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The Next Generation MINT Super Thread Lift Hits Aesthetics Of Liverpool

Are you on the hunt for a treatment that gives you a seamlessly contoured face?

Here at our Liverpool aesthetics clinic, we are proud to announce our most recent treatment that has been flooding the USA and Korea, amongst other countries, The MINT Super Thread Lift. As opposed to other thread lifting procedures such as Silhouette Soft, Beauty Lift, Nova Threads etc, The MINT Super Thread Lift is specially designed to go above and beyond this conventional lifting process to create a lift and improvement unlike no other.

From ageing, we are usually faced with sagging skin, wrinkles and deep/fine lines that can become pretty prevalent at the age of just 40 years old. Thus, it is becoming more and more common for these middle-aged people to find a solution to having that tighter looking skin that instantly shreds years off of their appearance, but without the added recovery time. With minimally invasive procedures surging by 200 per cent since 2000.

Not only can a sagging jawline, wrinkles and lines be the outcome of ageing, but having an unhealthy lifestyle can also cause these skin imperfections. Here at Aesthetics of Liverpool, our main focus is to give our clients skin that they feel good in; as tight skin comes hand-in-hand with youth, it is only a matter of time until our skin begins to lose its elasticity from its collagen production slowing down.

Being one of the leading aesthetic clinics in Liverpool, we are always looking to broaden our treatment range so that we can give our clients a choice of having one of the best, most successful and reliable procedures in the industry. That’s why we are happy to be able to provide our clients with the MINT Super Thread Lift; a highly-prestigious, non-surgical alternative to the infamous facelift. 

For more information on this brilliant thread lift procedure that only delivers results that exceed expectations, continue reading this blog.

How Is The MINT Super Thread Lift Done?

Well, medical-certified barbed threads are inserted into the skin’s dermis where they hook onto the facial tissue to essentially, lift it up. The only difference being that the MINT Super Thread Lift uses barbs that have been specifically moulded into having an arrow-like structure in the manufacturing process, as opposed to the ordinary structure of barbed threads that other lifting procedures use which are an awful lot weaker.

Not only does this make them one of a kind, but this shape of thread allows the Doctor to hook onto a larger portion of the facial tissue – giving results of 3-dimensional definition. Never before has a thread lift been able to achieve such staggering results. Once the barbs have been hooked in place, the body will start its natural healing process surrounding them; promoting the production of new collagen and elasticity- the two components of the skin that keeps it looking plump, smooth and bright.

The MINT Super Thread Lift’s Results

Even though several other procedures can reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and minimise sagging skin, the MINT Super Thread Lift’s mechanical abilities lift the skin to another degree. As the barbs preposition the fat, your face is left with the plumpness of the cheeks, but definition on the jawline, cheekbones and brows depending on your desired treated area. 

After the initial treatment of The MINT Super Thread Lift, the results will be instantly visible, but what’s better, you will continue to see your skin’s appearance improve as your skin’s tissue continues to renew and produce collagen and elastin. Finally, you will be left with smooth skin that boasts youth. 

The MINT Super Thread Lift’s Side Effects

Again, like other thread lifts, The MINT Super Thread Lift’s procedure is, of course, non-surgical, meaning the side effects are very minimal; with the exception of and not limited to inflammation, redness, bruising, dimpling (which is rare but subsides if any) and tenderness. As this is a new and improved option of the usual facelifting procedures, it’s results are what makes The MINT Super Thread Lift the most advantageous thread lift available in the industry.

Are you looking for The MINT Super Thread Lift in Liverpool? Here at Aesthetics of Liverpoolwe take great pride in being able to provide you with such a great solution to your needful skin that is the only FDA approved PDO thread lift in the world. If you’re looking to bring your skin back to life, book yourself in for a consultation with our Highly Experienced Medical Team at our Liverpool clinic today.

At the consultation, we will run through every detail of your thread lift procedure with you, while also answering any questions that you may have. One of our highly trained clinicians will also assess your skin to ensure that your chosen treatment is suited to your skin’s needs. We do the utmost in making you feel confident and comfortable during the entirety of your experience with us.

For more information on The MINT Super Thread Lift or any of the other facial defining treatments that we provide here at our Liverpool clinic or to book a consultation, call us on 0151 203 1393 or visit our website for more information. We cannot wait to assist you on your journey to beautiful skin. 

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