Contouring Treatments: How to Rid of Your Double Chin

Contouring Treatments: How To Rid Of Your Double Chin

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One pressing imperfection, whether you are/have been previously overweight or not, is a double chin. That’s not the only way you can form one either- genetics or as a result of ageing are both prominent causes, too. This being said, it doesn’t come as a surprise that we get approached by so many clients who are after that chiselled jawline, due to their excess chin.

This submental fat is one of the most stubborn areas to lose when losing weight naturally, which is why people have to take further action so that they are left with emphasis on their facial shape. We have the usual double chin surgery, whether that be Liposuction or a Face Lift that give excellent results, but do come hand in hand with lengthy downtime and a high risk of side effects. Then, we have the chin exercises that can be performed at home, but how long would you have to keep those up for, we wonder?

Although both have been said to accomplish a reduced double chin, we guarantee that our solutions will appeal to you so much more. Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we have a vast range of contouring treatments that’ll be sure to banish the sag under your chin, leaving you with definition and structure without going under the knife! That’s right, all of our treatments are non-invasive, meaning next to no downtime, and a much lesser risk of side effects. 

Continue reading this blog post for our recommended treatments that target the looser skin found under your chin so that you can determine which would suit you, and your preferred results.

  1. Chin Freeze

Chin Freeze, also known as Cryolipolysis, is one of our most prestigious contouring treatments at our clinic. What happens during the procedure is a specialised Cryolipolysis device is placed onto your chin, leaving your fat cells exposed to a precise cold temperature. The fat cells are not able to cope at such a degree, so they subsequently die; then, all that happens next is your body naturally flushing the cells out.

The results for this procedure are phenomenal, especially as it triggers the natural fat removal process that continues to work it’s magic for several months post-treatment. With visible results after 8-12 weeks when all of the fat cells have been flushed, Chin Freeze destroys between 20-40% of all fat cells in the problem area, naturally. What’s better, these results continue to improve for up to 6 months – leaving you with a visible structure to your face, as well as rejuvenated skin!

  1. HIFU for a Double Chin

This latest technology is able to accomplish results that have never been seen before. What it does is use High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to target the problem areas of the skin- penetrating the fatty tissue without causing damage to the surrounding areas. By delivering a 24 line matrix of focused energy 1.3 cm into the layers of the skin, the heat delivered to the tissue ensures that the fat cells are broken down. 

This is also a highly effective treatment for collagen renewal; meaning not only will you be left with more confidence from a reduced double chin, but you will also have glowing, smooth skin too. Results are even seen after just one session!

  1. Radio Frequency for a Double Chin

Lastly, we have Radio Frequency; this contouring treatment is designed to tighten the skin using radio frequency to penetrate the epidermis; heating it to around 45 degrees. By heating up the problem area, collagen fibres contract- thus, causing new production of both collagen and elastin proteins. 

From the fatty tissue being heated up, the skin automatically tightens and firms in that area- giving you that gorgeous chiselled look. This jawline treatment’s results can be seen after the first session, but a course of 6-8 treatments is recommended for optimum results. 

  1. PPC Injections for a Double Chin

This injectable treatment essentially works to burn excess fat; a Phosphatidylcholine, Deoxycholic Acid & Benzylalcohol based solution is injected into the chin using a very fine needle. This weakens the fat cells, leading them to rupture and release further enzymes. A quick, easy solution for definition and smoothness! 

  1. Cavitation for a Double Chin

Cavitation uses ultrasound technology to eliminate fat; the sound waves put pressure on the cells at a degree that they cannot cope in. Being louder than what the human ear can hear, it heats up the excess fat found under the jaw until it causes trauma to the area; initiating the body’s natural healing process. 

During healing, not only are the fat cells broken down, but new collagen is produced, meaning your jaw will not only be defined, but it’ll be plump and smooth, too! This whole process is done without causing damage to any surrounding tissues, as well as with little downtime and minimal risk of side effects. We recommend a course of 6-8 treatments for optimum results! 

Contouring Treatments in Liverpool

Are any of these contouring treatments speaking to you? Or are you unsure? Call us today on 0151 203 1393 and book in for your consultation! Here, we can get to the bottom of what treatment would work best for you and your skin so that you have the best chances at receiving exceptional results. 

You will also be able to address any of your concerns, as well as undergo a skin assessment; we design each and every one of our clients a bespoke treatment plan that is tailored to them only, giving us the knowledge and power to deliver them with their desired outcome.

In the meantime, head over to our website for our full treatment menu. No matter what is causing your confidence to flop, we will have a solution. Our experienced and passionate team will be able to help you find the right treatment plan for the best possible results, all while giving you an insight into the procedure, so you feel prepared, confident and excited for a refreshed look.

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