How To Gain New Collagen

How To Gain New Collagen

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As we age, the production of our natural collagen slows down. In our youthful years, our skin stays supple, smooth and tight from elastin and collagen, two vital proteins found in our skin and body tissue. Collagen loss is inevitable due to the ageing process; in fact, our collagen starts to decline at the young age of 25 and worsens for women who are going through menopause.

Ageing isn’t the only culprit of the loss of natural collagen either; our collagen production can begin to deteriorate from environmental factors such as pollution, and unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking, excessive sugar consumption and over-exposure to UV rays. 

When our collagen production decreases, our skin begins to lose its form. As a result, wrinkles, fine lines and sagging form, changing the look and feel of our skin, whether that’s on the face or body. 

If you’re looking for collagen treatments to suit you, there are plenty to choose from, from home remedies to aesthetic procedures that can stimulate the production of new collagen. Continue reading to explore the different ways that you can effectively encourage collagen growth at home or in our clinic.

Collagen Treatments at Home 

It might come as a surprise that as early as 24 years old, you should be implementing an anti-ageing skincare routine. Starting early allows you to prevent ageing signs rather than trying to tackle them later on in life. Collagen supplements and collagen creams are both ways in which you can keep the skin hydrated and plump by reducing the loss of water to the skin’s surface. 

Although supplements and creams are great for keeping the skin soft, they do not penetrate the skin to leave a permanent effect on one’s collagen levels. Non-surgical and non-invasive aesthetic treatments can effectively reignite the skin with new collagen and reverse the effects of collagen breakdown to give the surface a smooth, tight finish.

Aesthetic Collagen Treatments

Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we have a wide range of treatments that promote the production of new collagen. From Radio Frequency for Skin Tightening to our new and highly popular MINT Super Thread Lift. For a closer look at our full range, head over to our website

Today, we are going to look at one treatment in particular – the SkinPen for Collagen Induction Therapy. The Skin Pen, also known as Precision Lift, is the world’s leading aesthetic treatment which has been highly raved about by esteemed dermatologists, surgeons and professionals in the medical industry, due to its effectiveness.

Skin Pen Collagen Treatment

This treatment works to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, blemishes and scars so that people can gain back their lost confidence back. Not to mention, both genders and any skin tone or condition can be treated with the Skin Pen, making this a reliable and impressive solution for everybody. 

The procedure is completed using a medically-assured micro-needling device which ‘micro’ punctures the underlayer of the skin each second. The FDA approved device works at 98K RPMs, allowing it to stimulate the production of new collagen. It can produce more proteins without causing damage to the surrounding areas from it being so precise. It’s a safe and impressive way of gaining back youthful-looking skin.

What Are The Results of The Skin Pen?

The device works at a variable depth of 25 to 5mm, and with its cordless design, is able to treat most areas of the body, including the face, back, chest and arms. In just 30 minutes, depending on the area being treated and its condition, you will be left with supple, tight and smooth skin that’ll only improve as the days pass.

As The Skin Pen is non-invasive, you will be able to continue your day as planned post-procedure. This treatment’s main priority is to rejuvenate the skin to improve its appearance. So, you should be expecting clear skin which has dramatically turned back the clock on the ageing process from its outstanding tightening effects.

Are you looking for collagen treatments in Liverpool? Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we have a wide range of treatments that you can choose from to reinforce younger-looking skin. To have a gander at our full range, visit our website. If you’re interested in the Skin Pen for collagen induction therapy, feel free to book a consultation with us today!

Upon arrival, we will give you the full details of your options, as well as your preferred treatment. You will also be able to voice any concerns that you may have, and our team will ensure that you feel happy and comfortable throughout your visit with us.

We will also need to assess your skin so that we can ensure that the treatment going head is ideal to give you the best chances at achieving your desired results. If you want to book your consultation with us today, contact us on 0151 203 1393, and we will look forward to joining you on your journey to beautiful and youthful skin.

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