New Endolift: The World-Class Skin Tightening Treatment For Your Lower Face

As we get older, the lower half of our face – particularly the jowls – will sadly start to sag. However, unfortunately, it is not only our natural ageing process that can accentuate this condition. Our lower face can also begin to sag from constantly using our phones, consuming fatty foods, unsettling our hormone balance, and even drastically losing weight.

For many, it can be disheartening looking in the mirror when there are so many factors at play. Fortunately, we are excited to introduce our new and revolutionary treatment.

Introducing New Endolift – The World-Class Skin Tightening Treatment for your Lower Face!

What is Endolift? 

Endolift is a ‘minimally invasive interstitial laser lifting treatment.’ Unlike other aesthetic laser treatments, Endolift is applied at a specific wavelength of 1470nm. Essentially, this means that it’s used at a safe distance as a non-invasive, laser-based liposuction treatment. Put simply; this means that it does not damage the skin in any way.

The goal of Endolift is to tighten the skin. By retracting and reducing the skin’s laxity, Endolift can activate the neo-collagenases and metabolic functions in the extracellular matrix. So, in a sense, Endolift is basically used to change and enhance the skin cells (reversing the effects of sagging skin).

Laser beams used in the treatment act as a light that targets two of our bodies’ main stores – water and fat. Once these two leading causes of sagging skin are removed, you’ll end up seeing considerable differences in your lower face in no time whatsoever.

In addition, Endolift is approved for usage in both the USA and UK as well! We are so proud to be one of the first UK clinics to offer this ground-breaking laser treatment.  

So, how does Endolift treatment work?

According to Endolift themselves, the treatment uses specific single-use micro-optical fibres that are inserted under the skin and into the superficial hypodermis (the tissue under the skin). This is minimally invasive as the process does not require any incisions or anaesthesia whatsoever.

Next, Endolift lasers are used to melt the fat away where targeted. When exposed, the skin immediately retracts, not so much as to cause noticeable differences right away. But in succession, this ends up taking its toll, and your skin will be noticeably tighter on inspection.

The time it takes to complete the treatment depends on how many parts of the face are targeted, but it can be as low as 5 minutes for one part of the face and up to 30 minutes in total. At the end of the treatment, the single-use micro-fibres are removed and thrown away. 

Whichever part of your body needs it most, Endolift treatment can help tighten your skin.

Why is Endolift perfect for the Lower Face?

Any surgery around the facial region carries the risk of showing scars as they can be highly invasive. However, we have now significantly improved aesthetic technology. As a result, surgical treatments are no longer your only option! In fact, we can avoid them at Aesthetics of Liverpool, ensuring your face is kept completely clean and scar-free! And thanks to Endolift, there’s no real downtime either.

Collagen is needed since it helps your skin return to its normal shape after being stretched. With Endolift, collagen production is significantly boosted so that your jowls can return to their tightened shape. Not only that but fat is also reduced, meaning that your lower face will look as good as ever! It’s a perfect all-around alternative to surgery. 

It must be noted that depending on the patient; results could take up to six months for you to fully appreciate them when looking in the mirror. Also, every patient is different – only one treatment may do the trick, or you may need more.

Why should you book an Endolift treatment?

All in all, Endolift provides the following benefits:

  • No anaesthesia is needed. Only a cooling down period is required;
  • Safe, visible and immediate results following the treatment;
  • Outpatient treatment, meaning no need to stay overnight;
  • Long-term effects of tightened skin in the lower face;
  • No or minimum convalescence following treatment;
  • Other aesthetic treatments can be carried out after;
  • No incisions are needed at all throughout treatment;
  • A unique session that is minimally invasive.

Endolift is a tool also used worldwide by plenty of other practitioners like ourselves. Testimonials reveal the true extent of the advantages, many practitioners praising the “great results” their patients received when undergoing treatment and the lack of surgery needed. 

It can even be performed simultaneously alongside other aesthetic, medicine and surgery procedures such as fractional non-ablative resurfacing, HIFU micro-focused ultrasound, LED photobiomodulation, Skinpen, Morpheus8 and Collagen Thread Lifts. Overall, it’s a procedure we could all do with using!

Book your appointment with Aesthetics of Liverpool today!

At Aesthetics of Liverpool, we want to provide you with as much knowledge as possible regarding all of our treatments, allowing you to decide what is best for you. Endolift is an incredible new procedure that provides noticeable results without the need to go under the knife!

If you’re interested in an Endolift lower face treatment, get in touch with one of our qualified experts today! Or, head over to our website, where you can book your consultation appointment – we can’t wait to join you on your aesthetic journey.

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