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Is Fat Freezing The New Liposuction?

Are you in the midst of losing weight, have already lost weight or just have a few problem areas that are very stubborn and nearly impossible to get rid of no matter what you do? Then you have come to the right place! Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool we can provide you with our very popular and non-surgical procedure Fat Freeze.

Even though its name gets straight to the point, we are still going to tell you everything you need to know about our celebrity-loved treatment that is very hard to fault; starting with the procedure itself.

What Is Fat Freeze?

Fat Freeze’s scientific name is Cryolipolysis; a completely non-invasive treatment compared to procedures such as Liposuction, which gets rid of those annoying areas of your body that your fat just won’t leave. These areas are specifically targeted with Cryolipolysis to help you lose weight and tone up; how is this done you may ask?

The treatment begins by using a vacuum suction cup that is placed on the problem area that you want to relinquish. Once the cup has been attached, a precise cooling technique is applied which is below body temperature, meaning the fat cells are exposed and then killed. As fat cells are very weak, they cannot survive at these temperatures, so they leave the body through the lymphatic system, removing toxins also. The treatment only lasts around an hour, so it is an in and out jobby!

Some of the areas that can be treated with Fat Freezing are Flanks (AKA love handles), inner thighs and the double chin. We aren’t promoting a procedure to better you; we are promoting a procedure that we can confidently say will make you feel better about yourself if you only have the odd stubborn areas that you can’t transform yourself and that are getting you down. 

This process may sound uncomfortable and one that also leads to an aftermath of pain, but you’ll be happy to know that this isn’t the case. Although it won’t be as relaxing as a hot bubble bath, it doesn’t leave you with scars or any of the risks that you may incur through surgery. 

Obviously, with any procedure, you will be taking risks, but for Fat Freezing, there are only minimal ones such as numbness, redness and bruising, meaning that you can still go out for drinks with the girls that night or go straight back to work! Most of these risks will only last up to a few days, but it has been known that in rare cases, the numbness can last up to eight weeks.

The Benefits of Cryolipolysis

It is unsettling how many women have low self-esteem because of parts of their body that they find hard to change through a healthy diet and exercise, so we have found the answer to getting rid of these little pockets of self-loathing very quickly and at a very affordable price.

One benefit which may be very attractive for you is that the treatment is entirely natural- it uses a process that is known as apoptosis, which means it eliminates all cells without releasing harmful substances. After this process is undergone, the cells are naturally cleaned within your body, which stimulates a natural fat remover that continues for several months after your procedure. 

There is no recovery period! As briefly stated before, we understand the downtime after a surgical procedure can be very long and painful so we are delighted that we can provide you with this fat freezing treatment that allows you to carry on with your day as planned. 

This also ties in with the fact there are no dietary requirements necessary after the treatment; however, we do recommend a healthy diet for the aftercare so that you are given optimum results. On that note, drink plenty of water too!

Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we pride ourselves in giving each and every client a service that is catered to each individual’s needs. Meaning our service consists of a consultation so that we can be sure the treatment you are interested in is suited to your desired results and so that you can ask us any questions that you may have. 

If you’re interested in our Fat Freezing treatment or any of our other fat reducing procedures we offer here at Aesthetics of Liverpool then please go ahead and check out our website for more details or contact us on 01512 031393 to speak to one of our friendly team members.

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