The MINT Super Thread Lift Has Arrived In The UK

The MINT Super Thread Lift Has Arrived In The UK

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In celebration of our newest, most prized treatment hitting our Liverpool clinic – The MINT Super Thread Lift – we are here to bring you even more details about this revolutionary treatment. The MINT Super Thread Lift completely transforms the face producing a tight, defined and glowing aesthetic, much greater results in comparison to every other conventional thread lift treatment on the market.

This outstanding, minimally invasive and nonsurgical equivalent of the Face Lift originated in South Korea, where it then began its journey across the United States. Even though The MINT Super Thread Lift has been so highly approved and successful overseas, it is not yet widespread in the UK; it hasn’t even hit any of the major cities such as Birmingham or Manchester!

Therefore, we are one of the FIRST aesthetic clinics in the UK to be administering The MINT Super Thread Lift. We are so proud to be able to provide our clients with such a highly-esteemed Thread Lift treatment that has given such impeccable results. For further information on The MINT Super Thread Lift, please keep reading for an in-depth look at who this procedure is suitable for, and how it attains such seamless results.

Who is The MINT Super Thread Lift for?

The MINT Super Thread Lift is suitable for any skin type. With its highly effective lifting mechanism, this face-lifting treatment is ideal for anyone who suffers from a sagging face or fine lines and wrinkles. Due to ageing, and other implications such as environmental factors and an unhealthy lifestyle, our collagen production slows down, meaning gravity takes its course and we lose the elasticity of our skin. 

Collagen and elastin are the two most prominent proteins of the skin; they are components of the healing process, as well as the reason behind having youthful-looking skin. As the production of these proteins slow down, our skin sags. Anyone who is facing this sagging, whether as a part of natural ageing or prematurely, can benefit from this treatment.

Why is The MINT Super Thread Lift Popular?

The MINT Super Thread Lift is popular due to its flawless results. The design of this threading technology is like no other as the thread’s barbs are given an ‘arrow-like’ structure during manufacturing. This means they can hook onto a larger portion of facial tissue where they are being placed. This gives the MINT Threads an extreme advantage in comparison to the traditional structure of barbs that are used in other thread lifting procedures which have a weaker structure. Furthermore, MINT’s uni-directional barbs also offer quality and affordability.

Due to this, The MINT Super Thread lift has been known to give exceptional results that leave the skin tighter, plumper and smoother like never before. Not only do the shape of the barbs enable this treatment to deliver a seamless outcome, but so does the material. The MINT Super threads are made out of a highly safe, absorbable and effective biocompatible material of PDO (Polydioxanone). PDO Threads are highly beneficial to the skin because their main priority is to promote cell renewal, the process which stimulates the production of new collagen – leaving the skin supple and rejuvenated! 

How Does The MINT Super Thread Lift Work?

The MINT Super Thread Lift works by stimulating the natural healing process. The medical-certified threads are inserted into the dermis of the skin where they then hook the facial tissue and lift it up. Once in place, the threads essentially cause trauma to the tissue, so in reaction to this, the body begins its natural healing process surrounding the threads, producing new collagen as a result.

On completion of the procedure, the client will be left with an instantly visible 3-dimensional contour that has never been achieved from another thread lift before. Although these next-level results can be seen almost immediately, you will continue to see an improvement in your face’s physique over the course of the next few weeks. Say goodbye to your drooping skin that has only cracked over the years, and say hello to plump, tight skin that screams youth!

The Mint Super Thread Lift at Aesthetics of Liverpool

Are you on the hunt for The MINT Super Thread Lift in the North West? Here at our Liverpool aesthetics clinic, we are offering this revolutionary treatment as of now, and we couldn’t be happier about it! If you are interested in this thread lift, contact us today on 0151 203 1393, and we will invite you in for a consultation.

During the consultation, you will get the full details of what to expect pre, during and post-procedure so that you can determine if this is the right treatment for you. We will also carry out a skin assessment so that we can confirm that you are suitable for The MINT Super Thread Lift. This also gives you the perfect opportunity to voice any concerns or questions that you may have with us. Consultations are charged at £100, which is then redeemable against a treatment of your choice.

Give your skin the boost it needs, and at best the chance it can with The MINT Super Thread Lift.

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