The All-New Celebrity Morpheus8 Treatment Available At Aesthetics of Liverpool

The All-New Celebrity Morpheus8 Treatment Available At Aesthetics of Liverpool

We are all aware of how we live in a culture dominated and heavily influenced by celebrities. From the latest fashion statements and ‘IN’ places to be to the new and revolutionising aesthetic trends and standards, celebrities are influencing our aspirations. And, at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we are included.

We make sure to keep on top of all the popular aesthetic treatments and techniques brought to our attention by celebrities so we can offer them to you! So keep checking our website to see the new treatments we provide. What’s more, with the most recent technological advances, groundbreaking new treatments are being introduced all the time – and at the top of this list is Morpheus8.

Morpheus8 was created by the renowned and world-trusted company INMODE and brings you the latest advancement in technology for the aesthetic industry. Morpheus8 has dual abilities designed to effectively target your insecurities both above and below the skin’s surface. In addition, Morpheus8 is the first and only device to mould fat subdermally, morphing the ageing facial features into younger, fresher features. 

Morpheus8 is known as a Subdermal Adipose Remodelling Device (SARD), by emitting radio waves deep into the skin and fat cells within the dermis, fat cells can be coagulated and connective tissue reconnected to create a smoother appearance.

What is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is your saving grace when it comes to reversing signs of ageing and tightening loose and sagging skin. It is a revolutionary skin tightening and micro-needling treatment that is taking the medical aesthetic world by storm. It combines the power of Radio Frequency technology and micro-needling to penetrate 4mm below the dermis to stimulate collagen production, which improves skin tone, texture and tightness. Thus, creating healthier happier skin for all skin tones! 

The micro-needles create micro-injuries on targeted skin areas to stimulate collagen production for wrinkle reduction. Furthermore, once the micro-needles penetrate the skin, the radiofrequency technology emits heat that penetrates deep layers of the skin, resulting in a tightening of the fat under the skin and underlying skin. The heat energy creates the restructuring of deep dermal layers to reduce sagging skin, leading to smoother skin and contours in desired areas. 

The combination of micro-needling and radiofrequency therefore works on two levels. First, the micro-needles stimulate new collagen production on the skin’s surface whilst the radiofrequency thermal energy reorganises tissue in an anti-ageing process. 

Celebrity Endorsements 

So we all know the world is pretty much dominated by the Kardashian empire and their influence over the fashion and aesthetic industry. They always seem to know about the latest technologies and treatments that can create the family’s iconic physique. Since most people are hesitant about undergoing the family’s surgeries for fear of the ever-long list of risks, it makes sense that the world scrambled to secure appointments when Kim revealed a non-surgical procedure. Kim was completely transparent about Morpheus8, even posting a video to her Instagram to show how pain-free it really is. Kim received treatment on her tummy, arms and legs, helping to create the iconic sculpted body that pretty much launched her to fame. 

Other celebrities who claim the wonders of Morpheus8 are Amanda Holden and Judy Murray! With Holden saying, “the results have been absolutely amazing. I’ve noticed a real plumpness to my skin, and it’s much tighter!” The celebrity response to Morpheus8 is a great reassurance to those of you who are unsure whether or not it actually works. It can be daunting committing to aesthetic treatments as speculations often surround them; however, with celebrities speaking out and praising, the treatment is transparent and effective. Normally, our favourite celebrities are a bit cagey about the treatments they’ve received and unwilling to admit they’ve not worked for their bodies in the gym. But, some looks can only be achieved with a bit of extra help, and Morpheus8 is the ultimate tool in helping sculpt and contour your body or tighten and plump your face. 

If you’re not looking to recreate the Kardashian curve, then Judy Murray is an excellent example of the powers of skin tightening for the face! You may have already seen the media frenzy over the Strictly Come Dancing stars’ face transformation. Judy revealed she’d undergone the non-surgical cosmetic intervention to make her look over ten years younger, and googling Judy’s facial transformation will have you calling us up today and demanding your appointment!

The powers of Morpheus8 are clear to see, and, thanks to our celebrities putting it on the map, it is becoming an increasingly popular treatment option to tighten skin, whether it is the early signs of ageing or advanced conditions that need correcting.

Book your consultation today!

If you are interested in booking a Morphues8 treatment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today through our website or by calling us on 01512031393. At Aesthetics of Liverpool, we understand how exhausting it can be to look in the mirror and not be confident with the reflection. That is why we make it our mission to listen to your insecurities and help transform you into your best version. So take a browse at our website and our extensive range of treatments, all designed to make you look better so you can feel better. 

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