Prosculpt: Will It Really Work?

Prosculpt: Will It Really Work?

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Emsculpt is a great way to tone muscles and reduce body fat. However, there is a new treatment in town a hundred times better – Prosculpt. When people hear about the amazing benefits of Prosculpt, they often ask ‘will it really work?’ And although each treatment’s results are very much determined on the client and how their skin and body reacts to it, we are confident that the new and revolutionary Prosculpt will always deliver exceptional results when re-tightening and toning your physique.

If you are one of these thought-provoking individuals, then you’ll be happy to know that this article is here to answer this question for you. We are going to delve in deep into Prosculpt: what it is, what its abilities are and the million-pound question… Will Prosculpt really work?

What Is Prosculpt?

Move along Emsculpt, because Prosculpt has entered the scene and is the next best thing for building muscle mass. The nature of the Prosculpt treatment is to eliminate fat cells and re-tighten muscles to leave a lean, sculpted aesthetic. This FDA-approved electromagnetic procedure is non-invasive, meaning it involves no downtime and there are no nasty side effects. 

Prosculpt is carried out using an innovative machine that emits electromagnetic waves to target the fat tissues and break them down until entirely eradicated. The muscles then begin to contract and in the same nature as a hardcore workout in the gym, except the contraction equate to 36,000 squats or crunches, a number totally unattainable in the gym.

This treatment is most popular when defining the muscles on the abdomen and buttocks, but it can also effectively treat areas such as the arms and calves. In other words, this advanced technology was invented to strengthen, firm and tone the muscles, while also reducing the fat surrounding them.

How Good Are The Results From Prosculpt Treatments?

The Prosculpt machine is able to deliver results that even gym bunnies may struggle to achieve through a strict workout and diet regime. The electromagnetic pulses contract the muscles to increase the muscle mass, thus leaving the muscles lean and strong. The treatment uses High Intensity, Focused Electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to encourage supramaximal contractions: the highest amount of tension that your muscles can exert.

Once these contractions take place, the muscle will begin to grow, and the muscle structure will gain strength. While the body’s energy is being largely used, Apoptosis is undergone: a process that leads to the immune cells eliminating the contents of the fat cells, leaving the toned physique of the muscles to show through.

Does Prosculpt Really Work?

The answer to this question is yes. Prosculpt is known for its next-level results that have only been obtained through strict exercise and years of dedication to toning. Also, the brilliance behind this new advancement of science means that even the most stubborn areas can be targeted, meaning those areas that you’ve trained so hard to get looking as you desire can be toned effectively – and in a fraction of the time.

Although results are mostly immediate, the optimum-stage is 2-4 weeks after your final Prosculpt session. Clients are left with their fat cells zapped, and an increase in their metabolism, as well as muscle strength and durability. This significant change will last for up to a year and can be maintained through exercise and having a good diet. 

Prosculpt At Aesthetics Of Liverpool

Are you looking for Emsculpt in Liverpool? Why not take a look at the Prosculpt treatment we offer instead if you want jaw-dropping results and the body you have always dreamed of. 

As proud Prosculpt providers, we give all of our clients our full confidence in this procedure, as well as our many other toning aesthetic treatments. Please feel free to get in touch with us on 0151 203 1393 or book a consultation with us through our website and we will give you the full details of this outstanding treatment. 

During a consultation, you will be met with one of our clinicians who will guide you through the process of the Prosculpt treatment in more detail, as well as outline the minimal risks and what is expected of you to make sure that the results are maintained. At this time, you can also ask any pressing questions or voice your concerns, and your clinician will reassure you throughout your experience with us. 

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