Plexr The Lunchtime Eye Lift

Plexr: The Lunchtime Eye Lift

Plexr is the latest ‘lunchtime eye lift’ that has got everyone talking. If you have hooded eyes or you are tired of sagging eyelids and bags, then you may have given up on ideas of a treatment that can effectively reduce the appearance of ageing, tired eyes. Until recently, the only effective treatment to help with these signs was to go under the needle, undergoing surgery – which for most can be out of their price range and with a long healing process. Most people are unwilling to go through with the surgery and feel hopelessly insecure with their eyes. 

However, thanks to the latest technological advances, Plexr Soft Surgery is a non-surgical option to help reduce excess eyelid skin. It helps patients restore their younger, fresher eyes – enhancing the appearance of more youthful skin and creating a new revitalised appearance. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder – quite literally – as ageing eyes are one of the biggest indicators of tiredness and ageing. Creating brighter and youthful eyes will make the impression of losing years from your appearance. 

Whereas surgical eye treatments take months of recovery time, Plexr takes only a few days, meaning little time off work and less time in pain! Plexr is a skin tightening treatment delivered by the Plexr device, which resembles a hand-held pen. You can even see the skin being zapped away and tightened before your eyes! Not only that, but unlike many other soft-surgery treatments, Plexr is, in fact, a permanent solution, creating long-lasting results that you will love. However, it is essential to note that this treatment is ‘permanent; it will not prevent the ageing process – this sadly is impossible. Instead, Plexr removed and tightened skin to create a long-lasting result and reduce the appearance of ageing skin. 

How does Plexr work? 

Plasma energy is used to eviscerate loose unwanted skin, leaving behind fresh, rejuvenated skin. The Plexr device generates heat which sublimates the skin to remove unwanted skin. This also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the proteins that create youthful, revitalised skin; therefore, the skin appears to be fresher and firmer when it is produced. The full healing process is around 2-4 weeks, and patients must follow the aftercare instructions carefully. Plasma is deemed a soft surgery as there are no scalpels, incisions or significant downtime. 

What is the aftercare process? 

Your practitioner will apply an aftercare cream and give you a face wash, soothing cream and sun cream to help protect the skin after treatment. Furthermore, LED light therapy will be used to help promote recovery and healthy skin. 

What areas can be treated? 

  • Upper eyelid 
  • Lower eyelid 
  • Crows feet

These issues can contribute to an ageing appearance and can often be a deep insecurity in both men and women. This is why more and more people are choosing to go down the soft-surgery route rather than the surgical as the benefits of Plexr are becoming widely recognised. 

What can I expect from a session? 

All Plexr treatments require a consultation and patch test before your treatment session. The consultation is an excellent opportunity to assess the severity of your loose skin and eradicate any questions and doubts you may be experiencing. Then you will receive a patch test which allows us to analyse and interpret how your skin will respond to the treatment; this also allows us to plan any skin care procedures before the treatment. 

Once your treatment day has finally come around, your doctor will assess the skin’s response to the previous patch test. The practitioner will then apply a numbing cream; the treatment will begin once the skin is numb. This involves the pen-like device mentioned earlier that will be directly used in the area to eviscerate loose skin. 

Are there any side effects? 

After your treatment, the skin can be red, swollen and rough. The swelling should reduce in around five days, and in seven days, any rough skin should have diminished. The area around your eyes may appear slightly pink for a few weeks after treatment; however, this is easily concealed. 

How many sessions will I need? 

We usually; recommend between 1-3 sessions; however, since all skin types are unique, this can vary depending on the person and how much excess skin needs removing. This treatment is available for all skin types. However, it should be noted that darker skin types have a higher risk of pigmentation. 

If you are tired of loose or hooded skin around the eyes, maybe it is time to consider Plexr. Plexr is guaranteed to reduce the appearance of tired, ageing eyes, creating a revived appearance. If you would like more information on Plexr or to book in for your consultation, please head over to our website to get in touch. Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we are happy to help anyone accomplish their desired look and tackle their insecurities. 

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