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Rhytidectomy vs The MINT Super Thread Lift: Face Lifting Procedures

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We have all heard of the Rhytidectomy, also known as, the facelift surgery that hundreds of celebrities and thousands of women have had done over the past decade or two, but what if there was a more effective solution to having lifted, plump skin that keeps your facial aesthetic looking even younger? Although this surgical procedure can deliver such fantastic results, there is another non-surgical procedure in town, and it’s flooding the industry as we speak.

Continue reading this blog post for our comparison of two very popular face lifting procedures so that you can determine which treatment is right for you. Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we only provide our clients with industry-leading methods that deliver our clients with exceptional results without the added downtime and risks of severe side effects. 

The Rhytidectomy

The first procedure that we’re going to address is the Rhytidectomy; The Rhytidectomy is a procedure that was created to counteract ageing by tightening the tissue beneath the skin of the cheek, jaw and neck. It is carried out by a surgeon creating specific incisions decided by the surgeon where they feel excess skin needs to be removed. This is all done by using a scalpal; then, the layer of muscle (platysma) that is found underneath the skin is pulled up and another incision is made in the SMAS from the lateral malar eminence to the angle of the mandible. The SMAS flap is then raised; leaving a tighter appearence overall. 

This muscle tissue is then attached to a higher section of the face so that the tissue is repositioned to achieve a lifting effect. Then sutures or staples will close up the incisions, and excess skin may be trimmed off if necessary. This surgical procedure, of course, comes with its long recovery of several months, depending on the individual and the area being treated.

The MINT Super Thread Lift

The MINT Super Thread Lift is a world-leading facelift procedure that isn’t carried out in the same nature as The Rhytidectomy; instead, this thread facelift treatment’s lifting effects deliver even better results, without having to go under the knife. Firstly, the PDO’s dissolvable threads are inserted into the dermis of the skin where they hook onto it using their unique structure of an arrow-like shape; this structure allows them to grip onto a larger portion of the skin’s tissue, thus having an even more effective lifting effect. 

Also, from the barbs being made out of the never been used before version of the material Polydioxanone that isn’t cut into its structure like the standard barbs that you see today, they have extra strength from not being weakened in design. Once they have lifted the sagging skin, they are attached to an area higher up on the face. The recovery time of this non-surgical thread lift is dependent on the client but often, clients have little to no downtime and have been able to resume with their daily activities.

The Benefits/Disadvantages of The MINT Super Thread Lift and The Rhytidectomy

The benefits of The MINT Super Thread Lift and The Rhytidectomy are what really tell these two procedures apart. Firstly, a Rhytidectomy can deliver great results that could last up to ten years, but more often than not, we are approached by clients who have only had their surgery for four years and are looking for further surgery or a thread lift. In other cases, they require further surgery for optimum results! This is usually due to the quality of their skin because unfortunately, the skin will continue to age naturally. 

Also, like with any surgical procedure, there is a chance of many complications and risks with a Rhytidectomy. These can vary from anything like nerve damage and Hematoma’s to skin loss and scarring; the severity of the risks are dependent on the skin’s quality again. 

However, even though the MINT Super Thread Lift lasts up to 2 years, its 3-dimensional results are achieved without having a surgical procedure and going under general anaesthetic; making it safer and less risky. With it’s specially designed barbs that are manufactured into arrows, this new thread design is able to deliver such seamless results without being as invasive as a surgical thread lift.

Also, one of the most beneficial factors of a MINT Super Thread Lift is that the results only improve with time. During the procedure, the natural healing process is triggered, meaning that fibroblasts begin the synthesis of new collagen. For weeks onwards, our body begins to continue producing its own collagen, thus giving the client longer-lasting results.

The Rhytidectomymy may have been in the industry for years, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t several risks and complications that need to be taken into consideration. In contrast, the MINT Super Thread Lift is able to fully transform the facial shape, giving it plump, smoothness and definition. And this can be seen as soon as the procedure ends, with it only improving with time!

Face Lifting Treatments at Aesthetics of Liverpool

Has this blog post given you a helpful comparison of face lifting procedures? Here at our Liverpool clinic, as well as in the USA and Korea, the MINT Super Thread Lift is flooding the scene; with its outstanding results that can be obtained through a non-surgical procedure, meaning side effects and downtime are at a minimum, we are confident when we say this procedure is able to retract the years off of one’s appearance.

Contact us here at Aesthetics of Liverpool today on 0151 203 1393 to book yourself in for a consultation. In our vast menu of treatments, we have several anti-ageing treatments for you to choose from, dependent on your desired results and what we feel would best for your skins condition/type. We thoroughly assess your skin during the consultation so that we can design a treatment plan specifically for you; making our services entirely bespoke.

In the meantime, feel free to head over to our website for more information on The MINT Super Thread Lift. We cannot wait to assist you on your journey to younger-looking skin.

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