The Facts and Myths about Thread Lifts

The Facts And Myths About Thread Lifts

Thread lifts are all the rage at the minute. You are probably accustomed to being celebrities achieving a whole range of aesthetic enhancements as if by magic! Without going under the knife, celebrities are quickly rejuvenating their appearance, whether they aim to roll back the clocks, rejuvenate their skin or achieve an incredible lifted look. Fortunately, achieving these aesthetic improvements is not magic at all!

At Aesthetics of Liverpool, we offer an extensive range of thread lift treatments, from collagen-stimulating PDO thread lifts to MINT Super thread lifts. Our medical professionals are expertly trained in the very latest, revolutionising aesthetic treatments allowing you to indulge in the celebrity standard with every procedure.

But firstly, what is a thread lift?

Thread lifts are a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure wherein temporary sutures are inserted, allowing the skin to be pulled back and visibly lifted. Depending on which specific thread lift you choose, the way the skin is lifted and the type of threads used will differ. 

For a Collagen Thread Lift, the surgical threads are made of a protein-based substance that aims to stimulate the body’s natural healing process, encouraging natural proteins to continue the work of the thread lift treatment after the procedure ends. In addition, these threads have a diverse effect on the surrounding tissue allowing the tendons and muscles in the face to relax while the healing process is triggered completely. 

Collagen is an important component of our skin. It acts as a strengthening component for not only our skin but our bones and tendons too. These three factors work together to create supple, youthful and plump facial skin. During a thread lift, a cannula gently inserts the thread under the skin’s surface. This process causes a wounding effect to the dermis, kickstarting the body’s fibroblasts to increase the amount of collagen as part of a healing process. The body’s production of hyaluronic acid and neocollagenesis is also increased, as these also play an essential role in ensuring the skin is firm and taut.  

Consequently, a Collagen Thread Lift is an excellent treatment option for those wanting to lift and tighten ageing skin, especially along the jawline, neck, cheeks and eyebrows. As the procedure promotes the production of facial elasticity, this type of thread lift is also a popular scar-minimising procedure. 

Our MINT Super Thread Lift is the treatment option if you are looking for instant, mechanical lift! A non-surgical alternative to a traditional facelift, using collagen-stimulating threads made from the synthetic polymer polydioxanone (PDO), MINT thread lifts can achieve … of lift. In fact, PDO threads are FDA-approved due to their extreme lifting ability. Furthermore, these threads make a great surgical-grade thread as they are colourless, non-allergic, non-antigenic sugar and biodegradable. Therefore, they are often used within surgeries and aesthetic procedures for suturing. However, don’t let this put you off; thread lift treatments are carried out under local anaesthetic, resulting in a pain-free, downtime-free thread lift treatment experience.

These patented threads have another specialised characteristic that aids their lifting strength; these threads are barbed. Moulded 3D barbs (small hooks) are arranged in a helical pattern down the thread’s length, increasing the thread’s surface area. They are inserted in a 360-degree rotating technique allowing the barbs to attach themselves to more of the skin’s dermis. With more of the sagging skin attached to the thread, the MINT thread lift can achieve a more dramatic lift that is longer lasting. The biodegradable threads initially secure the skin’s new lifted position, while the body’s natural collagen production is stimulated to repair the skin in place. 

As thread lifts are not a surgical procedure, they are becoming increasingly popular amongst people of all ages. Since so many people are curious about the wonders of the thread lift, we have curated a list of myths and facts on this revolutionary procedure so that you can decide whether it’s the proper treatment for you!

Myth 1: 

I’m too young for a thread lift

There is no set age for receiving a thread lift, and as I previously mentioned, models such as Kendal and Bella are only in their 20s and have received thread lifts. Thread lifts can help solve numerous problems no matter your age. Whilst they are effective treatments for wrinkles, lines and eye bags, these issues can also affect young people! Dark circles and bags can be genetic and start appearing in one’s teenage years. Thread lifts are also highly effective at minimising the appearance of double chins; this insecurity can be found in women of all ages. We all know the current trend is to have that chiselled and defined jawline; thread lifts help people achieve this, or, if you’re simply looking to tighten the lower face, then they can do this too! 

Myth 2:

Thread lifts are a fad

Whilst thread lifts are a recent development in the aesthetic industry, the science behind them has been around for decades. Not only that, but the threads have been used in other tissue engineering and surgical procedures for over thirty years. Thread lifts prove themselves that they are not a fad; just look at any result pictures of before and afters; they speak volumes for the powers of PDO thread lifts. 

Myth 3: 

Thread lifts pose a risk of infection

The MINT Super Thread Lift that uses PDO thread lift is an incredibly safe procedure and poses no risk of infection if you follow the aftercare process as instructed. The threads are hypoallergenic and break down naturally over time, being absorbed into the body. 

At Aesthetics of Liverpool, we offer a range of thread lifts that use other safe threads that undergo hydrolysis, a chemical reaction where water molecules break down chemical bonds. Your safety is our priority, and we also recommend doing your research into the type of threads each clinic offers and the clinic you have chosen. Our medical professionals will offer prophylactic antibiotics to all other thread lift patients. These antibiotics help to prevent bacterial infection and allow them to ensure your safety further.

Myth 4: 

Thread lifts are expensive 

Surprisingly, PDO thread lifts are amongst some of the most affordable treatments in the industry, making them accessible to anyone who wants! With the average surgical facelift costing around £7000 to £30,000 in the UK, PDO thread lifts cost a fraction of the price! 

Myth 5: 

PDO thread lifts stretch the skin 

There is no pulling of the top layer of the skin in a thread lift. In a MINT Super procedure, the threads hook deep beneath the skin’s surface and onto the fat layer, lifting the dermis rather than stretching. Similarly, in a Collagen Thread Lift, the threads lift the skin back from deep in the dermis. In addition, the treatment stimulates your body to produce more collagen, which creates a plumper look. The skin does not stretch at all! 

Myth 6: 

You can lose facial expressions 

Whilst it’s true that other anti-wrinkle treatments can result in a loss of movement in the face, PDO thread lifts aren’t one of them! This is because the threads don’t inhibit the muscles in the face from reacting how they naturally want to. 

Myth 7:

You can see the threads

As long as the threads are inserted correctly, they cannot be seen as they are inserted at a depth beneath the skin. So it is crucial to find the right clinic to carry out the procedure to the highest standards. Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, our experts can carry out this procedure with perfection and with your best desires at heart, helping you create the look you’ve always wanted. 

Thread lifts are an incredible aesthetic treatment for lifting sagging skin; their mechanical lifting ability helps people of all skin types to define their facial shape and rejuvenate their skin through collagen-stimulating properties. We are CQC registered, and only our expert Doctors are authorised to carry our thread lift procedures. Please note, not all clinics will share our standards.

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So, is the PDO thread lift sounding like something you would consider? Please book your appointment with us at Aesthetics of Liverpool, where we can help listen to your worries and help elevate you to become the perfect version of yourself. We strive to make people across the country more confident in their skin, and that is why we are the best, as we understand that looking your best is only a phone call away. 

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