The Best Anti-Ageing Treatments For Post-Lockdown

The Best Anti-Ageing Treatments For Post-Lockdown

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Are you beginning to feel a little run down and unconfident during the lockdown? Maybe your roots have reappeared, or you’re having severe withdrawal symptoms to having acrylic nails; whatever the reason, it can be difficult to feel like your true glam self during a time that has us confined to our home. One thing is for sure, we have had a lot more time to focus on our appearence and consider what we’d like to change once we have the opportunity to do so.

By wearing less make-up and not being able to purchase our favourite skincare products as easily, this may have led you to re-think how you’re going to address your skin post-lockdown. If your skin is experiencing early signs of ageing from established sagging or deep fine lines and wrinkles or your skin is just lacking that glow, a thread lift may be a fantastic treatment for you to consider. 

Continue reading this blog if you want to find out more about the best anti-ageing treatments for post-lockdown. The MINT Super Thread Lift and Collagen Threads can help you achieve tight, firm, smooth and glowing skin without going under the knife. Whether your skin requires one or the other, or you decide that a combination will bring back your confidence, you will not be disappointed with your results.

Thread Lifts for Early Signs of Ageing 

When deciding on the best anti-ageing treatments for you, it’s imperative that you do your research on what will work best for your skin’s needs. Whether you have sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles or merely lacking volume in your cheeks, there are several options available to you. We have chosen both The MINT Super Thread Lift and The Collagen Thread Lift to focus on in this blog because they both serve different purposes, although they have a similar nature.

The MINT Super Thread Lift is especially effective for sagging skin, for instance. This thread lift treatment has been soaring the industry for the past year because it is able to create marvellous results that have only ever been previously achieved in surgery. In comparison to generic threads used for this procedure, MINT threads are specially modified during the manufacturing process. 

More specifically, unlike smooth threads or generic barbs that are cut-into, MINT threads have a solid core and are ordered in a 360-degree helical fashion, enabling them to attach onto all of the facial tissue in the problem area in a stronger manner. Due to this design and being made out of a protein-based PDO material, their lifting power is dramatically improved on because they are more robust and will last longer.

Collagen Threads, on the other hand, use smooth barbs which means that their threads are primarily used for repositioning the tissues. Although MINT threads reposition, the design and material used for Collagen Threads allow them to solely focus on the structure of the tissues, encouraging them to take their original form. This triggers the body’s natural healing process which uses fibroblast cells, Hyaluronic Acid and new collagen cells to see to the wound.

Collagen, if you didn’t already know, is one of the most vital proteins of the skin. Alongside elastin, they both ensure that the skin keeps its structure that is tight, firm and youthful. From as young as 25, our bodies begin to decline in both, and because of this, our skin can no longer support our facial tissue, resulting in our skin sagging and taking consequence to gravity. Both the MINT Super Thread Lift and Collagen Threads work to counteract this system.

How Does A Thread Lift Work?

Like previously mentioned, both the threads’ primary purpose is to lift and reposition the facial tissues. By doing this, neocollagenesis is encouraged; this is the name given to the process of new collagen production. New collagen cells work to heal the wound, as well as improve on the quality and appearence of the skin. The great thing about collagen renewal is that it isn’t an overnight process; once clients undergo a thread lift, they can watch as their skin improves over six months.

After the procedure itself, fibroblasts bank the collagen cells, ensuring that they are kept in place and working their magic for a significant amount of time. We say around six months because this is usually when the threads are fully dissolved, and optimum results are met. Maintenance may then need to be given; clients have been known to get a top-up every six to twelve months.

Why Thread Lifts?

We understand that there are plenty of procedures to choose from in the nature of anti-ageing; however, these non-surgical and non-invasive procedures bare next to no downtime, as well as minimal side effects and are the best facelift alternatives in Liverpool. Also, due to the threads being made out of biodegradable and biocompatible materials such as PDO, they are safe and reliable. This material has been used in medical and pharmaceutical applications for centuries, and if that doesn’t prove that they are dependable, we don’t know what will.

Our bodies already naturally produce Polydiaxonone too; therefore, the dissolving of the threads is nothing to worry about, and it will happen without you even noticing. With barely any risks and recovery time, as well as a reputation of achieving some of the most outstanding results in the industry, thread lift procedures will give you the best chances of having youthful skin again. Skin rejuvenation will turn back the clock on your skin, giving you confidence and poise post-lockdown.

Have we given you an idea of what the best anti-ageing treatments are for post-lockdown? We understand that your skin may be lacking in life, especially after a stage of feeling stressed and uneasy. By choosing a thread lift in Liverpool, you’re giving your skin the best chances of looking lifted and glowing. Contact us today on 0151 203 1393 or through our website for further information on thread lift treatments or if you’d like to discuss what other anti-ageing treatments we offer at our Liverpool clinic.

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