The Pony Tail Eye Lift Explained

The Pony Tail Eye Lift Explained

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Do you want to create definition to your brows and brighten up your eyes? Introducing The Pony Tail Eye Lift, also known as The Cat Eye Lift. This revolutionary treatment is highly favoured by many celebs as it goes beyond less intense versions of PDO thread lifts by combining both The MINT Super Thread Lift with Collagen Threads. 

United, these deliver exceptional results which exceed those achieved by brow lifts. The innovative procedure can reintroduce youth to your appearance and reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and hooded eyelids dramatically, as well as give you the aesthetic of the perfect cat-eye.

Please keep reading to learn more about the skin rejuvenating procedures, The MINT Super Thread Lift and Collagen Threads, and how they can work together to achieve skin-transforming results that leave the eyes revitalised. 

The Non-Surgical Brow Lift 

By undergoing both The MINT Super Thread Lift and Collagen Threads during a Pony Tail Eye Lift, your skin is not only going to be given an extreme lift, but facial rejuvenation will be at the forefront. This replenishing effect can last anywhere between twelve months and three years as post-procedure, new collagen and elastin cells work their magic to bring your face back to its youthful state. As a result, you are left with a tight, firm and smooth appearance! 

What Happens During A Thread Lift?

During a thread lift, biodegradable and biocompatible threads are inserted into the dermis of the skin where they anchor onto the sagging facial tissues, supporting and lifting them to create a structured and noticeable lift. They are inserted using a fine, blunt-tipped cannula or needle which prevents damage to the surrounding skin tissues.

While the threads produce an instant brow lift, the threads cause trauma to the facial tissues, automatically signalling the body to begin its natural healing process. The blood flow strengthens, and the body starts to produce new fibroblast cells, which then work to regenerate collagen cells. 

These cells, alongside Hyaluronic Acid, begin to heal the wounded area, encouraging both lifting and natural skin tightening. This process takes up to six months; when sutures are fully dissolved and the wound is taken care of completely. At this point, clients can expect optimum results of a structured brow and an illuminated surface.

While this treatment is temporary and will need several top-up sessions to be maintained, the primary purpose of it is to lift the outer crease of the eye, enabling a larger surface area between the brow and eye. It is up to the client and their lifestyle on how long this procedure will last; if their skin laxity is strong, and they lead a healthy lifestyle, clients’ results will last a lot longer. 

The Effects of a MINT Super Thread Lift

The MINT Super Thread Lift’s primary purpose in this treatment is to lift. During manufacturing, MINT threads are mechanically modified into having arrow-like barbs that are ordered in a 360-degree helical fashion. These barbs, unlike cut-into barbs of generic thread lifts, hold more strength and lifting power of all surrounding areas, due to their barbs being found on all sides of the threads.

The barbs are able to grip onto a more substantial portion of tissue without struggle. Therefore, the MINT Super Thread Lift is widely known in the aesthetic industry for achieving astonishing lifting results that have never been seen before without going under the knife.

The Effects of Collagen Threads

Although The MINT Super Thread Lift does encourage neocollagenesis: the name given to the process of collagen renewal, Collagen Threads are the reason for the skin rejuvenation caused by a Pony Tail Eye Lift. 

Collagen Threads, unlike MINT Threads, are smooth. As a result, they’re better suited for repositioning the tissues back to their original state. Again, this trauma encourages the natural production of collagen, the main source of renewal. This ensures that plumping takes due to the skin being encouraged to take its natural form. Skin rejuvenation doesn’t stop at plumping; skin is left glowing, tight and smooth too!

What To Expect After a Pony Tail Eye Lift

After treatment, there is no lengthy downtime period like there would be with a surgical eye lift. Most clients have been known to resume their daily activities, as long as they do not undergo any strenuous exercise for up to three weeks. 

By using sun cream and ensuring that no pressure is put on the treated area, clients will be given maximum results. The risks are also a lot lower than with a brow lift and the only side effects a client may experience are bruising, redness, tenderness and swelling, depending on how the body reacts to the treatment.

We hope that you feel more clued up on The Pony Tail Eye Lift. This new version of a risky brow lift is safe, reliable and produces immense results. Also known as the Cat Eye Lift, this treatment will give you an instant visible lift on your brow, and accentuate your eyes. If you’d like to find out further details of this non-surgical brow lift, contact us today on 0151 203 1393 or through our website

If you feel comfortable enough, we will then invite you in for a consultation in our aesthetic clinic for a thread lift in Liverpool. Here, you will be given the full details again, while also giving us the opportunity to assess your skin to ensure that you are suitable for your chosen treatment. We cannot wait to be a part of your transformation. 

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