We have about 5 million hair follicles which is equivalent to a chimpanzee! Even so, most of our hair is either completely invisible or very fine. However, even though this is the case for the average person, some individuals suffer from growing an excessive amount of hair which can be very dark and course. This is a condition called Hirsutism and one in ten women are affected by it.

What is Hirsutism?

Hirsutism is not the same as just having a lot of hair. It means having excess hair in certain areas of the body, and it is typically seen on men; excessive hair can grow on their face and lower abdomen. In terms of the ladies, even though they all have facial and body hair, it is not usually as dark and thick as men’s hair. But due to this condition, the growth pattern of Hirsutism in women is associated with virilisation; women with this condition have characteristics that are commonly associated with male hormones.

What Causes Hirsutism?

Genetics is an essential factor in the thickness and colour of our hair, as well as the amounts that we have. For example, women from many areas of the world, including the Middle East, have darker facial and body hair. This is perfectly normal. It is only excessive amounts of hair in areas where hair shouldn’t normally grow for women when it is classed as Hirsutism. Here are some of the causes of Hirsutism in women:

Polycystic ovary syndrome – In many cases, PCOS is the reason for Hirsutism. PCOS is often associated with irregular menstrual cycles, acne, obesity, infertility and an increased risk of diabetes and osteoporosis. One in nine women with Hirsutism also has PCOS. If this is something you are concerned about, it is worth seeking out medical advice.

Certain medicines – Your body may be finding it difficult to adjust to new medication, such as steroids.  

Tumour – You may have a tumour which is having an impact on your hormone levels. This is in rare cases, but nonetheless, should be considered.

These are just a few suggestions of how Hirsutism can be caused, but sometimes there may not be any apparent cause.

The Symptoms of Hirsutism

The symptoms of this hair condition will depend on the underlying cause, but we can give you a few examples of what to look out for:

– Irregular or absent menstrual cycles

– Fatigue

– Mood changes

– Infertility

– Pelvic pain

– Headaches

– Sleep problems

– Hair loss on the top of the scalp (following the pattern of male baldness)

Hirsutism or Hypertrichosis?

Hirsutism is not the same as hypertrichosis. Hypertrichosis refers to excess hair in areas that aren’t dependent on androgens. Hirsutism is excess hair in areas where it is typically seen in men. Hypertrichosis, on the other hand, can be an increased amount of hair anywhere on the body.

Natural Remedies for Hirsutism

Spearmint Tea – Drinking spearmint tea twice a day can lower the body’s androgen levels, decreasing the growth of unwanted facial hair.

Sugar and Lemon Facemask – You should apply a mixture of cooked sugar, lemon juice and water to the area that the unwanted hair has grown on. The sugar will exfoliate and stick to the hairs, ensuring that there is no damage to the skin once the hairs are ripped out. The lemon then breaches any remaining hair. 

Egg White Mask – The egg white mask is sticky, so it will effectively pull away any hairs when peeled off. Not only that, but it does a great job at nourishing the skin.

Unwanted Hair Treatments- Laser Hair Removal

Laser light, in terms of medical purposes, has been used for many years and is one of the most effective ways of treating unwanted hair. It is a method of gently removing unwanted hair and is medically proven to reduce hair growth dramatically. Laser hair removal works by undergoing a process called Photothermolysis; this is where light and heat work together to destroy a target. Brief pulses of light energy are emitted into the roots which are then absorbed by the melanin in the hair. The hair follicle will then overheat. The heat damages both the hair follicle and bulb, therefore inhibiting future hair growth.

What are the results of laser hair removal?

Just like with any treatment, the results will vary depending on the client. Some clients do not see results straight away (however, some do), as many find it most effective after their fourth treatment. The treatment will begin on a low setting, and increase on intensity with each session- this is the best way to achieve optimal results. 

Please consider that there are no treatments which will permanently remove unwanted hair. However, laser hair removal will provide a permanent reduction in growth. Laser hair removal is one of the most effective solutions for hair removal; it targets the individual follicles, being administered through a course of treatments.

Unwanted Hair Treatments in Liverpool

Whether your excess hair is the cause of a condition or not, we understand how this can affect your daily life which is why we will make it our mission to work alongside you to drastically reduce the amount of unwanted hair on your boy by administering an unwanted hair treatment to suit you.

Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, our team is made up of highly experienced, leading professionals that will do the utmost in finding a solution to your unwanted hair, while also supporting and reassuring you throughout your time with us. We will design a treatment route that is personalised entirely to you, ensuring that you are comfortable with every step that we plan to take. We want to listen to your concerns, as well as get you feeling like the best version of yourself. Book your consultation today through our website or by calling 01512 031393.

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