The Cosmelan Peel: How It’s Done and It’s Results

The Cosmelan Peel: How It’s Done And It’s Results

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Do you suffer from a large number of blemishes? Or maybe skin discolouration? Well, here at Aesthetics of Liverpool let us introduce you to the Cosmelan Peel, the world-leading treatment for pigmentation. The Cosmelan Peel leaves you with glowing, clear skin with an even tone after just one session. This is the newest addition to our peels and one that is well-known for its ability to brighten the skin’s complexion while also reducing the appearance of depigmentation, dark spots, blemishes and scarring.

The Cosmelan Peel works to decrease the amount of melanin produced (melanin is the pigment that darkens the skin), while also encouraging the formation of new pigment in the skin, thus making it more even. The peels components combat enzymes such as Tyrosinase that help produce melanin, and eliminate melasma and chloasma; both culprits behind depigmentation. 

And what’s better is the Cosmelan Peel doesn’t just work wonders on the face, it can also treat the abdomen, legs, hands and even the breasts for all skin types. 

If you’re looking for a procedure that evens out your skin tone, reduces the appearance of blemishes and acne scars and gives your skin an uplift that’s glowing, this skin rejuvenating procedure is the one for you. Not only will you be left with a healthy-looking complexion, but it’ll prevent new acne from forming, too. 

The vital ingredients of The Cosmelan Peel are azelaic acid and kojic acid which work to eliminate melasma and chloasma (the primary causes of the darker tones). Not only do they counteract, but azelaic acid helps to reduce the appearance of redness and pores, and kojic acid is in most moisturising products due to its hydrating abilities. 

Thus, not only does The Cosmelan Peel help with pigmentation, but it also rehydrates the skin, reduces the appearances of blemishes, pores and acne scars, as well as reduces the chances of any acne returning in the future.

What Happens During a Cosmelan Peel?

The Cosmelan Peel is a uniquely formulated chemical treatment that holds several ingredients that are known to combat scars, depigmentation and blemishes. To get the full benefits of the peel, there are two steps to the treatment; the first step is the application of the peel in our Liverpool clinic. 

Before we begin to apply the mask, your skin will undergo preparation. We will clean and cleanse your skin so that it is ready for the thick peel to be applied. During the application, you will encounter minimal discomfort, but previous clients have said that they feel a slight stinging sensation which is nothing to worry about as this will only take around one hour to complete. 

Once completed, you will be asked to leave the peel on from anywhere between 6 and 12 hours, depending on what was agreed on during the assessment of your skin. We ensure that you are treated with our Cosmelan Peel for the amount of time that is going to benefit your skin type/condition the most and attain your desired results. 

Three weeks later, the remaining mask is applied as a spot treatment to your skin. It is important during your initial visit and spot treatment that you leave the mask on for the recommended duration (which is dependent on your skin type).

You need to wash the mask off with cold water and use the homecare products we provide. You will be provided with a maintenance plan to protect your skin through the following weeks. You must avoid chlorine for 2 weeks post-peel, as well as tanning beds and sun exposure for at least a month. Avoid waxing the treated areas for two weeks post-treatment and do not use glycolic, retinol or scrubs for 30 days.

There is some downtime as a result of the Cosmelan treatment as the after effects include skin peeling, redness, dryness and discomfort during the homecare regime. However, we are always on hand to support you and are just a phone call away from providing you with any advice you may need.

What Are The Cosmelan Peels Results?

After the first couple of weeks post-treatment, the appearance of the skin is visibly improved. Skin discolouration is lighter and less noticeable, with an efficacy rating of up to 95% when treating cases of age spots, dark patches and hyperpigmentation. The peel paralyses the melanin production for a long period of time, preventing dark spots, hyperpigmentation and more. Individual cases may vary and your treatment plan will be created bespoke with your skin type and desired results in mind. 

The Cosmelan peel can leave your skill looking radiant and smooth, with a youthful glow you may have lost years ago! If you keep up with the homecare routine, then the results can be maintained for an extremely long time and prevent the further production of melanin.

Are you looking for The Cosmelan Peel in Liverpool? Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we only administer the most effective treatments so that our clients are given the best chances at attaining their desired outcome. The Cosmelan Peel has been known to work wonders, especially for common pigmentation problems, known to increase with age as pigmentation concerns are a growing issue which affect more than 90% of adults over the age of 50.

If you’re looking for a treatment that’ll even out the skin tone and reduce the appearance of darkness, as well as discolouration, The Cosmelan Peel is for you. If you are interested in this peel, get in contact with us today to book your consultation. At the consultation, you will be able to voice any concerns that you may have, and we will give you all of the details of The Cosmelan Peel, as well as assess your skin to make sure that you are suitable for the treatment.

Visit us in our Liverpool aesthetics clinic today or call us on 0151 203 1393 to book your consultation with us. Or for further information, head over to our website where we go in more depth about depigmentation and how The Cosmelan Peel can treat it.

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