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HIFU: “The Non-Surgical Face Lift” Explained

Ultherapy, which is also known as HIFU, is one of the most popular procedures for anti-ageing purposes. Its nickname is “The Non-Surgical Face Lift” which is not only very appealing to individuals who desire youthful skin, but it’s also very fitting! This highly esteemed method of achieving younger-looking skin is able to renew collagen which is the main reason that our skin stays looking plump and succulent, and it is also able to rejuvenate the skin so you can say goodbye to those wrinkles! 

What’s All The Hype For? 

We believe this astounding procedure that lasts anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated, is one of the most effective practices to obtain a fresh and youthful face. It works by shooting high-intensity volts of ultrasound to the deepest layers of skin, which then causes injury to stimulate the skin’s process of healing; this promotes the production of collagen. Although the practice is non-surgical, the results aren’t always noticeable immediately, on most occasions, they are gradually seen over 2-3 months; which is great for seeing the stages of the transformation. 

However, even though you might only see the results after three months, the improvements continue for up to six months as the collagen is gradually being produced. After the six months, you will be left with tighter skin that has a glowing complexion! 

The Ins and Outs of Ultherapy HIFU 

HIFU is completely safe as ultrasound is used in various medical procedures every day. While it takes place, HIFU is known to sometimes be slightly uncomfortable due to the heat the device produces. However, most clients report very little discomfort; the level of discomfort shouldn’t last very long at all, but it is dependent on the settings of the device that’ll work best for your skin’s needs and how sensitive your skin is. HIFU is recommended to clients over the age of 30 because it’s designed to restore youth and help aged areas be replenished. 

In terms of side effects, they are minor being that this is a non-surgical procedure, but with every treatment, there will be some effects, and for HIFU, these consist of a slight ache on the treated areas, an ache or prickling on areas that involve a bone, redness and some slight tingling. Again, these are all temporary, so there is nothing to worry about with Ultherapy! 

All in all, the clinical team here will give you an experience that you will be left thrilled with as we strive to deliver customer service and treatments like no other. If you are interested in Ultherapy, please call 0151 203 1393, and you will be asked to pop in for a consultation. 

This gives you an opportunity where you can ask us any questions and let us know of any concerns that you may have; we will then move onto talk you through the treatment so that we can make sure it’s right for you and the results you desire. The consultation is then followed by us booking you in for your very own treatment! 

We aim to give everybody a chance at having skin they feel good in, and we won’t stop at you. Are you interested in Ultherapy or maybe you’d like to find out more about it? Then head over to our website for more details or if you’d like to chat to one of our friendly and helpful team, call us on 0151 203 1393. 

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