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The Dermamelan Peel: How It Works And The Process

The Dermamelan Peel is one of our mask treatments that effectively improves the appearance of blemishes and pigmentation problems that arise from the lack of melanin; an example condition would be freckles, chloasma and sun damage. What the peel essentially does is replenish the top layer of the skin with a solution that’s a combination of chemicals that work to even the overall tone of the skin, leaving it glowing. 

These chemicals work against the production of melanin; a cell that lives in the epidermis of the skin which although protects the surface from solar radiation, also gives the skin it’s dark pigmentation. Once the skin begins to produce more melanin due to environmental factors, sun damage and other causes, the skin’s pigment is damaged; causing depigmentation or hyperpigmentation.

This peel’s ingredients are similar to The Cosmolan Peel’s, but it has added Titanium Dioxide; this mineral protects the skin from UVA and UVB radiation while also respecting the skin’s sensitivity. This gentle component is great for sensitive skin that wants to be protected from the sun, as well as see a reduction in redness and pores.

Depigmentation is a lightening of the skin and hyperpigmentation is darkening of the skin; both can either be reversible with the skins natural replenishment taking it’s course every thirty days, or they can be permanent. This is a very common skin condition that usually begins it’s course in middle or old age; Humans over the age of thirty experience a decrease in melanin-producing cells by about 10% to 20% per decade as melanocyte stem cells gradually die.

From this, we are approached by many clients who are looking for a treatment that’ll even out their skin tone or simply reduce the appearance of the patches that are a consequence of the production of melanin. Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we have a wide range of treatments that can settle the skin’s pigment, as well as even it out altogether; but, the Dermamelan Peel is one of our highly effective treatments that’s main purpose is to combat pigmentation conditions and is suitable for any skin type.

What’s the Treatment Process of the Dermamelan Peel?

The Dermamelan Peel’s process starts with you. You will initially attend a consultation with one of our highly qualified clinicians where you can voice any questions or concerns, as well as have your face assessed to ensure that your skin’s condition is suitable for the peel. Once confirmed, you will be given a set amount of products that you will be asked to use at home.

These products will come with instructions, but how to use them will be discussed thoroughly in the consultation. This strict skincare regime cannot be used in conjunction with any other products, and it mustn’t be interrupted so that your skin is 100% prepared for the mask to be applied.

The second stage requires you to visit us in our Liverpool clinic for the application of the peel; this isn’t a painful process, but a slight stinging sensation may occur. Once we put the mask in place, you must leave it to sit for around six hours, and then you will remove it at home. This treatment has a lengthy process of 12 months, so ensure that you’re sticking to the guidelines given between appointments at our clinic!

The next several visits that you have with us will be one month, three months, six months, nine months and 12 months after the initial treatment took place. These visits allow us to keep on top of the condition of your skin, as well as provide you with the intensive skincare products that you must use throughout the year-long treatment plan. 

What Are the Side Effects of the Dermamelan Peel?

As this is entirely non-invasive and non-surgical, the side effects of this very safe procedure are very minimal. However, you may experience tightening of the skin for up to a week after the peel, as well as redness and peeling of the skin. Although these are minor effects, it may be worth booking a couple of days off of work until your skin builds up a tolerance to the skincare.

This treatment is suitable for anyone of any skin type; whether you want the appearance of your acne scarring to be put to bed or have blotchy skin due to ageing, this treatment will deliver you with incredible results! 

What are The Dermamelan Peel’s Results?

In terms of the results, these will be visible during the first week after you’ve had the peel, and this will improve to up to 80% during the first month, too. As The Dermamelan Peel’s results are so impressive, most of our clients don’t feel it’s necessary to have a second peel done, but after a month, you will be able to make this decision depending on your desired result.

The Dermamelan peel is known for giving outstanding results when combating the more stubborn melasma. Upon completion, you will be left with glowing skin that’s plump, clear, oil and pore-free that’s been evened out by this revolutionary treatment. 

Are you looking for The Dermamelan Peel in Liverpool? Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, we ensure to give each and every one of our clients a bespoke treatment plan so that we can deliver them with the best results possible. If you suffer from pigmentation issues, or simply just a severe case of acne scarring, The Dermamelan Peel will be ideal for you.

To book your consultation with one of our team, call us today on 0151 203 1393 or visit our website. We cannot wait to assist you on the journey to rejuvenated skin that you don’t feel anything but beautiful in.

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