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What Is Skin Pigmentation, and How Is It Caused?

The term pigmentation means colouring, and as humans, our skin colours can vary a lot; skin pigmentation disorders can affect the colour of our skin. Skin depigmentation occurs from the overproduction of melanin, a pigment that determines the colour and tone of our skin. Not only does melanin determine our skin colour, but the colour of our eyes and hair, too. 

Melanin is made from special skin cells in the body, and when these cells become damaged or unhealthy, the production of melanin is increased in order to protect these cells. Once the overproduction has occurred, the skin becomes discoloured; skin depigmentation can cause the skin to become blotchy, uneven, very light in parts (hypopigmentation) or very dark in parts (hyperpigmentation). 

Whatever way it affects the skin, most people find it hard to live with. It is always harder to adjust to a skin condition when it develops later in life, too, which can often be the case with pigmentation.

Who Is Affected by Skin Depigmentation?

There are an array of factors that can affect the colour of our skin, including the sun. When exposed to sunlight and UV rays our skin tans, but sometimes, this can lead to conditions such as Melasma or Chloasma during pregnancy. More woman than men suffer from hyperpigmentation, as there are only 10% of men that are affected. 

The reason as to why pigmentation is more prevalent in women than men is directly down to the female hormones of oestrogen and progesterone, which can overstimulate the melanin production in the skin. During pregnancy is a very common time for skin pigmentation to occur, as the oestrogen and progesterone are both being produced at a much higher rate than average. 

It is essential to know that you are not alone when suffering from skin pigmentation and that there are several treatments that can help to even out your skin tone, such as The Cosmelan Peel and The Dermamelen Peel.

The Cosmelan Peel for Skin Depigmentation

We are very pleased to announce that we now offer The Cosmelan Peel; a unique, multi-ingredient chemical procedure known for its ability to brighten the skin and reduce the appearances of depigmentation, dark spots, blemishes and scarring. This world-leading treatment for pigmentation’s goal is to lower the amount of melanin produced in the skin and form new pigments to create an even tone. 

How does The Cosmelan Peel work?

For your skin to reap the full benefits of The Cosmelan Peel, there are two steps that you must follow. The Cosmelan Peel is a uniquely formulated chemical treatment that holds several ingredients. The first stage consists of the application of the peel, but before we do this, it is crucial that we prep the skin. 

We will take great care in cleaning and cleansing your skin so that it is all ready for the thick peel to be applied. One of the beauties of The Cosmelan Peel is that it achieves incredible results, at the cost of minimal discomfort. Some clients have said that they noticed a slight tingling feeling when we apply the peel, but that is entirely normal and means that the mask is working its magic. 

You will be asked to leave the peel on from anywhere between six and twelve hours; depending on what was recommended by the clinician. The second stage of The Cosmelan Peel is the aftercare; a strict regime provided by ourselves. It is vital that you follow this part of the treatment as your skin may be feeling more sensitive and will require some extra TLC. At the end of the process, you will be left with smooth, even skin that is clear, fresh and glowing.

The Dermamelan Peel for Skin Depigmentation

Similar to The Cosmelan Peel, The Dermamelan Peel is another one of our highly recommended pigmentation treatments that is exceptional in combatting very stubborn melasma that other treatments have been unsuccessful in doing. This is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure which works to improve the appearance of blemishes and pigmentation problems which have occurred due to an overproduction of melanin. 

An example of such issues that you may want to get treated are freckles, chloasma or sun damage. The combination of chemicals that make up The Dermamelan Peel work to even the overall skin tone as they replenish the top player of the skin. The formula works against the production of melanin, the cause of the darker pigmentations. After the peel, your skin will be left in fantastic condition; feeling brighter, tighter and giving off a radiant glow.

How Does The Dermamelan Peel Work?

You will undergo the first part of The Dermamelan Peel process in your home. Our highly qualified clinicians will provide you with a set of products for you to use before coming in for the treatment itself. You will then be invited to our Liverpool clinic for the application of the mask; a simple pain-free process. You will then keep the peel on for up to six hours, and remove it when you are at home. For the best results to be achieved, the full process will take around 12 months as this allows us to keep on top of your condition.

Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we strongly recommend The Cosmelan Peel and The Dermamelan Peel for combatting skin depigmentation on any type of skin. However, we do also offer other very successful treatments for this condition, which may suit you even more. Our other pigmentation treatments include Glutathione IV, Fusion Mesotherapy, PRXT33, LED Light Therapy, Precision Lift Skin Pen, The E-Light and various skin peels

All of our treatments have high success rates, are non-invasive and are completely safe, which is why we can’t recommend them enough. Let us invite you in for a consultation so that we can determine which treatment will work best for your skin condition.

In your consultation, one of our clinical experts will have an in-depth discussion with you on what treatments will work best for your skin depigmentation. We have a vast portfolio here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, making sure that we are using the most up to date technologies that allow for the best results. Get in touch with a member of our friendly team today on 0151 203 1393, and get your consultation booked today.

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