PRX-T33 The No. 1 Skin Treatment For 2022

PRX-T33: The No. 1 Skin Treatment For 2022

Are you looking for a painless treatment that has no downtime and delivers outstanding results? Do you want firmer, more radiant-looking skin without having to endure any types of needles? Then PRX-T33 could well and truly be the perfect treatment you’ve been looking for!

At Aesthetics of Liverpool, we offer PRX-T33 treatments to those who need to smooth fine lines on the face, neck and décolletage areas. It’s a remarkable skin peel without ANY downtime!

But what is a PRX-T33 treatment?

PRX-T33 is a type of ‘Bio Revitalisation Peel’ that focuses on making the skin firmer without the need for exfoliation. Originally developed as a treatment to reduce scars in children, the unique formula has since become wildly popular for treating adult scars – from facelift procedures to sagging skin and even stretch marks! It’s an excellent alternative for those who don’t like undergoing invasive procedures or the amount of downtime associated with them.

Developed by Wiqo – the Italian dermo-cosmetic products and medical devices producer – PRX-T33 contains a mixture of trichloroacetic acid (TCA), kojic acid, and hydrogen peroxide. When combined, these chemicals penetrate deep layers of skin to stimulate cell renewal and collagen growth; it also reverses the effects of sun damage and other skin conditions.

It does all of this without even peeling the skin!

So, how exactly does PRX-T33 treatment work?

The hydrogen peroxide uses aids in the healing of wounds, TCA is a chemical agent known for peeling and treating damaged skin, and kojic acid is a highly effective tool for brightening and depigmenting the skin. These three chemicals work together to rapidly penetrate the dermis – one of the skin’s many layers. As the substances enter the skin, they encourage a process of gentle rejuvenation. This rejuvenation process is extremely effective and does not attack the epidermis (the outer skin layer). In addition, all of this is done without the pinprick of a needle!

In terms of the procedure itself, the skin is efficiently cleaned with a pre-treatment solution – typically derived from AHA and micellar water to balance the skin’s PH. Once the skin has been prepped, our practitioner will use the PRX-T33 treatment and distribute the solution around your face. This solution will then be gently massaged into the skin. The process of applying and massaging will be repeated 3-5 times on each area of the face depending on skin condition and sensitivity. Your face will then be washed via a water-soaked pad, and the treatment will finally conclude with an application of nourishing cream to soothe the skin.

What can PRX-T33 help treat?

This treatment can help improve upon a variety of skin issues such as the following:

  • Atonic, flabby skin
  • Atrophic scarring
  • Hyperkeratosis (thickening of the outer layer of the skin)
  • Hyperpigmentation (from acne, sun damage, and overall ageing)
  • Melasma (brown or blue-grey patches/freckle-like spots)
  • Oily skin that has widened pores
  • Stretch marks
  • Surface and deep fine lines

Why should people consider this treatment in the first place?

PRX-T33 comes with a tonne of great benefits.

For example, it’s suitable for every single skin type and can treat an array of skin conditions! This makes PRX-T33 a universal treatment recommended for anyone who’s exhausted all the traditional skin treatments available to them. It’s safe and thoroughly tested as well.

PRX-T33 is also a painless treatment that accomplishes brilliant results via a gentler method. Moreover, unlike the majority of facial treatments out there that utilise invasive tools like needles, this treatment is completely harmless. You won’t even see any bruising or redness; it’s that good!

This procedure is straightforward too, requiring absolutely no downtime for you whatsoever – an excellent perk for those who are always on the go but want firmer, brighter, healthier skin. After the facial peeling treatment is done, you can go straight back to your everyday routine.

PRX-T33 truly hydrates and brightens skin, leaving you looking radiant afterwards. All the while smoothing and tightening fine lines and kickstarting your collagen levels, rejuvenating your skin from the inside out! As the procedure is short and sweet, lasting approximately 30 minutes (depending on the client and area that’s being treated), you’ll end up seeing immediate results after treatment!

So, if you’re looking for a quick/effective solution to your skin issue, PRX-T33 may be for you.

Book your appointment with Aesthetics of Liverpool today!

At Aesthetic of Liverpool, we pride ourselves on offering our clients as much information as possible regarding our treatments. We want you to support you every step of the way, which is why we insist on an initial consultation with our Specialist Doctor before any treatment. IF you are interested in a PRX-T33 treatment, get in touch with our qualified clinicians today. Or you can head over to our website and book your consultation appointment. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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