The Best MLD For Post Liposuction Surgery

The Best MLD For Post Liposuction Surgery

Manual Lymphatic Drainage or MLD has been around since the 1930s and was created by Emil and Estrid Vodder. The couple dedicated their time to human anatomy and physiology, studying the lymphatic system. Vodder developed a unique technique that included a series of pumping, circular movements with very light pressure on the skin to help reduce symptoms of lymphoma. Vodder was invited to teach his massage methods to countries all across Europe, and his methods are still taught today – including to us! At Aesthetics of Liverpool, we take pride in educating ourselves to be the best at any treatment; this ensures high-quality professional procedures with long-lasting results. 

Whilst MLD was created to help people with lymphoma, several other benefits were recognised when people underwent MLD. It has now become a widely used and recognised physical therapy technique. The massage is specially performed by Vodder trained therapists to increase the flow of lymph – a fluid that flows through the lymphatic system and drains toxins and cellular debris. 

MLD is frequently recommended as a treatment for post-liposuction recovery as the benefits of the Vodder technique have helped people ease the long, painful recovery period which often accompanies undergoing a surgical procedure. 

What is lymph? 

The lymph is a clear fluid that contains nutrients and oxygen. However, it does not have red or white blood cells and so differs from blood. It travels around the body to keep cells nourished as the cells can deposit waste and toxic materials into this fluid. Lymph fluid flows slower than blood and is quickly saturated with toxins from poor diet and lifestyle. MLD aids the process of draining the lymph fluid so that toxins aren’t being carried around the body. 

Manual lymphatic drainage post liposuction

Whilst the powers of MLD are recognised for treating several issues. One of the most prominent benefits is its ability to ease the recovery period after liposuction. This specialised treatment is known to decrease recovery time and enhance the results of surgery. It is frequently recommended throughout the recovery stage of liposuction. This is because liposuction surgery causes swelling and tissue damage that needs to be managed to ease discomfort and bruising. Liposuction is considered an invasive procedure, and so recovery can be challenging for most people. In addition, removing fat by liposuction can cause damage to blood cells and lymphatic vessels whilst also destroying connective tissue; this can cause blood and lymph vessels to pool. 

Thanks to the unique Vodder technique, this light form of massage eases swelling and stimulates a flow of fluids through the lymphatic system. MLD is scientifically proven to increase the flow of fluid and relieve swelling. 

Benefits of MLD post liposuction

  • It may speed up the healing process
  • Decreases scarring, fibrosis and the build-up of hard lumps
  • Decreases pain and sensitivity
  • Improves contouring
  • Reduces swelling, preventing lymphatic fluid collection
  • Flushes toxins
  • Improves the flow of lymphatic fluid and blood
  • Stimulates the body’s natural healing process

What is MLD like after liposuction? 

A session of MLD usually lasts between one hour to several depending on the individual; it is not painful as it is much less pressure and more gentle than a regular massage. No oils or other products are used in the session. Your surgeon may recommend booking for an MLD session in the first few days following surgery and completing several treatment sessions to see the best results. However, the number of sessions needed is dependent upon the amount of swelling and patient sensitivity. Patients will expect to feel the benefits of MLD immediately as swelling will decrease after just one session. 

The importance of MLD is becoming more widely accepted with people travelling from all over the country to receive a session from Aesthetics of Liverpool. All of our practitioners are Vodder trained, which is extremely important when considering MLD as if the techniques are performed incorrectly, the treatment will not work. It may, in fact, cause more harm during the healing process. Our practitioners are among the best in the North West; therefore, it is unsurprising that we have clients travelling far and wide to come and benefit from the expertise. 

If you are interested in booking for MLD after your liposuction surgery, please head over to our website, where you can book in for your consultation today. It is important to remember that MLD is recommended soon after surgery, so sessions should be booked in advance according to your surgery.

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