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Redefining Facial Rejuvenation Through The Power Of FORMA

For many people, one of the main struggles in life is maintaining the balance between your inner homeostasis (inner happiness and wellbeing) vs your external appearance and the interaction between the two. Internally you may be content in working hard and achieving your life goals be it with work or in other fields. The cost of said achievements can be the impact this can have on your external appearance, namely your skin. This is where rejuvenation facials are here to help and replenish that youthful glow that can be lost across the journey of our day to day lives. 

FORMA is widely considered the Rolls Royce of rejuvenation facials, adored by celebrities across the world for its ability to effectively turn back time and return that youthful glow we all crave. Forma is a complex and innovative treatment that delivers controlled, therapeutic and targeted thermal energy to precise depths beneath the surface of the skin. Over time, both collagen and elastin levels are observed to reduce year on year, improving the strength and firmness of our skin. A plethora of research has continually shown that when the skin is treated over a duration of time at a specific temperature, an immediate tightening of the skin via increased collagen and elastin production has been observed. Due to the nature in which FORMA applies its targeted bipolar radio frequency energy at precise depths, it maximises the volume of collagen and elastin production, producing more significant and longer-lasting results every treatment. 

FORMA can be administered as a stand-alone ‘booster’ treatment, enhancing your youthful glow and skin firmness ahead of an event. Alternatively, FORMA can be delivered as a series of treatments to really enhance the tightness and firmness of the chosen area. As FORMA does not penetrate the surface of the skin no anaesthetic is required, making this treatment incredibly comfortable and relaxing while still delivering outstanding instant results in the form of a youthful glow, that will improve over the coming days. 

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