Silhouette Soft Or The MINT Super Thread Lift

Thread Lift Treatments: Silhouette Soft Or The MINT Super Thread Lift

In the aesthetics industry, there are several face-lifting, non-surgical procedures that are flooding the States, UK and Korea, amongst other technically advanced countries. While HIFU and PRP are both impressive in their reconstructing results, we are often asked about Silhouette Soft. We have just introduced the world-leading procedure and The MINT Super Thread Lift that are both competitors in face-lifting treatments. 

If you’re looking to find the right thread lift treatment for you, this blog post is going to determine which of the two FDA approved procedures will give you the best, most reliable results. 

Silhouette Soft Thread Lift Treatment

First up, we have the Silhouette Soft; while this thread lift treatment is vastly popular in the USA where it’s threads originated from, is it really all it’s hyped up to be? It’s procedure, for one, is carried out in the same nature as all thread-lifting procedures, but instead, the threads are made out of Polylactic Acid and Lactide; both of these substances carry a weak structure, especially the Acid which tends to lose it’s formation when in contact with heat. Therefore, in warmer outdoor temperatures, your skin may start to loosen again. 

The reasoning behind these treatments being so popular is due to the shape of the threads, whether they are barbed or not. With Silhouette Soft threads, they are moulded into bidirectional cone-like shapes that are easy to hook onto the skin’s tissue; creating instant results of tighter, lifted skin. Although the immediate effects are appealing to potential clients, their lasting-power tends to be looked over; the Silhouette Soft threads are very well known for puckering, resulting in them causing even more lines and wrinkles and the results only lasting a matter of months.

The MINT Super Thread Lift Treatment in Liverpool

This new and improved thread lift treatment takes the traditionalism of thread-lifting up a notch. While it also being undergone in the same process of a clinician carefully inserting medical-grade threads through the skin’s dermis to instantly lift the skin, while also promoting the production of collagen, it’s thread design and durability has it on a whole other level.

The MINT Super Thread Lift’s threads are made out of Polydioxanone, a very beneficial ingredient to the skin. Polydioxanone, especially, is very strong and causes minimal tissue damage to the face; making it reliable and very safe. Also, instead of the MINT threads being in the shape of cones, these are carefully constructed into arrow-like shapes. 

Not only does this allow the thread to hook onto a larger portion of tissue, but it also makes the thread’s structure even stronger; thus, longer-lasting results. And although puckering is a slight risk with MINT threads, it very rarely happens. The MINT Super Thread Lift is currently being raved about in the USA and Korea, and for a good reason, too. With its thread’s unique framework, it’s mechanical abilities are able to produce a seamless result. 

Click here to see The MINT Super Thread Lift’s amazing results:

The MINT Super Thread Lift VS. Silhouette Soft

While both of these thread lift procedures carry next to no side effects or downtime, there are still distinct differences that can decipher which one is best for each client. Depending on your desired results, the Silhouette Soft is known for its volumising components, whereas The MINT Super Thread Lift gives the full illusion of smooth, supple and tighter looking skin.

As we have established, The MINT Super Thread Lift’s threads are of greater durability and strength, whereas the Silhouette Soft’s threads are weaker from their structure; meaning they are more likely to last only a few months, as opposed to anywhere from 2 years for the MINT’s threads. From previous patient feedback, clients said that their Silhouette Soft threads’ results only lasted around four to six months.

As highly qualified, experienced clinicians, we believe the latest technology is what you should be relying on. With The MINT Super Thread Lifts’ new and innovative design, you will receive reliable results that last longer. However, with Silhouette Soft, although it’s great for a quick fix, in terms of affordability and durability, it won’t give you the same outcome. Like the International Fellowship in Advanced Aesthetic Science says; “Both threads definitely do their part in face-lifting, but it seems -on paper, at least- MINT threads do have a better value in terms of design and specs”.

If you’re looking for a thread lift treatment in Liverpool, you’ve come to the right place! As our newest addition to our treatment range, we are very confident in its power and endurance; after all, it is being crazed about worldwide for that supple, tight, younger-looking skin. Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we will be more than happy to invite you for a consultation to talk about your options.

During a consultation, we will run through every little detail of The MINT Super Thread Lift or treatment of a similar nature so that you are given a treatment that delivers the best results for your skin. We provide each and every client with a bespoke service because as you may already know, every person’s skins different so it is only imperative that we treat it differently, too.

Let us help you accomplish younger-looking skin at our Liverpool clinic. To book your consultation or for more information on The MINT Super Thread Lift or a facelifting treatment of a similar nature, call us on 0151 203 1393 or visit our website. Let us be a part of your journey to youthful-looking skin.

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